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My collection of art journal type books (as of December 2016) is officially too big for a stack, they had to be laid down. 

We [Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys] actually met a very long, long time ago, and I very drunkenly asked her for her number when she was a young, single, slip of a thing. So, I sort of knew then, when I was 26.

Matthew Rhys, Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, in response tthe caller question,When did you two realize you were more than just colleagues and that you both had the hots for each other?”

Headcanon confirmed.


His sensitivity and alert warmth balance her cool remoteness so perfectly that we’re lulled into thinking there’s nothing more to either of them — and then we see how vulnerable she can be, and how vicious he can be, and how fantastically great they are together when they’re surrendering to their reptilian brains. They don’t seem like abstractions on a page but real people who’ve been married so long and been through so much that they can’t live with or without each other; on a series that’s ultimately less about espionage than marriage, that’s maybe nine tenths of the battle.


Lower quality than I would have liked due to some technical difficulties, but here is my updated collection of journal-type books as of March 2016.

cherry kisses & sequined dresses

day 15 of @snowbaz-feda!!

length: 1.1k

genre(s): fluff

triggers/warnings: none

trixie and keris get ready for the leavers ball

a/n: katie wrote femslash?? whaaaat??? also massive thank you to @snowbazilu for the last minute beta :D (i also forgot that @pennybunceforyourthoughts prompted some femslash aaaages ago so this counts i hope ahaha)


Keris looks gorgeous, like a freaking mermaid! I’m so proud of how our dresses turned out. I told her everything would go perfectly, and of course I was right. She’d made a face at the shop when I’d held up the sequined fabric, but come on, even she has to admit we look amazing. Her skirt is flowing just like I envisioned it would, and I’m so in love with my own dress I don’t think I ever want to take it off.

I can feel Keris watching me as a I struggle with the strap on my shoe. She’s waiting for me to ask her for help, but I’m not going to. I can do it on my own, I can–oh, fuck it. “Can you give me a hand?”

She pretends like she hasn’t heard me, staring down at her nails (I finally convinced her to try acrylics and they look amazing).

Keris,” I groan, “I need help with my shoe.” The corner of her mouth twitches, a sign she’s about to stop fucking with me and actually help, but I get desperate. “You can wear my new earrings if you get off your perfect arse and–” I stop talking when she stands, smirking as she walks over and drops down to her knees, her mischievous eyes letting me know she’s perfectly aware of what she’s doing.  

When she finally leans down to tackle the buckle, a lock of her wavy brown hair falls forward. I reach out and brush it back from her face, and catch her chin with my fingers.

“Trixie, your shoe…” As if she actually cares about that now.

“Fuck my shoe,” I say, “kiss me.” Keris rolls her eyes, but lets me guide her head up and press my lips to hers. She kisses me back and I can taste her cherry lip gloss, the one that always reminds me of our first kiss (I think she wears it on purpose). I slip my tongue in her mouth and try to deepen the kiss, but she grabs my by the shoulders and moves away.

“Trixie-,” she admonishes, “we have to get ready! You’re the one who wanted to go to this thing, remember?”

“Don’t act like you don’t want to go.”

“I don’t.” She stands and holds out her hand. I take it, allowing her to pull me up.

I make like I’m about to kiss her, leaning in close and sing-song, “yes you doooo.”

She pokes me in the side. Hard. “What the hell, Keris?” I whine, and she just shrugs and bats her eyes innocently. I want to smack her. And kiss her again. Maybe more of the kissing and less of the smacking, actually. Or maybe just…

She yelps when I poke her back, and narrows her eyes. “Are we doing this?”

I nod, and she smiles evilly as we start to circle each other. She feints to the right, and I brace myself for an assault, completely unprepared when she pounces on me from the other side and tackles me onto the bed.


Trixie’s struggling underneath me as I move up her body until I’m straddling her hips.
“Isn’t this what you wanted?” I ask, my voice dripping with mock innocence, and she sticks her tongue out childishly. I make myself comfortable on top of her, and she tries to buck me off. I lean down to tickle her and she manages to unseat me. I fall on the floor and Trixie’s up in a flash.

