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Do any of you know of any rp guides about how to play a thief, like from big targets like banks, museums and such? Or would that be a thing?

 First, here are some links I think could be helpful:

I can’t find a specific guide on how to write a thief, so here’s so extra information.

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sentence starters from Jon Bellion’s mixtape, Translations Through Speakers
feel free to change pronounce/sentence structure if needed!

❝ She’s a broken Miss America ❞
❝ Never learned how to love ❞
❝ The answers are stuck behind closed doors ❞
❝ You can call it a night when the lights in the club don’t shine no more ❞
❝ She wrote it on the bathroom wall in her favorite shade of lipstick ❞
❝ She’s just tryna figure out life ❞
❝ We’re just tryna figure out life ❞
❝ He’s convinced only Kanye knows how to make it in America ❞

Don’t Ask Cuz I Don’t Know
❝ Welcome to my house ❞
❝ I’m a beat carpenter and I’m a wordsmith ❞
❝ But some hater chefs cooking bullshit souffle ❞
❝ I’m taking care of my dream ❞
❝ The definition of a freaking lab rat ❞
❝ Just a dream, a dollar, and a backpack ❞
❝ But all he cares about is family and good tunes ❞
❝ So don’t ask him about his next move ❞
❝ I haven’t even picked out my socks ❞
❝ How could I tell you about my future? ❞
❝ Middle finger to the sky ❞
❝ I just don’t know ❞

The Wonder Years
❝ My brother left that night ❞
❝ I was just a kid ❞
❝ Shit was simple ❞
❝ Before I grasped that people died ❞
❝ I saw my sister cry ❞
❝ Take me back to the days when I was younger ❞
❝ All this bullshit is overrated ❞
❝ The world turned grey and old ❞
❝ We both fell out of love ❞
❝ Love was simple ❞
❝ They put our dreams in jail ❞
❝ We lost our fairy tales ❞
❝ I’m forgetting how the sun feels ❞
❝ People lying on the damn news ❞

While You Count Sheep
❝ This is for her, sleepy ass ❞
❝ I wrote this while I’m watching you sleep ❞
❝ So I don’t wake you up ❞
❝ You’re smiling as you sleep so you dig it ❞
❝ While you count sheep I’ll give them music to jump to ❞
❝ Your hair is all over the place and I love it ❞

For the Dreamers
❝ It went from talking shit loud then graduating to whispers ❞
❝ Fashion is a chore to me ❞
❝ Please don’t try and copy me ❞
❝ Hopping on the opposite of every single thing they ever told me to do ❞
❝ I realize the dream that I’m chasing is true ❞
❝ I’m afraid of heights but I’m not afraid to fly ❞
❝ You’re hopeless ❞
❝ I’m a standout ❞

Dead Man Walking
❝ Maybe I’m drunk, maybe I’m not ❞
❝ Maybe it happened, maybe it didn’t ❞
❝ There’s paperwork to fill out ❞
❝ A dead man walks the streets ❞
❝ Now I’m gonna get strangled ❞
❝ Beautiful family friend is she ❞
❝ We got drinks and we chilled ❞
❝ And then from there, it was- you know, it was like… ❞
❝ How did we let this happen? ❞
❝ This would be a pretty dope song ❞
❝ I swear to God I’ll kill you ❞
❝ Don’t even think about it ❞
❝ My life is dead ass over ❞

Wutup Snow
❝ Her body is cold ❞
❝ I’ll call her Snow ❞
❝ Wutup Snow? ❞
❝ She knows more than me about Dragon Ball Z ❞
❝ How cold is that? ❞
❝ I wonder if I propose will she open up ❞
❝ She’s so classic ❞
❝ I’m the detective on the case ❞
❝ I’m an addict for this habit ❞

Waves of Loneliness
❝ It’s so empty right where your head sleeps ❞
❝ I still smell your cologne in my bed sheets ❞
❝ I’m just texting you to see how you’re holding on ❞
❝ Some days I’m okay ❞
❝ But when I’m alone it hurts ❞
❝ The loneliness comes in waves ❞
❝ I have to tape my mouth ❞
❝ I want to ask you questions ❞
❝ Do you sleep alone ❞
❝ I heard there’s friends you rest with ❞
❝ You got some balls, you don’t deserve to ask that ❞
❝ I’m dying to know but I know you’re not mine ❞

Paper Planes
❝ All that ass, it was so first class ❞
❝ If we fly this thing, it’s gonna take two people ❞
❝ The storm came fast ❞
❝ We started to fall right out the sky ❞
❝ We booked two tickets down to paradise ❞
❝ That’s when the rain came ❞
❝ I know we tried to fly away ❞
❝ But we were just a paper plane ❞
❝ It’s funny how we break it off ❞
❝ Relationships nose dive while one’s career is taking off ❞
❝ My pocket’s getting filled but really emptiness is all I have ❞
❝ I’m missing my right wing ❞

❝ I had a kick ass dream ❞
❝ When will it be my time? ❞
❝ Don’t even look at the clock ❞
❝ You’re gonna be timeless ❞
❝ I’m not afraid to be a leader ❞
❝ I’m not afraid to be a hero ❞
❝ I was told I was a zero ❞
❝ I can’t sit and wait ❞
❝ Opinions split me in two ❞
❝ I keep smiling and do what I do ❞
❝ Shouts to kids who don’t know what they really like ❞
❝ We’re the same ❞

A Slim Sleepover

It had been a few days since Sasha underwent a magical procedure that made his body thinner and taller. He was still ‘testing’ the look out to see whether or not he would keep his new body type. A short while back, he’d allegedly agreed to babysit someone while her father attended to other matters.

While Sasha worked on stuff in the kitchen, a more long-term guest of his was dry-mopping in the living room. Jamie, a teenage Native American girl who fell down Mt. Ebott around the same time as Sasha, was staying with the Kozlovs for the time until she could locate family of her own. She felt helping the family giving her shelter maintain said shelter was the least she could do. And she expected a quiet day…