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Wow.I thought we could discuss it maturely but you're so defensive? & for your information I am Iranian. I was so surprised by your answer, I thought you could make a point without assuming so many things. I thought you would be able to have a conversation with someone who has a different opinion than you on a subject. Keri Hilson is not Egyptian. That's what I think matters. She has no ties to the cultures of Egypt; she (likely) just thinks the costumes are cool, like 99% of people wearing them

So defensive? So surprised by my answer? Assuming so many things?

Here we go with the bullshit. You are doing the utmost, sir, ma’am. I gave you a concise reply. Straight to the point. It obviously wasn’t good enough for you but that’s not my problem. It’s yours. You wanna have a conversation? Fine. Sit the fuck down and listen. Let’s look again at what I said. Shall we?

“I don’t know what you’re looking for me to say different.” Still don’t. I said what I said…for the third time now.

“Keri Hilson dressed as Queen Nefertiti.”

Keri Hilson is Black American, which means that she is an American of predominantly African descent whose ancestors were brought to North America during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and subjected to servitude. Like most of Black Americans, her genetic makeup has not been specified…but apparently you have the results since you’ve pointed out that she has no Egyptian roots…Do share.

This is Queen Nefertiti.

There’s little to no information on her familial background, but it’s believed that her father was Ay. 

I’ve always likened Nefertiti to Somali supermodel Iman,

Ethiopian supermodel Liya Kebede,

and Black American actress Tika Sumpter.

“Serge Ibaka dressed as Pharaoh Akhenaten." 

Serge Ibaka is of Congolese descent.

This is Pharaoh Akhenaten, who was the husband of Nefertiti. 

His mama was Tiye 

and his daddy was Amenhotep III.

"Black people dressed as Ancient Egyptian black people." Just what the fuck I said. Black people, Keri and Serge, are dressed as actual black people, Nefertiti and Akhenaten. You, a non-black person, have a problem with black people being black people and decide to tell a black person, me, about it. 

"Again, I don’t see your problem." Still don’t. Many of the African diaspora whose ancestors were displaced from whatever African countries they originally came from before the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and whose cultures were erased since arriving in the New World embrace various African cultures and figures and even mixed different parts of African cultures to create newfound customs, like religion, etc. Like Erykah Badu, who’s Black American, once eloquently put it after discovering her African ancestry, “I never really was so concerned about where I was from. It really didn’t register as something I needed to do because I’m satisfied with knowing that I’m part of the all.”

"I’ve only seen two white people (you’re most likely one of the two) that were offended by Keri and Serge.” I still think you’re one of the two, but let’s say you are “Iranian” and I assumed. That shade wearing gray circle is giving me a lot to go by…

"Go figure." Go fucking figure.

"The royalty element is what’s really getting to y’all. ”Many non-black people have a hard time believing that there are actual black kings and queens in existence and there were indeed black people, including kings and queens, in Ancient Egypt well before the invasion. Apparently, slave narratives are the only things that seem authentic.. Let somebody say those Frozen chicks Anna and Elsa are real and Elsa really possesses ice powers. Y’all would be fawning all over them, like y’all already do, and believe it with the quickness. But real black Egyptians are imaginary somehow. Apparently this shit is accurate…

“Oh the fuck well." Fuck your feelings.

What do you wanna talk about now?