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Hah, not anonymous (and not really a question but meh). I went to an aquarium and saw some lion fish! Which reminded me of Atlantis which is still the shit! Then I pet the stingray for about half an hour before letting birds dominate my head and use me as their roosting spot. It was a good day!

you’re like my and birbwin‘s love child tbh

and i’m glad you liked Atlantis :3

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Name: Маря Age: 19 whoop Meaning behind tumblr url: An OC name I made when I was nine >.> Hobbies/Interests: Writing, Ceramics, learning Anatomy and Physiology Why I follow you: Your writing is exquisite and then I found out you talk about science-y stuff and boom, here forever XD Random fact about myself: I just had chipotle ;) Question for you: Do you have any pets?

HI!!! I’m glad you sent an ask! I see you in my notifications all the time :D

WHOA AWESOME, ANAT AND PHYSIO??? HELLO. talk science to me *wink wonk* and wow ceramics sounds really cool. are you a science student, specifically a physio/anat student? :D ALSO I JUST LEARNED ABOUT CHIPOTLE and twistedkit just wrote a ficlet on it lolol

thank you, I’m happy you enjoy my writing! :D I have 1 dog (pics here!) who’s old and gassy but still xtra cute. I’ve had 9 fish, 5 hamsters, and 2 plants, all of which have died :’) I’M NOT GOOD AT TAKING CARE OF THINGS 

THANKS FOR INTRODUCING YOURSELF Маря :D (how do you pronounce your name??)

introduce yourself to meeee