“Oh, shit, Keris! Are you alright?”

I’m laughing to hard to answer at first, and once she seems satisfied that I’m okay, Trixie joins in.

“We’re going to ruin our dresses,” she giggles.

I look down at my own. Two days ago I might have wanted to burn the thing, but it’s grown on me. When Trixie had suggested we make our own dresses, I’d been more than a little skeptical. Some of her ideas are a little…out there. “Let’s not do that,” I say.

This time it’s her turn to help me up, and I let her, squeezing her hand along the way. When she pulls me close to her, I notice her eyeliner is a bit crooked.

“I think you need to fix your wings, love,” I say, and for some fucking reason she looks behind her, as if she’s got actual bloody wings back there. (When we met in first year I was convinced she had them and just spelled them invisible.) (How ridiculous is that?)

I can tell by her face when she realizes what I mean, and she starts to rustle through my make-up bag. I sit back down on her bed and reach for my mobile, scrolling through my new messages when I remember what I was going to say earlier.

“Dev told me Basil and Simon are together now,” I say, and wince when I hear what sounds like Trixie dropping my compact.

“They’re what?”

“Together, dating, in love, whatever.” I can’t say I’m surprised, they’ve always been obsessed with each other. I guess I’m just better at spotting that stuff than other people. Like Trixie.

“You’re joking,” She says incredulously, and I smirk.

“Completely serious. I swear on Mr. Pickles.” (My cat.) (This is how she knows I’m serious.)

“Tell me everything!” She squeals.

“I just did,” I say.

“We can find out more tonight at the dance, then!” She says excitedly.

I roll my eyes. Only Trixie would get that invested in someone else’s love life. (Except I’ll admit I’m a little curious myself.)

Apparently deciding to abandon my compact, Trixie skips over to the full-length mirror on the back of her closet door.

I slink up behind her, wrapping my arms around her waist and resting my chin on her shoulder–something I can only do when wearing heels. “I’ll tell you what our future will be like, Trixie the Pixie.”–she snorts at that–”You’re going to cut the hair of the rich and famous, and I’m going to mold young minds and we’re going to be so fucking happy everyone will be jealous of us always.”


Always.” I say firmly. This seems to placate her, and I can feel her shoulders relax under my chin.

I press a quick kiss to her neck before stepping back to zip her dress. It’s backless, and she’s not wearing a bra. The urge to slip my hands through the sides and make her forget about this bloody ball is strong, but I resist. Somehow. Trixie really does have excellent tits.


“Right, sorry, just spaced out.”

She considers our reflections in the mirror and nods approvingly. “I ship us.”

I laugh. “I bloody well hope so, considering all the dating we’ve been doing.”

She laughs along with me, and then asks, “Are you ready?”

I search around for my clutch, and then grab it and nod. I catch Trixie winking at her reflection before she grabs my hand and drags me out the door for the last time.
Create This Book #5 by Laura van Barneveld
This is the fifth episode in my Create This Book video series. This week was kind of a disaster because of the crayons that bled through multiple pages. I di...

I just uploaded the fifth episode of my Create This Book video series! Hope you enjoy :) 

7. Definitely


No matter how hard I try, I always end up being late.

“Welcome to work,” Keri grumbled, not bothering to look up at me but instead back and forth between the document on her desk and the computer. I rolled my eyes, plopping down in one of the chairs directly across from her desk. I cross one of my legs over the other, setting my purse down on the chair beside me.

“Damn, I forgot our coffees,” I groan. “Rushing to get here.” Coffee is something I needed if anybody wants me awake for at least majority of the day. If  there was one thing that kept me up; coffee was it.

“Oh, Chris brought you one.” Keri stated, pointing to her left and there was a coffee cup with my name neatly written on the side.

“For what?”

“He said he owed you one.” She smirked.

