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“We are always slowly moving towards progress, but it does feel as though we take one step forward, we go back a bit, we make progress, then there is a push back. Women’s liberties are one of the first things that people try to curtail because it’s an easy way to try and feel that things are being better controlled if women are kept nicely and neatly in their place.” ─ Emma Watson 

Racist policies often kept African-American women out of the suffragist movement. The headquarters of Colored Women Voters, located in Georgia, was one of many early 20th-century organizations that fought for African-American suffrage.

Source: CUNY

silky embrace of a beast | seoab

genre | brothel au.
summary | a nightly visit to the beast’s cave which involves silk, a sense for novel, and no clothes at all.
warnings | graphic smut, mature content.
word count | 2407.

Your coat was unbearably long, almost kissing the ground, hugging your body like a cloud of smoke, dark grey, in a mocking way as it hogged the limelight. Your erratic fingers were making sure, before you left, that no glimpse could be stolen, that you would come and go like a thief that visited a museum he knew by heart, but to no triumph; the alarm blurred in a warning red, sound screeching, even though seemingly thousands of people conversed.

You were covered, from head to toe, and yet it felt as if he could see right through the thick layer of fabric and right at your black lingerie that decorated your body and which promised only great things to happen. You couldn’t shake off the feeling, your legs trembling as a response to his piercing gaze, and your toes curled in arousal. The way he stared over his customer’s shoulder, completely fading her out, with his eyes only fixated on you as if you were the only thing in the goddamn world, absorbing you, devouring you, needing you.

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there were times i had wholeheartedly sunken myself into islam, ‘submitting’ completely and trying my best to follow the teachings, better myself, be sincere blah etc. but no matter how much i tried, it never sat perfectly well with me. i had so many questions and all of the answers when i asked came back to ‘yes, but allah is god, he created us and he knows best, so don’t question his eternal wisdom’. and i’d say okay, well i’m already believing in a god that i can’t see, i already have faith in a being i have no evidence of, let me just follow whatever he says to do and maybe one day the benefits will be clear. but my conscience would never let me. if allah said all humans are equal and they are only better than each other in terms of their worship of god, how much more and better they do etc, then why, why are men superior to women? they kept telling me ‘oh islam loves women, women are powerful in islam’ 

but why are men the guardians of women if women are so powerful? why is their inheritance worth less than their male counterparts? why are the dress codes much different -and harsher- for women? why is women’s testimony a joke? because a woman’s testimony counting as less than man’s even by a minuscule is a joke to me, a demeaning one. as if women do not have rational minds. as if women cannot even trust their brains. as if women are more mindless animals than rational, thinking humans. why can men have more than one wife? i always asked my mom and she told me i would make a very jealous wife. but why? why shouldn’t i want the person who has promised to spend their lifetime with me all to myself? why should i have to share? why does allah endorse men’s infidelity? my mom told me that men are more prone to committing zina because their sexual drive is higher than women’s and having more than one wife available to a man at any given time would make a him less likely to commit zina. to be honest, this broke my young heart. to think that my religion would condone my husband cheating on me and i would have to be pious and pretty, even smile at my co wife. how demeaning. how belittling. 

why does allah endorse rape? by bringing forth this twisted perspective that men cannot control their sexual urges - and like an animal- need to mate immediately they feel them, makes it seem like it’s okay for men to use women as a vessel for their pleasure. for their carnal needs and nothing more. why is it that this beloved religion portrays women as nothing more children-bearing-house-keeping-pleasure-giving-weak-willed-vessels to be controlled by men? that a woman’s place does not go beyond the four walls of a home-cell. passed down from man to man in her lifetime, from her father then to a demon disguised as a husband whom she must answer to, as if he is her saving grace and obedience to him will lead her to god? in fact, islam continually broke my heart. it is a sin to be a ‘bad wife’. but islam says that i must obey my husband because he is my guardian. that when i get married, my husband has the most rights over me, even more so than my father. are two people in a marriage not equal? that i cannot argue with my husband because we are both human and equal and my opinion is not less than his? that if i deny him sex, i will be cursed by angels? am i only a pleasure giving vessel? 

it seemed to me that islam was all about submission but it would be better for you if you are a man because men are above women and children. the teachings of islam in terms of women is one i can go on about for days, and it seemed i was going to settle for a life of oppression at the hands of men, endorsed by god almighty so i could reach his perfect little heaven that i also may or may not reach for the slightest of things, even if i faced many trials and tribulations…

god said that he created man with a rational mind so he can think for himself, unlike animals. but why is questioning islam and allah a sin? why is questioning anything about this perfect religion a ticket to hell? and god said that he is the one that shows people the right path and he is also the one that leads them astray. so if he is merciful and loving and benign, then why, why would he create a burning pit of torture? if you are a god at all, why would you create a hell for your subjects if you really are merciful and forgiving? unless you are a bored, narcissistic jerk who wants his balls licked? why would you let people die unjustly in war, let children be blown to bits and die of starvation? why would you let the miseries of the world happen if you had the power to stop them? you mean to tell me that allah is all powerful, there is nothing he cannot do yet he lets people suffer in the most wretched of ways? why does this god who promotes goodness and the spirit of good actions not do anything about the sufferings he can help? what does he do on his throne in heaven, close his eyes and listen to the praises he’s being bestowed and ignore everything else? wtf? what a jerk???

submitting to islam is giving up on life. and i realized that was what i was submitting to. a life of oppression, unhappiness, misogyny, disrespect, mistreatment, silence, anguish. that’s what islam is. it’s like islam was concocted by some elites who wanted most people to suffer in a half-life, sacrificing and submitting with the promise that good things were yet to come in an afterlife, only for the elites to stay powerful and fulfilled and the rest oppressed.or maybe islam was made up by some of the most brilliant story-tellers, an impressive piecing together of bullshit. it makes sense that islam is man made. humans are brilliant at making things up. we love to engage our imaginations. but like all things human, surely there will be flaws. and if you see past the coat of ‘peace, loving, tolerant,’ bulllshit, you will see that islam is deeply flawed. horribly so. 


