kenzie's art

late Birthday gift for my lovely friend, @littlekenzie !! I’ve never drawn this guy before but I hope you like him (I’m playing the game finally and you’re right he’s precious omg)!!!! 

I hope you had a lovely birthday my dear <333


gif meme: Lost Girl + favorite platonic relationship (requested by anonymous) 

I haven’t hated you for a long time. You’re the only one that gets my predicament, Wolfie. And you make me laugh. 


Had my little sister( @kohai-no-deny ) draw this for me; it was a lot of fun to goof off while she drew it, haha. @linesporadic ‘s Virus never fails to amuse me with his paranoia regarding random acts of kindness, especially blown kisses, so what better way to get him accustom to them than his Saitama blowing him one in pure shojo style? (PLEASE ACCEPT THIS OFFERING SENSEI OTL) Please excuse how OOC Saitama is, but I think it fits the comic It appears that the camera also flipped which arm is amputated, RIP…