DAY 9. Draw the same picture three times from three different views

I cheated. I drew several different things from different views. I think whoever wrote this meant like, a scene, but….well I didn’t. I have more things to work on so, I’m a jerk and cut corners here. I PROMISE ILL STOP BEING SO LAZY. For really.

DAY 10. STYLE DAY 1 - pick an artist with a unique style and emulate it!

I did Hajime Ueda. Even though I don’t really draw anime, this man is hugely inspiring. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve read and watched FLCL.

So this is me in his style because I’m a narcissist clearly. I don’t have a cat, but I am in my traditional drawing attire featuring a Fall Out Boy hoody from 7 years ago and basketball shorts. I’m such a bum oh god

Nothing good tonight because I’m tirreeeddd. I’ll try to do both Day 7 and 8 tomorrow.

Now time to get more than 5 hours of sleep for the first time in a week mmmmmmwfriwfn so happy