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Prompt: #24 “Make me.” (Reid x Reader)

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“I wait for a silent tear / I wait for things to disappear / Wait for the ground to stop moving underneath my only fear. / If I lose you, I don’t know.” – “Waiting game”, by Yellowcard

The ringing in your head was subsiding slightly, but your vision was still kind of blurry. You frantically looked around the barely-lit room for Spencer. He was to your right, trying to sit up too after being ambushed by the UnSub when you went to the guy’s house with the intention to interrogate him.

‘Spence? You okay?’ you asked as you stood up as well and walked towards him.

‘Yeah, you?’ he asked you once you helped him up.

‘Are we in the basement?’ your eyes, now that you were next to your teammate, started roaming around again. There was a flight of stairs, the only possible way out since the windows seemed to be blocked from the outside. No way of knowing whether it was still day or not.

‘I’d say so. Do you have your gun or phone?’ he asked you, and you checked your pockets and the empty holster on your hip.

‘He took everything. The only good thing is that we called Hotch the moment we arrived and heard some screaming, so it shouldn’t take long for the team to get here,’ you told him as you climbed on top of a box to try and pry one of windows open, with no success.

‘It’s pointless,’ a female voice said from a dark corner, and you both jumped.

‘Amanda?’ Spencer ventured out as the owner of the voice stepped forwards into the faint light coming from an old wall lamp at the bottom of the stairs. She had been kidnapped two weeks before on her way home from work, but the guy kept kidnapping and killing women while he held her captive.

‘Yes,’ she nodded but made no attempt to move any closer. ‘Who are you? He’s never brought a man before.’

‘We’re FBI agents. We’re here to save you,’ you tried to reassure her despite the panic you felt taking over every part of your body. ‘Are you hurt?’

‘Not really. I only have bruises now,’ you heard the shackles attached to one of her ankles as she moved to sit down again. You couldn’t help the emotions bubbling inside you and tried to swallow the lump in your throat.

Spencer noticed how your shoulders slumped and grabbed your hand. You looked over at him and were about to thank him when the door to the basement was thrown open and you heard the distinct sound of bullets being put into the magazine. Amanda cried out and retreated further into the shadows. You kept your gaze on Spencer’s face as you moved to the opposite side of the room so that it would be more difficult for him to keep an eye on all three individuals at once.

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Cheating: Jackie and Kelso vs. Jackie and Hyde

A Semi-Essay

Before I begin, I’m not counting anything that happens in season 8 as canon since that mess was created by new show-runners who didn’t understand or respect the characters.

Though what Hyde does toward the end of season 5 is in no way excusable, it isn’t in the same league as what Kelso does.

Kelso cheats on Jackie repeatedly (with Laurie, a girl from Sacred Heart, and a bunch of “random beach trash”) out of lust. He does this for months and constantly lies about it.

What Hyde does isn’t so much as cheat on Jackie as break-up with her by sleeping with that nurse. One person. Once. Out of anger and pain, not lust. And he tells Jackie about it immediately. Further, he accepts responsibility for it.

Hyde’s act is a passive-aggressive and indirect way of telling Jackie, “We’re done.” He has no intentions of stringing her along afterward. He could have been really malicious and lied about it, slept with a ton of other women, and kept Jackie as his girlfriend only to tell her, months later, “Hey, I’ve been cheating on you this whole time, same way you’ve been cheating on me with Kelso.” But he doesn’t.

If he hadn’t learned about Fez’s sex dream, he probably would’ve told Jackie, “I caught you and Kelso fooling around on the couch. Just wanna let you know I fooled around with a nurse last night, so we’re even – and we’re over.”

Kelso, on the other hand, continues sleeping with Jackie and claims monogamy while sleeping with Laurie (and that girl from Sacred Heart). He would’ve kept it going as long as he could have. And, as we know from “The Pill,” he doesn’t use condoms. I hope Jackie insisted after that episode that he do so because STD-city.

And once he is caught, he spends one week crying over her and attempting to get her back. Then he parades his relationship with Laurie in front her and lets Laurie burn her mercilessly. Adding insult to injury. It takes him months to take responsibility for what he’s done. Then, months later, he rescinds that apology and blames her for his behavior.

Moreover, when including everything else about Jackie and Kelso’s relationship vs. Jackie and Hyde’s relationship outside what broke each of those relationships up? It’s no contest.

