kenzi cat
A Study in Strays

Description: John Watson moves to 221B Baker Street. Unfortunately, the flat’s already occupied.

Review: When John moves into 221b there’s a stray cat living there that won’t leave. John comes to love the cat until one day he wakes up with a man in his bed claiming to be his cat. You can see where it goes from there. I would have preferred that Sherlock could still turn into a cat after the curse he was under was broken, but this is a sort of Beauty and the Beast au with a dash of enemies to lovers thrown in.

Rating: Mature


anonymous asked:

I can't sleep tell me a bedtime story

once upon a time there was a little girl named kenzie, she was around 9 at this time. she’s a real dumb fuck. her parents let her get a harness and leash for their cats, it’s a sparkly pink harness and leash. kenzie was excited because now she can show off her cat to everyone, “oh you have a dorgi? a dalmatian mixed with a corgi? and her name is princeff TANKS? she can speak 11 languages??? well this is my cat bubbles, she’s black and white! she can’t meow so she squeaks! and she knows how to destroy the carpet.” unfortunately that didn’t happen, kenzie’s parents didn’t want her to publicly humiliate herself so they told her to walk the cat in the backyard. their backyard was huge i think they shared it with someone or something because you could probably put another house in that yard?? idk it was a weird neighborhood…anyways kenzie was walking her cat minding her own business when suddenly these three teenagers jump over the fence, scaring the cat. guess kenzie learned something new that day, her cat has muscles. the cat running away, while kenzie was holding the leash and pulled kenzie down. kenzie face planted and stayed on the ground waiting for the boys to leave thinking they couldn’t see her and hoping they didn’t see her cat pull her to the ground. when in fact that grass isn’t tall enough to hide her, haha what an idiot! the end


This morning we were awakened by the sound of Moose playing with the orange Chuck-It ball (he likes the rumbly noise it makes when it rolls along the floor). Roxy hardly ever plays with the Chuck-It ball, but the moment she saw Moose having fun with it, she jumped out of bed, waited till it rolled towards her, snatched it, and then ran away to hide it. WHAT A JERK, YOU GUYS