kepler's laws

This image displays Kepler’s second law of planetary motion.

“A line joining a planet and the Sun sweeps out equal areas during equal intervals of time” (Meaning that each triangle seen there has equal area.)

  • The black dot represents a planet, the point where the black lines intersect represent the sun.
  • The green arrow represents the planet’s velocity,
  • The purple arrows represents the force on the planet.

I like to print out PDFs of all my textbooks, comb bind them, and then go on a walk and study them at the same time and bleed all over them with gel pens.

Integration, Relativity, and Kepler's Law

A/N: Drabble I couldn’t pass up on for imaginexhobbit’s “Imagine telling the Company about technology advancement and complex mathematics.” I went a little into science, too, but…I couldn’t help it. Sort of ThorinxOC if you want to look at it that way. And I didn’t name the character. Cause I suck at names.

Oh, and also on AO3.

    Despite it all, Middle Earth and the Journey undertaken by the Company of Thorin Oakenshield did not turn out to be everything which she had expected. As much as she had brushed it off before, her entire generation was so damned dependent on modern day commodities. What was the saying? You never know how much you loved something until you lost it? Something like that.

    "You alright, lass?“

    She looked up from where she lay against the trunk of a thick tree, stilling her fingers tapping against the hard cover of her textbook. "Yeah, I’m all good, Bofur, thanks. Just miss home a little.” She thought an extra second, only then realizing who she was speaking to. Honestly, she had nothing on the dwarves; they hadn’t seen their home for a far longer time than she, so there really wasn’t any right for her to even try to complain. “I mean, nothing like you guys, nowhere even close. Just, running water sounds nice right now.”

    The dwarf quirked his head a bit, his mustache swaying with the movement. “There’s a river right around here if you need it. I’d be happy to show you -”

    “Oh!” she laughed slightly at the dwarf’s confusion. Although, she had to admit, she’d taken a liking to Bofur; he was a nice enough character, and Tolkien didn’t do him near enough justice.” No, I don’t mean like that. I mean, back home, we’ve got pipes and stuff in our homes to bring water to us to bathe and everything like that. So much easier. And warmer too!” She leaned her head back, thinking of her suburban house and family, before turning to find the confusion on her companion’s face. “But you probably don’t want to hear about all that. Me and my pathetic little problems.”

    “No, nothing like that, lass!” Bofur broke out of his trance, crouching down next to her now. “Just puzzled, is all. Is your entire world like this?”

    “Well…” The smile spread across her face as she contemplated where to begin. “Basically, yes.”

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