During Kelso and Jackie’s relationship:

  • Kelso constantly “paws” at her for sex,
  • and she eventually “gives in” to make him shut up.
  • She wants him to hold her without sexual advances, but he’s just not willing to do it.
  • Jackie buys Kelso presents constantly,
  • and the money she gives him to get her presents, he spends on toys for himself.
  • Kelso uses her as a human shield.
  • He shoves her aside at their burnt-out middle school when the window slams shut and abandons her.
  • He intends to use her potential win for Miss Dairy Princess to get himself other women.
  • He strands her at work (several times) for various frivolous reasons, to watch cartoons.

The list goes on, but I’ve given enough examples. *lol*

Hyde, however:

  • gives Jackie safe place to sleep (in his cot) for weeks without sex being part of the equation.
  • He protects her from someone who could very well be a date-rapist (Chip).
  • He goes to jail in her place.
  • He takes her to Prom when a) he supposedly hates her and b) definitely hates proms, but he puts her needs above his own.
  • He generally supports her after she breaks up with Kelso for cheating.
  • He defends her against Kelso consistently.
  • He teaches her a very personal self-protection mechanism, which in effect makes him vulnerable to her.
  • He supports her against Eric.
  • He tries to protect her from Fez’s neediness (in “Jackie Moves On”).
  • He talks to Donna so that Jackie has a more permanent place to live.
  • He gives Jackie a very personal birthday present; he doesn’t have much, but he gives her what he can.
  • He teaches her how to play chess.
  • He engages her mind on a deep level.
  • He encourages and empowers her to be independent (“The Crunge”).
  • He often puts himself in uncomfortable situations to make her happy (“The Girl I Love,” “Christmas,” etc.).

Again, the list goes on, and these are plenty of good examples.

So, yes, Kelso and Hyde both screwed up. But, on the balance, Jackie and Hyde’s relationship is far more healthy than Jackie and Kelso’s ever was.

Yr Fave is Problematic: Cats

Further excerpts from Cats (and their Dykes), the best book I have ever paid $7 for.   

It is not just a book of little cat memoirs and poems for you dead cat or your dead lover’s* cats.  It’s also full of essays discussing very serious controversies within the cat/dyke dyad and repeatedly asks the question: are cats problematic?

  • Are lesbians with cat allergies marginalized in our communities? What can be done to make lesbian spaces fully inclusive to those who are allergic to cats?
  • We claim to put lesbians first in our politics. But do we? How many of us put cats first and lesbians second? 
  • Is Lesbian Bed Death a real, and cat related phenomenon? After all, it’s awkward to have sex with three cats just starring at you the whole time. But they cry and scratch and howl when you lock them out of the bedroom and then, if you try to get away for one romantic weekend at a bed and breakfast where you and your lover can make love in peace, you come home and they’ve peed on everything. Better just to never have sex again.
  • Is petting a cat while having sex technically bestiality? 
  • How can we be vegetarians who respect all animal life while allowing our cats to torture and murder innocent vermin for fun?
  • On the other hand, isn’t keeping cats indoors and preventing them from hunting disturbingly similar to how patriarchy kept high status women imprisoned in the home, useless and decorative?
  • And isn’t spaying and neutering a form of reproductive control? I mean, it’s forced sterilization isn’t it?
  • Cuddling your cat when your cat doesn’t want to be cuddled is enacting coerced affection. Feeding your cat enforces dependence.  All of this is reminiscent of men’s domination of women.
  • Basically, dykes needs to ask ourselves:  Is our relationships with our cats oppressively homonormative? 

*this book consistently uses the word “lover”, becuase it was the 1980s, I guess, but it’s still hilarious to me

Arm Spans

Feyre and Nesta have an intriguing conversation leading Nesta to wonder more about what she is feeling for Cassian. Meanwhile Cassian is planning a trip to the mountains where the cabin is. This is a trip that the inner circle makes, but Cassian wonders if someone else would be willing to join.

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21

“So are you dating yet or not?” Feyre asked while sipping her tea in the coffee shop.

Nesta rolled her eyes. Of course her sister would jump to that question.

“I don’t hear you denying it,” Feyre leaned closer with a grin.

“You also didn’t hear me confirm anything either,” Nesta paused. “Perhaps what you heard was a thing I like to call mind your own business.”

Feyre laughed. “Come on Nesta! It’s been weeks since the dance and I swear the tension between you and Cassian has been growing by the minute!” Feyre set her cup down. “You even went over to his house to learn how to bake those brownies that all of us love. He never would even give us the recipe yet you got to have your own little baking session with him.”

Nesta took a long drink of her tall coffee. She needed it at this rate. “As I recall you and the rest of the inner circle go to Cassian’s apartment for meals too. I don’t see you hounding Azriel asking him if he’s Cassian’s boyfriend. In fact Mor mentioned that Azriel is the only one that Cassian lets handle the meat in the kitchen.”

Feyre choked on her drink and coughed roughly as she swallowed her hot tea.

Meanwhile Nesta smirked knowing the full effect her words intended.

“I’ll give you points for that,” Feyre rubbed her eyes at the forming tears. Whether those tears came from coughing or the urge of holding in laughter was unclear to Nesta.

“Maybe I should call Cassian and ask if he is already taken?” Nesta reached for her phone, but Feyre waved her hand.

“No need,” Feyre said with a hint of a smile. “We already know that there is only one person that Cassian wants to handle his meat and it’s not Azriel.” Feyre waggled her brows and Nesta couldn’t bite back the chuckle that escaped her lips.

