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Kenzie keeps making such kiddie videos on her Youtube! Her most recent video was "DIY: How to make Glitter Slime" and her others are like Blind Makeovers, Smoothie Challenge, etc. Like why can't she do a makeup tutorial or something more mature like her sister does. She's 12, not a kid anymore.

She’s a kid. It’s refreshing to see a kid being a kid. 12 years don’t need to be making make up tutorials because 12 years shouldn’t have to feel like they even need to be wearing make up yet. What world are you from? Also, she’s doing stuff that’s different and that’s a good thing…And FYI Kenzie made make up tutorials at 6, way before Maddie ever did. They even talked about it on dm. And the video she’s doing a blind one is with her sister so literally no part of your logic makes sense.

To counter all the animosity in the fandom with more positive things, here is an analysis of different characters and how they come together to make Lost Girl awesome.

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Kenzie looked around and sighed, “The video tutorial I watched made these things look so much easier to do.” she laughed at herself a little and sighed, “I mean all my kid wants is a dog, and those are supposed to be the easiest, but all I can make is a snake.” she held up the balloon and shrugged, “I guess I could just cave and buy one.”