I always had this idea in my head of what if Lewis and Bechnokid’s Yukiki had an epic battle with their powers (even before the sudden Yukiki craze) but due to certain circumstances, it turned into a Smash Bros match no it’s not because I can’t draw cool poses and magics nope

anonymous asked:

Miss Beck, oh dear I'm actually quite frightened to even type this because you're such a huge inspiration for me (have been for a very long time) and it's such a silly question so, here goes nothing ... Is your Yukiki sadistic and such and smiles when he gets his evil thoughts? *hides back under rock* you're awesome keep being awesome ;^;

Aww, you don’t need to be frightened! ;; I really appreciate you sending me this message, thank you so much!

And as for your question…

I joined transientholiday’s stream not too long back. Even though I had to leave early, I still had a lot of fun! She drew some ponies, and I’m not sure what brought it up, but she started mentioning drawing thepurpah’s pony with a Yukiki pony.

I remember I had one a while back, but it was quite old so I decided to revamp it a bit. As angry and scary as I try to make Yukiki look, nothing’s going to beat his carrot horn, HAH HAH.