kept forever

dan and phil know every crevice, freckle, and constellation on each other’s body, they watch every sex scene in every movie together, they know how the other cries, they know each other’s preferred water temperature in the shower, they know each other’s weird quirks and annoying habits, they’ve seen each other at their best, they’ve seen each other at their worst, and they’ve still stood by each other’s side for the past 7 years regardless


make me choose@sebanstianstan asked: poe dameron or bucky barnes?

“most of the intelligence community doesn’t believe he exists. the ones that do call him the winter soldier.”

An overdue list of my favourite pieces and fic writers! The following is a collection of Jungkook x reader fics. A big thank you to all the fic writers included for inspiring me and above all sharing such amazing stories!

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Character Study: Jason Peter Todd

Anon asked: sorry i keep asking dick and jason questions but can you like do an overview of their personalities and like use in-text examples? its hard for me to get a grasp on characters and their mannerisms and personalities.

Quick Background: Jason practically grew up on the streets as a kid. Between his father who was stuck in a perpetual revolving door of prison sentences and a drug addicted mother, he didn’t have much of a family life before joining the Batfamily. His father was murdered by Two-face and his mother died of an overdose, leaving a young Jason to survive on the streets. Batman found Jason one night while Jason was in the process of stealing the tires off the Batmobile. Bruce will eventually come to take in Jason and give him the mantle of being the second Robin. After only being Robin for a few years he is murdered at the age of 16 by the Joker. He is resurrected by the Lazarus Pit and has since become the problematic character that we all know and love. 

(Character qualities and In-text examples are under the read more)

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Maedhros did deeds of surpassing valour, and the Orcs fled before his face; for since his torment upon Thangorodrim his spirit burned like a white fire within, and he was as one that returns from the dead.  - The Silmarillion


weekend adventures 🍃
biked to a local stationary store and got me some cute stamps :)))
omgosh guys ive been trying to find these flowers for forever
i kept seeing them on really aesthetic studyblrs and i finally got some at the farmers market this morning !!!


the main reason i don’t try and post my videos on Instagram god bless Cody Ko


unnecessarily long gifset of Mulder looking for his keys and saying stuff