Y'all. Keri Hilson has really been trending all day on Twitter for being pretty. Not for releasing new music. Not for starring in a holiday movie but for being attractive. I just - I really can’t with our generation anymore. They hype anyone with Malaysian bundles and filters. And, I am so done. 

So…I make a tweet saying most black men use Keri Hilson to spite black women, pit her against Beyonce, and shame other black women’s looks, and I say she’s not “black enough” because I sent them on how they view Beyonce versus Keri. The fact Keri has lighter eyes, thinner nose and features considered less conspicuous than Beyonce. Because Beyonce’s nose is quite wide and she’s racially ambiguous. Keri looks like the type of instagram model colorists promote while shading dark-skinned girls, light-skinned girls with wide noses, black girls with 4C hair and brown eyes.

Andito ako sa computer shop tas kumakain ako ng fries tas sa sobrang alat eh kinuha ko yung tubig ko at uminom ng madalian. Aba potek nasamid pa ang gaga at nag ingay jusko hahahahaha nakakahiya grabe pero keri lang. Poise padin char hhaahahahaha


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