keresaleaartwork asked:

Albert Finney also sang and starred in Tim Burton's "Big Fish." =)

[referring to yesterday’s post]

You know, I saw Big Fish a while back, and I thought it was really beautiful. It was such a lovely change of pace for a Tim Burton film. Made me think of Edward Scissorhands, if you’ve seen that one too. I did notice Albert Finney was in the film when I was researching today - I have no recollection of him singing though! So thanks for pointing that out, heh, I totally missed it. Does he sing with the Siamese twins or something?

True by Keresa Lea on DeviantART

I saw a picture like this, (I think it might have been James Bond), somewhere. So, my mind did some dancing in correlation, (because there’s some reference to James Bond in the series opening ep that I had another idea for)… and was inspired for this. (It’s a little bit Nagel-esque, I think…) This however, is series three related! YAY, my mind takes detours and meanders.

Trick R’ Treat: I Am Sam, Sam I Am by *KeresaLea

I ran across someone’s fan art for Trick R’ Treat yesterday, so, I thought I’d post this to my Tumblr for everyone to see. I just love that little candy gremlin, Sam. (It has a watermark for my old username, before we could change them.)