“Okay fine, but seriously Mor mentioned something about-,” Nesta’s voice trailed off before she whispered the final words. “Male appendages and how Azriel’s is the biggest of Rhysand and Cassian.”

“We all know that,” Feyre shrugged.

“What?!” Nesta’s eyes widened and dropped her voice back down at the stares she received. “You mean that the guys told you or…? I know Mor would have an idea about Cassian’s, but I doubt she has seen Rhysand or Azriel in that state of…undress to make a comparison.”

“You can tell by their arm span,” Feyre spread her arms wide as if they were wings. “The larger the arm span, the larger other…parts are.”

“You’re joking,” Nesta said deadpanned. When Feyre didn’t say anything Nesta shook her head in disbelief.

“So since Azriel has the biggest…arm span,” Nesta rolled her eyes at the ridiculousness of the words. “Who has the smallest?”

Feyre sipped her tea, but the coy smile was visible enough.

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Imagine: the reader is a really closed off and anxious person and they make it hard for Kol to get close. Then one day an enemy of Kol wants to hurt the reader.

You didn’t make it easy for just anyone to find out what was going on in your life; you were excellent at keeping secrets and you kept any bit of emotion you had barricaded from showing. You were good at putting on a friendly front and taking care of yourself, but everyone knew you weren’t telling the truth most of the time—especially Kol. 

You didn’t remind him of the women who kept him company in the past because you were so much more docile and closed off to negativity and greed. It made him curious to think you never talked about yourself or retained any calm whatsoever, always ready to defend yourself from cruel intentions. “I don’t know. That’s how I’ve always been,” you told him one day when he made his curiosity known. “I don’t think anyone starts out that way, love,” he chuckled. You sat next to him on your porch, handing him a beer. “I know you didn’t,” you laughed at him. “What I’m asking is what’s your excuse for the last few days? You haven’t said a word,” he spoke. “…College mostly. Graduating is…more stressful work than I thought,” you covered. Your phone rang and you picked it up cautiously. It was a blocked caller. You were afraid to answer, looking between Kol and the phone, but placing it in your back pocket. 

You stood, trying to seem casual. “Walk with me to the Quarter. I’ve been sitting all day,” you swallowed. “Y/N-” “Come on, let’s go,” you said, pulling his hand gently. He grabbed your arms out on the sidewalk. “Y/N what’s happening? Tell me,” he growled. You shook your head, trying to find the words. “I can’t,” you muttered. You worried him enough to have him drag you to the Compound where he demanded you wait out whatever you were afraid of, and tell him what you said you couldn’t. He wasn’t surprised by your answer because the enemy you spoke of was always looking to somehow ruin the good things in Kol’s life. “I got a warning a couple weeks ago. I ignored the others because I thought I could book something for my dad and I outside of town but…they were watching us so I decided to act normal and stay out of sight,” you swallowed, “…What do they want with me?”  

Kol sat on the armchair in his room as he held back on his reply. You could tell by the look in his eyes he was the one holding back now. “Did you do something?” you frowned. “…They know how I feel about you,” he responded. Your face softened, kneeling in front of him in his chair. “How do you feel about me?” you asked. You were slightly shocked at his sudden kiss, but not entirely. You held back on doing the same for too long. 

“Women have kept the arts alive in America and don’t any of you men forget it. Some day we may be liberated enough for them to let us in on the enjoyment of the arts ” – Vincent Price, from The Villains Still Pursue Me (1974).

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Another woman tries to kiss ash at a bar

    Ashlyn was at one of her favorite bars in Orlando. Ali had stayed at home because she promised to facetime Kyle and those conversations were never short. Ali insisted that Ashlyn go without her and spend some time with her friends. It wasn’t very crowded which was perfect for Ashlyn. She was able to relax without having to worry about drunk fans clammering to her all night. She loved meeting her fans and taking pictures but a bar wasn’t always the best setting to do that.

    When Ashlyn and her friends decided that it was time to eat, they found a table on the edge of the bar and waited to order. Their waitress came over and took all of their order and refilled their drinks and she made sure to pay extra close attention to Ashlyn. Of course, Ashlyn didn’t notice but everyone else at the table did.

    Chris, Ashlyn’s brother, leaned over and said, “That waitress is all over you.”

    Ashlyn just shrugged and said, “Well, she’s barking up the wrong tree.”

    The waitress made her way back over the table a few minutes later and asked them if they needed anything else while they waited for their food. She was posing the question to the entire table, but she only looked at Ashlyn. Ashlyn politely declined and the waitress made her way back to the bar.

    It didn’t take long for everyone to finish their food. They all got up and went to dance for a little bit. The waitress from before made her way up to Ashlyn.

    “Hi, I’m Abby. Save me a dance? I’ll be off in a few minutes.”

    Ashlyn smiled. “Sorry, Abby. I actually just came here to hang with some friends. Maybe next time though.”

    Abby ran her hand up Ashlyn’s bicep. “Just one dance, sweetie. Then you can go back to your friends.”

    Ashlyn didn’t see anything wrong with just one dance. She knew that she was capable of keeping things friendly and respectable, but she questioned weather Abby had that same skill based on what Chris had told her.

    As they were dancing, Abby kept trying to work her way closer to Ashlyn and Ashlyn kept backing up. When she tried to wrap her arms around Ashlyn, Ashlyn gently grabbed her hands and moved them off of her. “Don’t tell me you aren’t into girls?” Abby asked after the third time that Ashlyn moved her hands away from her.

