Imagine 4

Having Ryan’s arms wrapped around you at night cuddling with him. You lay your head on his strong chest and you can just feel a smile grow on his face. You can feel his fingers start to play with your hair and he starts to run his fingers through your hair. And he starts to lightly hum to you. Your legs are tangled with his as he plays footsies with you and you can feel his thumb rubbing against your skin. You use your fingers to draw circles on his chest and later his defined abs. He’s a little ticklish so you hear him lightly laugh. You smile and look up into his loving eyes. You stretch up to kiss his soft lips lightly and you can’t help but smile a little bigger as you pull away. He smiles at you and kisses the top of your head as he starts to sing to you. Your feel yourself starting to relax, and your eyelids getting heavy. You wrap arms around his waist and fall asleep to his soothing voice.