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My 50 most beautiful people in the world in no particular order - 25 most beautiful women.

8/25 - Kerli Kõiv, estonian recording artist and songwriter. Kerli is 25 years old and she’s pretty like a cute-creepy doll. Besides that, she'sthe cutest one with everyone. 

“Little creepy girl with her little creepy face, saying funny things that you have never heard.”

🌙 Estonian children’s song featured in a verse in Kerli’s ‘Creepshow’

Creepshow is a song by Estonian singer Kerli Kõiv from the album ‘Love is Dead’. In the song, lyrics like “I’m from a land called secret Estonia” and “Cinnamon houses and licorice flies” combined with an enticing melody makes this song the perfect anthem for “Secret Estonia” (well it drew me in anyways lol). One of my favourite parts in the song is when she sings an estonian children’s song during the bridge, providing a nice addition for the creepy and child-like nature of the song.


Põdral maja metsa sees
Väiksest aknast välja vaatab
Jänes jookseb kõigest väest
Lävel seisma jääb
Kopp-kopp lahti tee
Metsas kuri jahimees
Jänes tuppa tule sa
Anna käppa ka


A reindeer has a little house in the forest
He’s looking out from a small window
The rabbit is running towards the house
And he stops in the doorway
Knock-knock, open up
There’s an evil hunter in the forest
The reindeer says to the rabbit
Come inside and shake my hand

●Listen to the full song here