    “Oh, I am very much into girls.” Ashlyn said with a smirk and Abby took this as an invitation to move closer yet again. “Especially the girl I have waiting for me at home.”

    Abby chuckled and said, “Well, I’m sure your girl won’t miss you if you stay for another dance.”

    Chris was talking to some of the guys that came along with them when she noticed this girl hitting on Ashlyn. Chris knew that Ashlyn would never fool around on Ali but he couldn’t help but go into protective big brother mode when he saw that this girl wasnt leaving his baby sister alone. It wasn’t until Chris saw her lean in and place a kiss square on Ashlyn’s lips that he decided it was time to step in. Ashlyn immediately grabbed her shoulders and shoved her back.

    When Chris arrived, he stood in between Ashlyn and Abby. Ashlyn moved around him and said, “I said I’d stay for one dance and I meant it. What kind of person get’s a thrill from repeatedly making moves on a woman that already said she was taken? And more importantly, what kind of person doesn’t accept that and tries to kiss them anyway?” The rest of their group had made their way over when they saw the commotion. Chris could tell that Ashlyn was getting heated so he grabbed her arm and pulled her back, gently.

    “It’s time to go. Guys, we’ll see you later. I’m gonna call an Uber wait outside with Ashlyn.”

Ashlyn had gone from amd to terrified in a matter of seconds. She was pacing back and forth on the sidewalk behind the bar and Chris was just watching her and listening to her rant.

“Chris, what am I going to do? I kissed another girl. A girl that isnt Ali. But it wasn’t my fault. What if Ali  leaves me? What if she thinks that I cheated on her? I would never do that, Chris. I feel terrible. I ruined everything. I have to tell Ali but what if I break her heart? Chris! What if Ali cries? I can’t stand it if she cries and what if she cries and I’m the reason that she cries? This is such a mess. I can’t beli-”

“Ashlyn! Calm down!”

She stopped pacing and looked at Chris. “Just tell Ali what happened. She will understand. You didn’t kiss that girl back and you told her multiple times that you only wanted one dance as friends. You made it clear that you weren’t interested. This is her fault, not yours.”

“Thanks, Chris.”

Ashlyn’s Uber arrived and she gave the driver her address.

When Ashlyn walked inside, she saw Ali cuddled up on the couch, watching a movie on Netflix. “Hey, Ash! How was the bar? How is Chris doing?”

Before Ashlyn could respond, she broke down and started crying.

Ali flew off the couch and wrapped her arms around Ashlyn. “I didn’t kiss her, I swear.” Ashlyn spoke through her sobs.

“Ash, please calm down.” Ali rubbed her back and held her tight until her crying had slowed.

Ashlyn spoke again. “I promise, Ali. I told her I was taken and that I only was staying with her for one dance but she kissed me and I pushed her off and Chris came over and I told her that I meant it when I said I was coming home to someone and she wouldn’t take no for an answer and she kept trying to get closer to me and everytime I ived her hands she tried to wrap her arms around me again but I didn’t do anything I promise. I would never do that to you, I love you more than anythi-”

Ashlyn’s rant was cut off by Ali’s lips on hers.

When they finally broke apart, Ali said, “Ashlyn, I believe you. I know you would never kiss another girl.”

“So you’re not mad?” Ashlyn asked in a timid voice.

Ali wrapped her arms around Ashlyn’s waist and pulled her closer. “Don’t get me wrong. I am furious that that girl kissed you and I am even more mad that she kept touching you without your permission. That is never ok. As long as you are ok, I am fine. I trust you, baby and I know that none of this was your fault. I am glad that Chris was there to watch out for you too.”

Ashlyn hugged Ali impossible closer. “Thank you, Al. I am so sorry.”

“Stop apologizing, Ash. You did nothing wrong.”

Ali pulled Ashlyn over to the couch and they curled up underneath the blanket together. All of the guilt that Ashlyn felt had disappeared after she talked to Ali. For the rest of the movie, Ali absentmindedly ran her fingers through Ashlyn’s hair but her mind was on the girl from the bar. The number one item on Ali’s to do list was to head to that bar tomorrow when Ashlyn was at her GK meeting and make sure that Abby knew that Ashlyn was off limits. If Ali had it her way, Abby wouldn’t have a job when she was finished with her. Ashlyn Harris belonged to her and only her. Ali didn’t care if the entire world knew. If that’s what it took to make sure that other women kept their hands off of Her Girl, then that is what she would do.

Imagine Obi-Wan finding out that you love him

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It’s Not Nice to Eavesdrop, Master Jedi - Obi-Wan Kenobi X Female Reader

Written by: @sakuraaeris1497

(Y/F/N) - Your First Name

(Y/L/N) - Your Last Name

(H/C) - Hair Color

(E/C) - Eye Color

(Y/N/N) - Your Nickname

(Y/F/B) - Your Favorite Book

Author’s note: This was another anonymous request made to, but now I am a contributor to their blog as a Star Wars imagine blogger. Therefore, I decided to help them out by writing requests that they couldn’t get to. Please enjoy! 😉😊🙂😍😘

It had been many years since (Y/F/N) had last seen her old best friend, Padmé Naberrie. They were in the same politics class in their childhood until Padmé was elected as Naboo’s Queen, while at the same time, (Y/F/N) (Y/L/N) became a schoolteacher for politics after the old teacher who taught her and Padmé passed away. And how were these facts known? Well, the two women kept in close contact through messages on their datapads, but these news were also announced all over Naboo for all ears to hear and understand.
During her time as a teacher, (Y/F/N) loved her students and they loved her back, which meant that her life was overall very good. She was well-paid and well-known, and she was also very beautiful, kind, and intelligent. Why would someone not like her?

