That feeling when you experience the moment of your life and then realize it wasn't real

So I had a dream today. Several, in fact (in one of which Jennifer Garner played Tessa Altman (Jane Levy)’s mother in a show that was NOT called Suburgatory yet somehow still had George Altman, the father Tessa for some inexplicable reason ran away from), but one in particular can be compared to:

  • The Class cast reuniting for one last episode

  • Juniper Lee getting a fourth season
  • me meeting my dream perfect guy and us actually clicking
  • seeing a HIMYM musical (with a HSM “I Want It All”-type taxi number) at the end of which Barney and Robin got back together for good
  • that one time a samurai ran a sword through my stomach
  • drowning in a car with my mother

in terms of the drastic difference between how I felt in the dream and after waking up. I mean, after I had the dream about The Class I actually went on Wikipedia to see what news about the project have come up.

<<<<<<<< my face when I realized no developments were, or would likely ever be happening.

So I was dreaming it was Saturday, aka My Favorite And Most-hotly-anticipated Show Day.

But it feels like Saturday was only a few days ago, I thought.


However while Fringe (my first show of any Saturday when it’s been on except the day of Chuck Finale) was downloading, my room flooded with family members for some reason. THAT I COULD NOT GET RID OF.

They left and I was finally free to watch my most anticipated Fringe episode since 4x05, in whose cold open I found out that the current Olivia was possessed by another Olivia who came for Peter, but get this: we do not know which Olivia it was. And there were THREE of them (none of which came from this timeline). I must admit, I had been toying with the idea of old Fauxlivia possessing current Olivia under Walternate’s orders (who may or may not have kidnapped Henry as motivation/leverage), but the thought of even more Olivias from other dimensions having been discovered during Peter’s absence in his timeline had not occurred to me.

I was just beginning to get fascinated about the whole concept and the machine they used to get to this timeline and take over Olivia’s body when I woke up.

So I was forced to deal with the fact that it was only Tuesday and I’d have to wait four more days to see the sure-to-be-amazing episode of Fringe.