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Name: Маря Age: 19 whoop Meaning behind tumblr url: An OC name I made when I was nine >.> Hobbies/Interests: Writing, Ceramics, learning Anatomy and Physiology Why I follow you: Your writing is exquisite and then I found out you talk about science-y stuff and boom, here forever XD Random fact about myself: I just had chipotle ;) Question for you: Do you have any pets?

HI!!! I’m glad you sent an ask! I see you in my notifications all the time :D

WHOA AWESOME, ANAT AND PHYSIO??? HELLO. talk science to me *wink wonk* and wow ceramics sounds really cool. are you a science student, specifically a physio/anat student? :D ALSO I JUST LEARNED ABOUT CHIPOTLE and twistedkit just wrote a ficlet on it lolol

thank you, I’m happy you enjoy my writing! :D I have 1 dog (pics here!) who’s old and gassy but still xtra cute. I’ve had 9 fish, 5 hamsters, and 2 plants, all of which have died :’) I’M NOT GOOD AT TAKING CARE OF THINGS 

THANKS FOR INTRODUCING YOURSELF Маря :D (how do you pronounce your name??)

introduce yourself to meeee

Top 10 Favorite Characters (one per fandom)

Waaaaa I was taggeddd by ess999 <333 *is happy*

Umm….ummmm I dunno who to write as I don’t watch anime that much…. 

In no order:

1. Akasuna no Sasori - Naruto

2. Grimmjow - Bleach

3. Zexion/Demyx - Kingdom Hearts (I can’t decide please forgive meee TOT)

4. Fenris - Dragon Age 2

5. Dantalion/Sitri - Makai Ouji Devils and Realist (I can’t decide toooo TT~TT)

6. Hisoka - Yami no Matsuei

7. Ashura - RG Veda

8. Koujaku - DMMD

9. Gabriel - my OC~~~ (it’s not a fandom I know!)

10. Ummm..ummm….I think I’ll save this one for the future…..

Should I tag someone? Maybe I should…. xD 

Tag tag corbee-otaku keono silverbluesky poissonchan and everyone? muahahaha~

1762. SasoDei: Where Deidara and Sasori participate in no-shave November. (Or in Sasori's case, no-sand November.)

Requested by keono

“Weren’t you two supposed to be partaking in no-shave November?” Kakuzu asked, walking past Sasori and Deidara. The two were sitting at the kitchen table, seeming to be having an elaborate argument about art, this time with flow charts and diagrams.

“I don’t grow much facial hair, un.”

“I hardly find a need to sand my face unless I have engaged in battle.”

Kakuzu rolled his eyes and went back to his room, catching sight of a distraught Hidan, trying to shake out any loose change he had and smirked.

No wonder the two were so eager to make the bet with Hidan.

Send me a pairing and a theme and I’ll write something :)

before-wonderland​ replied to your post: YOU AND YOUR DOG HAVE CUTE FACES.

THANK YOU –from me and my dog <3

keono​ replied to your post:  Yeah I’m a bit of a creep Currently in A&P for pre reqs and see if I want to do nursing, but it’s my hardest class so it gets all of my attention That ficlet made me want chipotle again XD Le gasp! Doge! Pronounced Ma(tongue roll)ya :3 Eng: Mary

oooh SAME FOR THE PHYSIO/ANAT BEING THE HARDEST COURSES OTL it’s ok you can do it though :’) LET’S DO THIS TOGETHER. also I just tried to say your name like 5 times in the privacy of my bedroom this is a fun thing to try

cookieaara replied to your post:  hahaha dey shy