I nodded, hesitantly reaching over and grabbing the cup with my name neatly written on the side. It smelled like vanilla and it was still hot so it had to be fresh. Shrugging, I took a sip and almost moaned at how good the coffee tasted. I don’t know how, but it tastes exactly how I liked it.

I had honestly forgotten he downed my coffee the other day. He never gave me another one so why hold onto the past. It’s sweet that his still remembered to get me one though, and today it was needed.

“This is good.” I said. She said nothing, continuing to type away at her keyboard. The unecessary attitude she was giving me was unexpected. The silence on the room continued as the tension grew.

“Mhm, he buying you coffee now.” I could sense a hint of annoyance in her tone. Why? I have no clue.

“I’m not having sex with Chris is that’s what you’re thinking.” I blurted out with more attitude than I intended. Before I could restate what I meant she cut in.

“I never said you were Robyn,” she retorted, still keeping her eyes focused on the computer screen. I subconsciously rolled my eyes as my phone vibrated in my pocket

I Ignored her shitty attitude, stuffing my hand into the pocket of my blazer pulling out my phonecall. Keri watched me type away on my phone. I sent Chris a simple thank you text for the coffee, returning my phone back into its original place.

Christopha: yo welcome beautiful

Christopha: Have lunch with me

I looked up at Keri but she just kept on finishing up whatever she was doing. Shrugging, I began typing my response.

Me: okay at 12


By noon I was ready to go home and sleep the rest of this day off. I’ve had to leave this building at least ten times because of Keri, and she just continued typing away on that damn computer. My feet are killing me from standing all day and I was tired of dealing with all these people, pulling me left and right like I was their assistant.

Just as I was walking back to her office, Chris popped out of nowhere, his smile showing all 32 teeth. He stood in usual jeans and t-shirt, his hat turned backwards. “You ready to go to lunch?” He smiled.

He is so cute.

“Umm…” I trailed off. I’d forgotten all about agreeing to lunch with him. Pulling my phone out, I shot Keri a text to tell her I was leaving before looking back up at Chris with a smile.

“Is that a yes?” I looked up to see him smiling, dimples and all. Nodding, the two of us headed for the elevator. Chris smiled, he me by surprise smoothly sliding one of his arms across my shoulder, but I made no attempt to stop him.

“We can take my car.” I announce, once we’d reached the main floor earning a nod from Chris.

Side by side we walked out of the building toward my car parked neatly on the corner. His cologne smelled amazing and I was slightly dissapointed once he pulled away but it was only to open the door for me.

“Nice.” He complimented once I popped the locks.

After making sure I got in okay, he was sliding in on the passenger side. Setting my purse comfortably in my lap, I dig through to retrieve my keys. I start the car up and Beyoncé immediately blared through the speakers. She’s been all I’ve been listening to for the past month almost.

"So, where you wanna go?” I trail off, glancing at Chris.

“Depends, on what you want and what time you gotta be back?”

I’m positive Keri wouldn’t mind my lunch being a little longer than usual, especially today.

“No specific time. But I’d usually never take longer than an hour.” I shrug, stopping just as the light turned red. “But I want some Red Lobster.”

“Red Lobster it is.”

I start fiddling with the knobs on the radio but nothing caught my attention, so I ended up turning my Beyoncé cd back on. ‘I was here’ was just now ending so I skipped to ‘Dance for you’ one of my personal favorites off the album. I still don’t understand how people say this album was bad. I turn up the volume so it blared through my speakers.

“Loving you is really all that’s on my mind,” I sing along to the chorus of the song, dancing in my seat. “I wanna make that body rock, sit back and watch.” Chris just watched in amusement as I danced to the song.

I continued singing along until the last verse began. I reached out to turn the volume up a little. I sing a little higher, matching Beyoncé’s pitch. I’ve sung this song so many times I know every note she hit by heart.

“You really like this song huh?” I hear Chris chuckle beside me. I forgot about him for a second actually.

“Yes, Beyoncé is queen and I will forever love this song.” I laugh.

“You a freak, huh?” I feel my cheeks began heating up so I ignore him.

