Its still Jackson’s birthday here

I’m so glad he got to spend time with his parents. Im so glad he was able to see how much he is loved by people all over the world. I’m so happy he looks better now. I’m so happy he realizes that he needs to take care of his self when hes always preaching to fans to be healthy. I’m so happy he made two posts on IG. I’m so glad I can see his smiling face. I’m so glad he’s my Ultimate Bias. I’m so glad that a man named Jackson Wang came into my life April 2014 and has made me better. I’m so glad he exists.


I just want to wish the happiest of birthdays to the most amazing person I have come to know of. Jackson Wang, or Wang Jia Er, is the sweetest soul I have ever come across. He writes thoughtful messages about the people he loves and cares about, he’s selfless and will do anything for a person even if he’s hurting inside, and he’ll put on a face to make others happy even when he’s sad inside. I hope this year of Jackson’s life is his best one yet, and I hope he stays healthy, drinks a lot of water, exercises, stays safe, and mostly, I hope he stays happy. I love you Jackson Wang, King Jackson. Happy Birthday. 💜

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