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Drabble 2- Chris Beck

Drabble 1 

Pairing: Chris Beck x Reader
Part: 2/?
Warnings: Smut
Summary: You and Chris are interrupted celebrating your anniversary. 
A/N: This is the second part in a series where each part will be a different character. This is based off these two prompts, here and here. Please come let me know what you think!
Word count : 707

“Right there, Chris” you moan, gripping the sheets under you. Your 1st wedding anniversary had started with a beautiful candlelit dinner, followed by dancing in the stars and now Chris held your hips tightly as he slid into you hard and heavy.

“God, sweetheart” he runs a hand up the length of your back, resting it at the nape of your neck. His cock slides further into you as his other hand squeezes your hip. When he pulls back and thrust back in torturously slow, you both groan simultaneously. You bury your face against the cool sheets, trying to find purchase on the material as Chris’ rhythm speeds up pushing you forward towards the end of the bed. 

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