About five minuets later we were pulling into the parking lot of the restaurant. “We’re here.” I announce, unhooking my seatbelt while Chris remained in his same position, staring at me. “You coming?” I ask finally looking up. He smirks before unbuckling his seatbelt  and getting out. We both walk into the restaurant to be seated immediately by the hostess and told our waitress will be right with us.

My eyes look over the menu but I already know what I’m getting. I’ve been here plenty of times and always got the same thing.

“Hi, my name is Rachel and I’ll be your waitress this evening. Anything to drink for you?” She says, happily.

“Yeah, can I just have a regular lemonade?” Chris smiles making me roll my eyes. Typical man. The waitress smiles back then directs her attention to me.

“A strawberry lemonade. I say dryly. She writes it down on her notepad and goes to retrieve our drinks.

"So, how old are you?” He asks.

“23, you?”


“Damn you’re young,” I giggled. Chris rolled his eyes focusing his attention back on the menu.

“You like a year older than me, chill.”

The waitress comes back setting our glasses down and I stir my beverage with the two straws provided, taking a long sip. We order our food and the waitress leavs again.

“How you get this job at 21?” If my math was right he’d still have a year to go for his bachelor’s degree. He didn’t seem to have a problem with the question cause he responded as if it was something he’d answered many times.

“I graduated early, so I’ll be done with my degree end of the semester.” He explained.

“That’s dope.”

“But you never answered my question though.” He states.

“What question?”

“Are you a freak? Cause you were singing that song like you knew exactly how she felt.” He chuckles. My face heats up slightly and I put my face in my hands laughing.

“I should’ve changed that song.” I laugh.

“So, answer it.”

“You’ll have to find that out for yourself, Chris.” I grumble, even shocking myself. The dimples in his cheeks made their appearance as the smirk began creeping its way across his face. He takes a long sip of his drink and winks at me. My cheeks heat up just as my phone loudly vibrates making me sigh in relief.

“Saved by the bell.” Chris smirks. I see Mel’s name flash across the screen this time and hurriedly slide my finger across the green bar to answer.

“Hey,” I smile into the phone.

“Hey boo, I’m getting off early so I think we should do a little shopping. You know you can never turn down shopping.” And she was right. Clothes and fashion were my addiction.

“Yeah we can. I’ll call you back though because I’m about to eat.”

“You at home?” She asks.

“No, out with a friend.” I smile.


“Chris.” The line goes silent for a few seconds before she yells something in my ear that I didn’t quite catch.

“Finally, Bitch okay, call me later.” She yells making me laugh.

“Bye.” I hang up the phone and I go back to the conversation at hand. “Sorry, that was Mel.”

“So, Ms. Fenty, Tell me something about yourself?” Chris spoke, his brown eyes fixated on me the whole time. “Something I don’t know.”

“I’m from Barbados,” I responded after taking another sip of my drink. That was usually the one thing everyone seemed to be excited about when I told them.

“Word?” He asks, licking his lips. I stare at them for a split second but Chris noticed because the simple in his left cheek deepened as he smiled.

“Yeah.” I mumble.

“I been trying to figure out where you from since I met you. Damn, island gal.” He tried imitating my accent only making me look at him.

“That was bad.” I stated, attempting to stifle my laughter but his loud one rang out and I couldn’t hold it in anymore. We had people in the restaurant looking at us like we were crazy, but neither one of us could care less. Before either of us could say anything else, the waitress placed our food down in front of us. My plate was looking good right about now.

After our laughter died down, we ate our food in a comfortable silence. Occasionally Chris would make a joke that would have the both of our stomachs hurting. I feel like I haven’t laughed like this in a long time. Chris’ whole vibe was just so refreshing.

Don’t even get me started on that smile. He could make you mad in a second but once he flashes that smile he’ll make you forget whatever he did in the first place.

For the rest of the time we were there we made small talk while Chris continuously flirted with me. I didn’t mind at all though. Chris pays for the bill-even though I argued with him not to-and we got back in my car. Gladly my park from earlier was still here so I pulled right up.