It just so happened that Obi-Wan Kenobi and his Padawan Anakin Skywalker were coming to offer Padmé protection but also pay her a visit in Naboo. At the same time, (Y/F/N) was also visiting her old friend as she met Padmé outside the gates of the palace. Dressed in her finest frock and high heels, Padmé ran into the arms of her old friend as she grinned from ear to ear, “(Y/N/N)!”

“Mé!” (Y/F/N) replied back with her own hug and smile as she used the nickname she had developed for her best friend. As soon as the two young women had their fill for affection, the elegant dames walked with their elbows linked together as they began to sight-see and talk about all of the things that they had forgot to mention in their frequent messages to each other. Sometimes, the two women would even make each other laugh as they teased each other and slapped each other on the arms playfully before speaking again about other important matters.

After a few minutes of walking through the gardens, Padmé and (Y/F/N) managed to cross paths with two special Jedi as the former monarch approached one of them, Anakin, first. With a hug and a kiss to his cheek, the two star-crossed lovers greeted each other before (Y/F/N) tenderly hugged the younger man, remembering him as the little slave boy during the Battle of Naboo when she herself participated as a starship pilot before becoming an educator on politics. But what made the visit even better was to see Obi-Wan again.

Truth be told, (Y/F/N) had not seen Obi-Wan in ages since they were much younger. He was only a Padawan and she was only a pilot when they first met, but they were both entranced with each other all the same back then. To her, Obi-Wan was the most handsome man she had ever had the pleasure of knowing in all her life and she was still infatuated with him. The way the man’s auburn hair fluttered soft and thick in the breeze or the way his silver-blue eyes twinkled like Northern stars seemed to make (Y/F/N)’s heart pound deeper in her chest as she felt breathless and weightless with love coursing through her veins. Even just grasping and shaking his large hand in greeting again almost made (Y/F/N) slap herself across the cheek to regain her composure as she gave him a grand salutations with her own tender hug.

And after a welcoming supper, the young women decided to turn in for the night as they departed to Padmé’s bedchambers. In the meanwhile, Anakin and Obi-Wan would be standing guard as they offered protection to the former Queen and her special, attractive guest with the heart of gold. Once inside, the two women took turns bathing before they dressed in their nightgowns, pampered themselves with soothing treatments such as self-induced facials and massages, and then sat down on Padmé’s mattress. Lying down on her stomach, (Y/F/N) began to read her and Padmé’s favorite book, (Y/F/B), from off of her datapad. At the same time, Padmé began to detangle the strands of (H/C) that rested delicately against (Y/F/N)’s scalp before she ran one of her hairbrushes through the silky tresses. Then, with nimble fingers as gentle as a dove’s feather, Padmé began to braid small sections of (Y/F/N)’s hair as the young woman continued to read.

After a few minutes of braiding, Padmé started on another section of hair before she asked her best friend, “So, I noticed something during dinner and I was kind of hoping you could help answer a few things for me…”

“What? Did you imagine the hot body under Anakin’s uniform, Queen Amidala?” (Y/F/N) teased while wiggling her eyebrows flirtatiously before Padmé giggled while she narrowed her eyes and teased back, “Ha, ha. Very funny…But seriously, I really did notice something…between you and a special…Jedi Master…”

“What are you going on about? You know how I hate it when you beat around the bush, Mé.” (Y/F/N) asked as she raised her head slightly from her book to look towards Padmé before the brunette smirked with wiggling eyebrows, “You have a little obsession with the Jedi, and I don’t mean Ani…I mean Obi, the bearded hottie.”

“Padmé, shut it!” (Y/F/N) gasped as she placed her index finger over her lips before she shushed her friend in fright, “What if he hears us?”

“Come on, he’s a Jedi. If he hasn’t figured it out by now, then he needs to work on his use on the Force…But honestly, I think it’s cute. You two would make a good couple. With his comedy and your intelligence, you’d be unstoppable.” Padmé admitted honestly with every hint of sincerity in her tone before she clasped her hands together in a prayer position while also puckering the air with her plump, pink lips as she playfully teased her friend further. At the same time, (Y/F/N) decided to play along as she flopped down on the mattress with her back flat against the soft cushioned bedding before she placed one hand over her forehead as if she were about to faint. Then, she feigned the voice of a damsel in distress as she laughed with her hand cupped over her heart, “Oh, what was that, Obi-Wan?…Marry you?! A schoolteacher marry a Jedi?!…Oh, yes, I will marry you, my knight in shining armor!”

“Well, then, come here, baby. Let me give you a kiss.” Padmé suggested with a lowered tone of voice so she would sound just like Obi-Wan before (Y/F/N) gasped playfully, “Oh, what a maverick you are!…Breaking the sacred Jedi code. You would really do that for me?”

