I absolutely love these two together, as both my BIAS and my Bias WRECKER in VIXX i guess i have become complete TRASH for these two, every interaction between them sets my heart ablaze<3
the perfect example of opposites attract, lol. Also known as Vixx’s bts couple, i just love the way Ken brings out the shy giggly cutie pie that is Jung Taekwoon:)

Donghae and Eunhyuk”s love for eachother has been going strong for over 10 years!
They are the first to admit that they are best friends and each time they are together i swear i see hearts floating around them… Donghae touted Hyukkies handsomeness from the get-go, always giving Eunhyuks’ name as the answer to whom he thought was most handsome in the group.and lets not forget how often Eunhyuk lets EVERYONE know how cute he thinks Hae is.  *SIGH  so romantic<3

As proclaimed mother and father of B.A.P, these two have been bestest of friends since training days.  Yongguk often forgets to take care of himself with being the leader and songwriter of the group, Himchan is always there to remind him to eat and get rest. The other members have stated multiple times, that Bbang’s smile is because of HIMCHAN<3 (dying!!!!)
And when Channie was having problems with his strict dieting, Yongguk was always there as full support.  Himchan has stated that Bbang is one of the 5 most important and loved people in his life! *SWOON

First to admit that his personality is prickly, Key always says that Jonghyun makes him happy and smile:)
The way Jong looks at Kibum like he is his ENTIRE world just kills me,  and Key always gets this sweet soft look when he watches Jonghyun do anything… I CANT STAND IT!!!

The yin/yang couple of GOT7, Mark and Jackson are just perfect together.  Mark stated that he tends to be quiet and very reserved,
but put him in the vicinity of JACKSON WANG and insanity ensues.. They have cute nicknames for eachother Mark(Dimsum), Jackson(Mandu).
They often speak to each other in chinese, both being of chinese/taiwanese descent. and both are really close with each others families.
*ok, so i know that ALL of GOT7 are extremely close, its almost impossible to just ship one member with someone else, but the way they just
STARE adoringly at each other? #DEAD

TRUE LOVE. That’s what i get from these two. Kookie treats Tae like he is a priceless angel, He is always calling him handsome and telling
everyone that he wants to room with Taetae and gets VERY jealous at anyone else interacting with HIS Taehyung!
V is just a sweetheart that comes alive under Jungkooks special attention, but that doesn’t mean V doesn’t have his share of Jealousy moments.
Tae is always clinging to Kookie, and dancing with him, watching him, eating with him…. its LOVE<3