“We’re back.” I say, putting my car in park. The both of us get out, Chris sliding his arm across my shoulder again.

I could get used to this.

We swipe our key cards and walk straight to the elevator. The two of us reach our floor and Chris still holds onto me, despite the states we’re receiving from everyone on the floor.  

I was a bit taken aback when Chris pulled me into a  hug, but I returned the gesture. “Can I call you later?” He mumbled into my ear, his arms still loosely wrapped around my waist

I smiled, “Definitely.”


It was going on twelve thrifty so after applying lotion to my smooth legs, I threw on the rest of my pajamas and climbed into bed. I reached over to my nightstand, picking up my phone that had been ringing since I got in the shower. A little part of me wanted it to be Chris that was calling but looking at the illuminated screen, all there was were 3 missed FaceTime calls from my mom. I hadn’t talked to my family in a little over two weeks so she was bound to call me sometime.

I press the number so that I could call back. As it rung I positioned the phone so that I could lay comfortably while also talking to my family. I watched as my mom’s face came into view.

My mom was a beautiful woman, other than my gran gran. She was the one I called whenever I needed advice or just of I missed home. My dad hasn’t been in my life as much as I’s like but that’s not important.

“You can call your mother to tell her you alright?” My mom sasses, giving me the sternest look she could muster up. I only giggled scooting down in my bed a little more.

“I’m sorry mommy I’ve been busy.”

“You ain’t never too busy to call your mama.” She responded, mugging me once again. My mom has to be the most overprotective woman in the world.

“I’m sorry, mommy. What are y'all up to? Why you up so late?” My mom and my brothers Rajad and Rorey are the only ones in the house at the moment. I have other sibling but rarely do I see them; I don’t even mind it that way.

“They went out to some party so I’m waiting up. I swear sometimes Rajad gon’ give me a damn headache.” She groaned, earning a laugh from me. My brother was wild but he’s young, of course he’ll be a handful. “Anyway, how’s everything been?”

“I’ve been good, ma. I’ve applied to a few openings for a few facilities looking for therapists. I’m trying to put my degree to work.”

“That’s good, Robyn. You think Keri wants you to leave?”

“I haven’t told her yet,” I mumbled.


“I haven’t told her yet, mama.” I stated louder, releasing an exasperated sigh. Nobody seemed to get that I don’t want to be an assistant all my life. I promised I’d be working somewhere withing a year after moving to Atlanta and its been three.

“Robyn, of you so get the job you should tell her before hand. Don’t just up and leave your friend without any help.” She preached, making sure to look directly at me while she spoke.

“I wasn’t planning to, ma.”

“What else you been up to?” She injured, munching on some chips right in my face.

“I met a g-”

“You met a boy and ain’t tell me? Girl I should kill ya. Who is he?” Her accent was coming out thick because of the excitement.

“Ma, calm down, okay? It’s nothing serious. We’re just talking right now.” I informed shrugging my shoulders just a little. My mom started speaking all fast but I understood evey word she said.

“My baby getting a boyfriend.” She cooed making me groan.

“I will hang up,”

“Okay baby, I quit. But, is he making you happy?” My mom was always the one trying to get evey detail. She needed to know everything and anything about a situation.

“It’s only been a week.”

My mom and I caught up on what’s happened in the past two weeks or so that we hadn’t talked. My mom had this aura about her that was so sweet and just made you wanna hug her. She’s been through so much but still remains positive.

She’s my inspiration.

“Okay I’m getting sleepy, so I’ll let you go. Don’t go another two weeks without calling you hear me?” She warned.

“I hear you mama, love you.”

“Love you too. Bye baby.” My mom smiled into the camera one last time before the call ended.

I released a sigh pushing the lock button on the top of my phone. I hooked it up to my charger so it’d be complete charged in the morning. Pretty soon I was dozing off but not before my phone vibrated. Groaning, I snaych my phone up holding the screen away from my face.

Christopha: open the door