“If my Padawan can do it, then I can too, my darling. Besides, I would do anything for you. I’m infatuated with you, so much so that I can’t stop thinking about you.” Padmé replied in her deep voice before she grabbed (Y/F/N)’s chin while she stroked her fingers down the side of her friend’s face and continued playing along in her low tone, “I love the way your hair feels like silk in my fingers, even the way your skin feels so soft that I can’t stop touching you for fear that I’ll never feel such softness again…And your (E/C) eyes just make me not want to turn away…But your lips…Oh, they’re my favorite bodily part, along with any others that I have yet to explore.”

However, before Padmé could even begin to ‘kiss’ (Y/F/N), the latter female pushed her best friend’s lips away by pressing her fingers against the smooth muscles while shaking her head, “We’re getting a little ahead of ourselves, aren’t we, Master Jedi? If you wanted more than a kiss from me, then you’d need to take me on a date to dinner first.”

“Of course. How shameful of me…I shall do anything you ask, my sweet.” Padmé teased before she cleared her throat. Then, the former Queen of Naboo reverted back to her original tone of voice as she asked, “Just admit it, you like Obi-Wan!”

“Alright, already…I do like him very much…I’ve always liked him since the Battle of Naboo when I was a pilot…But I’m so shy, I wouldn’t know what to say to him.”

“Well, I know that Anakin likes me and I lIke him back, so we’ve dropped some subtle hints to express how we feel about each other…I honestly don’t know how you and Obi-Wan could ever drop subtle hints because it’s so obvious that you two like each other that it’s not even funny…But, if you’d like any help from the lady of love, I’d be willing to offer my assistance.”

“I think we need a dating expert, not a former monarch, to tell me about the language of love.”

“Okay, go ahead and laugh. Maybe if I do get married with children alongside Ani before you, then you’re going to have to start listening to me.”

“Fine, you got yourself a deal.” (Y/F/N) nodded as she shook hands with her best friend before she commanded, “Hop up, your highness. It’s your turn to get your hair done.” With that, Padmé moved from her current seat as she moved into (Y/F/N)’s lap before she made another small jest, “With your hair-dressing skills, I’ll probably look like a Nexu.” That only earned Padmé a slap to her back as (Y/F/N) gave a swift ‘Hey’ with a giggle before the brunette giggled too. The whole rest of the night, the two girls talked about their crushes and how they would tell their men that they loved them if those Jedi didn’t gather their gumption and fess up. After talking until the wee hours of the starry midnight, the two girls bid each other goodnight before they got under their covers and slumbered peacefully.

The next morning, when the two dames were properly dressed and ready to start their day, they departed downstairs, elbows linked together, before they sat down at the table. At the same time, Anakin and Obi-Wan were courteous to the two women as they pushed in the lady’s chairs first before sitting down in their own seats. As they had breakfast with each other, Obi-Wan began to stare more at (Y/F/N) as the young woman blushed while giggling against her palm, as not to spew her breakfast all over the table, before the auburn-haired Jedi giggled too. He was even smiling more while Anakin looked on cluelessly with narrowed baby blues and a scowl on his boyish face, wondering why in the Force his Master seemed more cheerful than normal.

After finishing breakfast, Padmé and (Y/F/N) were about to go for a walk when Obi-Wan requested to escort the latter female, just the two of them. With a reluctant nod and a blush trying to creep onto her cheeks, (Y/F/N) decided to go with Obi-Wan while Padmé teased them from behind, giving her best friend a double thumbs-up with a grin on her face from ear to ear, which only made (Y/F/N) shoo Padmé away with a wave of her hand. Linking elbows with (Y/F/N), Obi-Wan was able to get a whiff of her sweet-smelling perfume as he complimented its scent upon her skin, which made the schoolteacher thank the Jedi for saying such sweet things to her, before he sarcastically suggested, “So, shall we continue with our walk, or should we engage in other activities today…my sweet?”

At once, (Y/F/N) inwardly cursed Padmé for Obi-Wan somehow finding out about her crush on him, even the intimate things that she had told her best friend about him. How the Jedi knew, she didn’t know. But then again, he was a Jedi, so it was no wonder that he found out to quickly. He WAS guarding the door, after all, so he might’ve overheard something if not everything she had said. Regardless, (Y/F/N) couldn’t deny it because she had said it and meant it, every single, solitary word, and he had heard it. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be implying anything subtly.

Therefore, (Y/F/N) followed her heart as she looked into Obi-Wan’s eyes with her own (E/C) before she stroked his stubbled cheek with her smooth fingers. Grabbing her hand in his gargantuan one, Obi-Wan accepted the warm gesture before he made another jest, “So…are you going to kiss me or shall I have to take you on a date first?” At once, (Y/F/N) giggled as she kissed Obi-Wan’s lips while she wrapped her arms around his neck and he wrapped his arms around her waist. After the two broke away for air, (Y/F/N) shook her head before she answered, “No, sir, you don’t…But, it’s not nice to eavesdrop, Master Jedi.” With a tap of her index finger against his nose, Obi-Wan chuckled low in his Adam’s apple before he admitted, “You never cease to amaze me. No wonder I fell for you the first time.”

