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One of the most emotionally effective performing arts docs that’s ever been made finds former Hot Docs volunteers turned filmmakers Chad Walker and Dave LaMattina looking at the kind, loving, and sometimes tragically depressed man in the full body suit of one of the most beloved television characters of all time.

Read more on the review and showtimes at the link above. Mildly spoilery.

Kermit Love with Mr. Snuffleupagus.

Kermit Love was a renowned builder and designer best known for his work on The Muppets. He began his career on Broadway, and went on to meet Jim Henson in the 1960s. Love was particularly skilled with full-bodied puppets. He was instrumental in the discovery and success of Kevin Clash, the puppeteer who made Elmo famous. Love died on June 21, 2008 in Poughkeepsie. He was survived by his partner of 50 years, Christopher Lyall.

Childhood Idols no. 2 (Carroll Spinney, Kermit Love & Oscar the Grouch)


Carroll has been the man behind Oscar the Grouch since his inception. Oscar was originally orange, but was later turned green. The puppet has never been changed so as to make him seem more ‘grouchy’ and 'dirty’. Carroll also carries Oscar around where ever he goes. 
The man to the right of Carroll is the inimitable Kermit Love - the man who helped bring all of Jim Henson’s Sesame Street puppet designs to life.

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