BTS as Times I was a Fucking Idiot

Jin: The time I decided I could bake cookies for my entire 62-member choir and their parents and I fucking did it and it was awful

Yoongi: The time I took a nap on the bus and ended up more than forty miles from my intended destination

J-Hope: The time I shot myself in the face with a water canon

Rapmon: The time I sat in the wrong class for the entire class period, took a test that covered things my class had never been over, didn’t realize I had been in the wrong class until TWO HOURS LATER, and still passed the fucking test

Jimin: The time I apparently dated someone for like four months and had no idea

V: The time my mom told me one of her friends had a baby and I responded “a baby what?”

Jungkook: The time I failed a project in middle school because I had been assigned to do a powerpoint on Germany but I thought my teacher said “kermity” so I had a good fifteen slides about kermit the frog