“And I with you…Shall we walk?” (Y/F/N) suggested as she linked hands with Obi-Wan while they walked through the palace grounds together. Moments like this were rare for them, but on their miniature ideas of vacations, they seemed to admit their love for each other as their bond grew ever-stronger and ever-present like the living Force. To them, it was so peaceful as they began to lean in for another kiss under the rays of the Sun with the flowers as their only witnesses…

But, it was only a short while later when Anakin found out the truth from Padmé before he raced down the hallways, his lover trailing behind while rolling her eyes and muttering “Oh, dear Force!” Then, the younger man pointed an index finger at his Master and (Y/F/N), eyes wide and mouth gaped open, as he ruined the moment with a shout of, “I knew it!” At once, Padmé slapped her palm over her forehead before (Y/F/N) buried her head in her hands while Anakin smirked at his teacher, arms crossed over his chest and back leaning against a pillar, “So, how does it feel breaking the rules, Master?”

“Bye, Anakin.” Obi-Wan suggested through gritted teeth before Anakin continued on, “Oh, you want me to leave?”


“Did I ruin the moment?”

“Yes, my Padawan…Bye!” Obi-Wan waved as Padmé grabbed Anakin by the arm and led him away before (Y/F/N) let out a fit of giggles while she admitted, “Well, that was embarrassing.”

“Now that he’s gone. Where were we?” Obi-Wan asked as he pulled his lover in for another kiss as Naboo seemed to grow more beautiful just for them. Hues of pink and red seemed to be ever-present around the two as they kissed a second time on this lovely day. It was one day that they’d never forget for as long as they both lived and they wouldn’t change their lives for the world. They had each other as lover and that was all that mattered now.

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okay so I saw your tags about the hair of Chinese men being political and was just wondering if you could elaborate??? I'm really interested sorry!!

Haha I see well it’s a very interesting topic actually! 

1. Basically, for most of Chinese history both men and women kept long hair (so that’s 4000ish+ years). In ancient China, there was a lot of expansionism and conquest. The name ‘Middle Kingdom’ itself is a reflection of the view that China is the centre and nexus of civilisation. In that climate, the non-Han Chinese people getting conquered were regarded as uncivilised barbarians. Like, think something similar to Manifest Destiny? A lot of the cultural exceptionalism going around. For Chinese men, long, properly bound up hair was the way to go- it was associated with being civilised, cultured and other positive traits- short hair was associated with savagery and barbarism. 

(Btw women’s clothing in Mulan looks to be inspired by multiple dynasties. The hairstyle here in any case, is quite accurate)

2. In the 1600s, the Ming Dynasty was conquered by the Manchu, a non-Han people, who founded the successive Qing dynasty. They enforced the Manchu queue hair style on Han Chinese men, which consists of the half shaven head (tonsured) and a long braid like you see in this Qing-era Chinese drama. It was basically supposed to be a mark of Manchu domination and victory- Han Chinese men with the queue had therefore submitted to Manchu rule. Failure to adopt this hairstyle was considered treasonous and one could even be executed. So now, short hair or any other style deviating from the queue = a sign of dissent. Han Chinese rebels the would therefore cut off their queues as a message about their politics. 

(China has a lottttt of dramas from the imperial era, because there’s a lot of interesting material (plenty of murders, political intrigues and whatnot) and well it’s considered ideologically safe to make stuff about that era, compared to more recent…and controversial events.)

3. By the late 1800s, the defeat of the Qing dynasty in the Opium Wars and First Sino-Japanese war resulted in many humiliating concessions to other countries and China losing prestige as a regional power. Now people also saw things associated with the Qing era as antiquated and backwards. There were some attempts by more progressive members of the Qing court to reform, but the conservatives won the power struggle. When the Qing dynasty was finally overthrown in the 1911 Xinhai Revolution, most Chinese men cut off their queues- and adopted short hair. They didn’t go back to the pre-Manchu hair- now short hair was symbolic of severing ties with the Manchu and I guess a symbol of modernity, as many revolutionary leaders had spent time in Western countries.‘Western’ was associated with progress, new ideas were seen as necessary to revive China from the seeming backwardness of the Qing dynasty. So Western dress and hairstyles were adopted. And here we are today, where many Chinese men keep short hair.

(This is a photo of several members of the Revive China Society, which was meant to coordinate anti-Qing revolutionary activities.)

So yep, this was what I meant about the hairstyles of Chinese men being very political.

I’ve been thinking a lot about our ancestral energy- what’s been passed down. Of course we inherit our parents pain and struggles in a way. They lived their lives around their childhoods inherent pain and memories and naturally project it onto their children. And it continues to stretch backwards and backwards

When my grandmother was a little girl in Havana, her grandmothers mother became very ill and they had to bring her from media luna where she had lived her whole life to Havana. Her toe had become infected, and in front of my grandmother, she raised a machete and sliced it off.

My grandmother was four, but remembers the frail brown woman with dark eyes. She was told she had survived much more- spanish wars & lovers who left her. My grandmothers grandmother never knew her father- he was a Spanish soldier who left the ranks to fight for Cubans and died in the war or (as many say) a farmer, who had a family in the province of oriente.

My grandmothers grandmother inherited her mothers luck- her husband or lover (or lovers) were never seen, only whispered about in rumors never to be spoken of in great terms. my great grandmother never spoke about her father. And my grandmother never pried over her forgotten grandfather.

I think about the family tree my mother wrote out- all the unknown names on my grandmothers side, all the missing men and all the secrets women kept for generations. I think about their pains and curses and sacrifices, and the stories they never told anyone.