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Celebrities who congratulated BTS for their BBMA (Top Social Artist)

Peniel Shin (BTOB)

Kevin Woo (former U-KISS)

Eric Nam

Alexander Lee Eusebio

Tiger JK

Lumpens (production team that has produced many of BTS’ videos). Tiger JK retweeted Lumpen’s tweet later.

Son Sung Deuk (BigHit Choregrapher)

P-Dogg (BigHit Producer)

Keone Madrid (choreographed Dope, FIRE and Not Today)

The Chainsmokers


[Spoiler Alert - Episode 2 rankings]
  1. Park Jihoon 
  2. Kim Samuel 
  3. Lee Daehwi 
  4. Ong Seongwu 
  5. Jang Moonbok 
  6. Lai Kuan Lin 
  7. Ahn Hyeongseop
  8. Joo Haknyeon 
  9. Hwang Minhyun 
  10. Lee Euiwoong 
  11. Kim Jonghyeon 
  12. Bae Jinyoung 
  13. Park Sungwoo
  14. Kang Dongho 
  15. Choi Mingi
  16. Yoo Seonho 
  17. Jung Sewoon 
  18. Kim Jaehwan 
  19. Yoon Jisung 
  20. Kwon Hyunbin 
  21. Justin 
  22. Lee Woojin 
  23. Kang Daniel 
  24. Lee Keonhee 
  25. Takada Kenta 
  26. Yoon Heeseok
  27. Im Youngmin 
  28. Ha Sungwoon 
  29. Zhu Zheng Ting 
  30. Lee Insoo 
  31. Hong Eunki 
  32. Yeo Hwanung 
  33. Kim Taemin 
  34. Kim Taewoo 
  35. Choi Dongha 
  36. Lee Junwoo 
  37. Kim Dongbin
  38. Kim Sangkyun
  39. Yoo Hoeseung 
  40. Kim Chan 
  41. Lee Youjin 
  42. Keon Hyeop 
  43. Lee Seokyu 
  44. Jung Hyojun 
  45. Kim Taedong
  46. Kim Donghyun 
  47. Lee Gwanghyun 
  48. Roh Taehyun
  49. Jin Longguo 
  50. Woo Jinyoung
  51. Kim Sangbeen 
  52. Jeong Dongsu 
  53. Im Woohyuk
  54. Jang Daehyeon
  55. Yoon Jaechan 
  56. Jeong Sihyun 
  57. Park Woodam
  58. Kim Namhyung 
  59. Jo Yonggeun 
  60. Kim Seonglee 
  61. Son Dongmyeong
  62. Yoo Kyoungmok 
  63. Ha Minho 
  64. Kim Jaehan
  65. Lee Kiwon
  66. Park Heeseok 
  67. Seong Hyunwoo 
  68. Lee Hoolim 
  69. Kim Dohyun 
  70. Byun Hyunmin 
  71. Choi Taewoong 
  72. Jung Woncheol 
  73. Yoon Yongbin 
  74. Lee Jihan 
  75. Park Woojin
  76. Choi Seunghyeok 
  77. Jung Joongji 
  78. Kim Donghan 
  79. Choi Heesoo 
  80. Joo Jinwoo 
  81. Lee Keonhee 
  82. Kim Hyeonwoo 
  83. Ju Wontak 
  84. Kim Yongjin 
  85. Hwang Minhyeok 
  86. Choi Hadon 
  87. Yoo Jinwon 
  88. Seo Sunghyuk 
  89. Jo Gyumin 
  90. Kim Chanyul 
  91. Kim Yeongguk 
  92. Jo Jinhyung
  93. Kim Yehyeon 
  94. Choi Jaewoo 
  95. Ryu Hoyeon
  96. Han Minho 
  97. Jo Sungwook 
  98. Choi Junyoung 

And those who left already: 

Nam Yoonsung 
Kim Shihyun 
Han Jongyeon 


KINJAZ “Fear None” | ARENA 2017

This set is so good I don’t even have the words to describe it. The detail in the opening song, I see you Tony and Mike. Vinh killing Humble. THAT REVEAL. I’M STILL SHOOK. Also the production and lighting and editing?? GET OUT. I’M IN LOVE GET OUT OF MY FACE


Tiny Piezoelectric Generator Lights 100 LEDs With Flick Of A Finger

Researchers in South Korea have taken another step toward harvesting the energy in tiny movements and vibrations. They’ve built a piezoelectric generator that converts enough kinetic energy into electricity to briefly light more than 100 LED bulbs. 

Keon Jae Lee, an associate professor of materials science and engineering at The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, said his team’s work showed “a high-output performance of ~250 V from the slight mechanical deformation of a single thin plastic substrate.”

They claim they attained conversion efficiency 40 times higher than previous attempts. They are now working on stacking the thin-film generators to up power output so the units can make enough electricity to operate machines like implants and other small devices in inaccessible places.

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“Closer” by The Chainsmokers | Choreographed by Vinh Nguyen (Kinjaz)

Performed by: Anthony Lee, Bong Buno, Carlo Darang, Jeremy Aguas, Keone Madrid, Mike Song, Pat Cruz, Vinh Nguyen


“Betta Watch Yoself” by Problem | Choreography by Keone Madrid and Performed by The Kinjaz! 

ft. dancers: Kinjaz, Keone Madrid, Anthony Lee, Pat Cruz, Mike Song, Jawn Ha, Vinh Nguyen, Bam Martin, Tony Tran, Charles Nguyen

Keone Madrid + The Kinjaz = Magic! 


Keone Madrid choreography | Trip Lee “Manolo”

“Inspiration is everywhere and often in unexpected places. You just have to keep your eyes open.”

DANCERS: (COOKIES) Keone Madrid, Dom Byrd, Jessica Evans, Carlo Darang, Kayla Graham, Amor Ledesma, Selene Haro, Jayare Robles, Chris Ballecer, Crisila Aban, Fabian Tucker, Tess Garnica, Melissa De Jesus, Devin Pornel, Anthony Quidachay, Marilyn Remigio, Matt Magallanes, Jason Patio, Vivian Lin, Gaby Wagner

MUSIC: Trip Lee “Manolo”

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