kepler 37b

Biggest, Smallest, Hottest, Coldest, Oldest and Youngest planets in the Universe

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The Biggest Planet In The Universe: DENIS-P J082303.1491201-b

DENIS-P J082303.1491201-b,  has 28.5 times the mass of Jupiter – making it the most massive planet listed in NASA’s exoplanet archive.  It is so massive that it is debated whether it still is a planet (it would be a Jupiter-class gas giant) or whether it should actually be classified as a brown dwarf star. Ironically, its host star is a confirmed brown dwarf itself.

The Smallest Planet In The Universe: Kepler-37b

Just slightly larger than our moon, and smaller than Mercury, Kepler-37b is the smallest exoplanet yet discovered. A rocky world, it is closer to its host star than Mercury is to the sun. That means the planet is too hot to support liquid water and hence life on its surface. Kepler-37b is a sub-Earth, an exoplanet with a radius and mass smaller than Earth. Its surface temperature is 700 Kelvin, which is about 427 °C or 800 °F. Because of this, it is not expected to have an atmosphere.

The Oldest Planet In The Universe: PSR B1620-26 b

PSR B1620-26 b is the oldest known planet in the Universe, and the first planet found in globular cluster. It is located approximately 12,400 light-years away from Earth, in the constellation of Scorpius. It is also unofficially known as “Methuselah”, and “the Genesis planet” due to its extreme age of about 12.7 billion years.

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