kept hiden


So after the war (maybe a year or a bit less), Narcissa makes up with her only sister - Andromeda - and gets to know Teddy, and then Draco starts coming too, but never Lucius. Until Narcissa’s birthday, and the Malfoys are about ruined to the society they belong to, so she throws a quiet party with her husband, her son, her sister and grand-nephew. 

Teddy is immediately fascinated with Lucius’s hair, because who wouldn’t? And through the years Andromeda starts letting Teddy spent time alone with Narcissa and Lucius - even if the first times she asks him to tell her what they spoke about (but not once he mentioned the words mudblood, blood-traitor, etc).

In his fourth birthday, Teddy asks Narcissa and Andromeda why Lucius never comes to his birthday. He never notices that Narcissa and Draco are always isolated - nobody trusts Malfoys.

So for the next birthdays, they come ealier, so Lucius can spend time with him before the others arrive, and then leaves, until his seventh birthday when Harry arrives earlier. And it does not end well, they start having a heated argument, they are seperated, and Lucius ends up spending his first Teddy’s birthday party. But too many side looks make him want to leave so he won’t ruin Teddy’s birthday (afterall they are mostly Gryffindors, known for sometimes acting without thinking) - Lucius is also shamed how weak he has become, he would never felt threatened by kids and Weasleys before.

It’s in that year or the one after, Teddy first hears about Voldemort and Death Eaters, out of Harry’s controled stories (and soon enough he hears someone saying “that bastard Malfoy, once again he escaped Azkaban”). And in class some other student asks what they are, and Teddy doesn’t want to imagine his uncle doing what the teacher tells them.

He goes home, and tries to escape his weekend at the Malfoys, he could stay with Harry or the Weasleys, but Andromeda tells him he needs to keep his promises (he hadn’t told her what he heard, of course).

It’s almost bedtime, when he asks about it to Lucius and Narcissa, and Lucius immediately freaks out - since he knew the moment was coming, and he didn’t wanted to talk about it, how could he explain his side to Harry Potter’s godson? He didn’t regret joining, he regreted some things but not all for sure.

Their views are different, they still defend the superiority of pure-blood, but didn’t defend the killing of muggles or muggleborns. Of course, only pure-bloods should work at the Ministry, some half-bloods were allowed to be teachers or healers, and muggleborns could maybe have small shops (but it was better if they worked in the muggle worls, instead of stealing wizards’ jobs).

Lucius doesn’t want to explain, but he asks Narcissa to call for Andromeda, he wanted her there to tell him when to stop and to know he wouldn’t put ideas she thought wrong in his head (he hadn’t liked when Dumbledore had done the same in Hogwarts, teaching everyone was equal).

Lucius, the two Black sisters sit with Teddy in his bed on the Malfoy manor. And Lucius tells him that yes, he was a Death Eater and followed Voldemort and showed him his Dark Mark - he tried to tell him that Voldemort had lived under this some roof, but Andromeda stopped him, he didn’t need nightmares with Voldemort’s ghost in these walls. He tells him why he started, and the end of the first war - in whole that time Lucius had never doubt the Lord’s word. And then he tells him of the second war, how he wished he could have stayed at home, but with Voldemort you joined for life.

He teels him with battles against Harry, who the boy seemed to have already heard from Ron Weasley (who had kept hiden Lucius’s part), he spoke of Azkaban (carefully) and then being back, and the final battle.

Teddy seemed to understand, but he was still mad at Lucius and that he didn’t wanted to speak with him, and spent the night with Andromeda, leaving the next morning without saying goodbye. (With time, Teddy starts speaking again, but never fully forgiving).

It’s in his last school year, before Hogwarts, he’s asked to do a presentation about a Hogwarts House - it will be chosen the best from each house to be presented to the parents in the end of the year.

Almost every one wants to choose the house where they wanna be, and Teddy doesn’t know if he wants to be a Hufflepuff (like his mom and grandfather) or a Gryffindor (like dad), but everyone does expect him to do about Gryffindor, after all he is Harry Potter’s godson.

But he goes with Slytherin, that’s the house of the woman who raised him - and he wants to destroy the theory that they are all evil. He shares stories from the time his grandmother went (and some about Harry’s time, from both his POV and Draco’s), he talks about the quidditch team who won championship after championship with names like Rodolphus and Rabastan Lestrange, Amycus Carrow, Evan Roisier, Regulus Black and Lucius Malfoy; he talks how Bellatrix Black had been great at dueling or Severus Snape at potions. He talked a lot about Andromeda’s story, of course, and some of Narcissa’s. And even of Tom Riddle.

And pure-blood families, and arranged marriages (some worked, some didn’t), and being branded a blood traitor. And finally how most Death Eaters were truly from Slytherin - he showed a photo of his own uncle’s now “dead” mark. He spoke how kids who played quidditch and won tournements in dueling ended up fighting for the wrong cause.

He finishes by speaking of Slytherins who helped the Order, he’s grandmother, Severus Snape - a double agent - or Slughorn.

The teacher likes his presentation, since from the other few who talked about Slytherin, he’s the only who talked about the good and the bad. Most just talked Voldemort, and the  two with Slytherin parents never mentioned some of the hard truths.

So he was asked to present in the end of the year, his entire family came, and everyone was proud, even the Gryffindors. And he couldn’t help but notice tears in Andromeda and Narcissa’s eyes, even Astoria’s, and Lucius squeezing his wife’s hand with all his strength.