kenzi is better than us all

Yet again, all the Sam-girls apparently hated this week’s episode. I have unfollowed some more people.

I just want to watch my show and enjoy it, not get pissed because my favorite character apparently doesn’t have enough screen time. No episode is perfect and that’s okay, and if you expect them to be, than you’d better get used to disappointment, because it ain’t happenin’.

Thoughts on Wynonna Earp 1x07

This might get really rambly, but I’ve watched this episode every day this weekend, so this is basically just a place for me to put my thoughts about lots of the things here, rather than a bunch of small separate posts.

First off, favorite quotes:

“Friends don’t let friends get gutted by Revenants.” ~ Waverly to Doc (this just confirms Waverly deserves better friends)
“You carving out chopsticks by hand, or what?” ~ Wynonna to Dolls
“Don’t shoot me, Earp.” ~ Nicole to Wynonna (their friendship gives me life)
“Okay Magic Mike, show us your moves.” ~ Waverly to fake stripper (Waverly is a nerd and a romantic and definitely saw those movies - also, something about her voice and her delivery sounded exactly like Kenzi from Lost Girl and I was floored)
“You of all people should know better than to try to make me question my sanity.” ~ Nicole to Wynonna, with ferocity (Okay, so I really love Nicole standing up for herself, and this means she’s heard plenty about Wynonna from the townsfolk)
“Screw you Satanist party-poopers!” ~ Stephanie
“What do you mean you killed a stripper?” ~ Wynonna to Waverly (this delivery was just perfect, how she was only mildly surprised and almost amused?)
“I’m starting to think sanity’s overrated.” ~ Waverly (based on the description for next episode, nice foreshadowing - but also interesting considering Wynonna’s history with mental institutions in relation to demons)
“She scissored a stripper.” ~ Nicole to Wynonna (Wynonna’s reaction was so proud tbh - she has someone to keep up with her innuendos)

Now for general episode thoughts:

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