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Kid Meme: Dyson and Jael!

Name: Hailey Ysabeau Thornwood

Gender: Female

General Appearance: Oldest and tallest of the twins, Hailey looks the most like her father. Inheriting his wild blonde curls, cut just past her shoulders, and light blue eyes, she has a glowing and at times wolfish gleam to her features. At 5′10 she’s taller than her mother and younger brother and has a soft feminine build that hides her supernatural strength. She inherited her mothers love of brighter colors but usually pairs them with one of her many leather jackets, corsets or boots. She puts her curls in a ponytail whenever she’s ‘working’ or on a case.

Personality: Unlike her parents, Hailey is outgoing and loud, constantly surrounding herself in a growing sphere of friends and favors no matter her age. Wen she has to help out around her mother’s pie shop, she prefers to be out front talking to the people and rushing around serving and cleaning. There’s something about a little bit of chaos that calms her and makes her feel at home. For this same reason she’s known to rush into things, more of the do-er than the planner. Jael and Dyson blame Kenzi and Bo for this…

Special Talents: Like her father, Hailey can shift into a wolf. Her coating a distinct grey dusted with brown around her back and paws. Her brother and her were able to control their shifts at an unprecedented young age due to the raw power they inherited from their mother. Outside the Fae world, Hailey is particularly gifted in mystery solving, logic puzzles, and has a growing talent for painting.

Who they like better: Daddies girl, trough and through. Her hot headed and wild father understands her more than her quiet and at ease mother. Sometimes she just needs to get out and run until her lungs burn and her four legs ache, and Jael just never seems to understand that even though she’s part of a pack she needs to be a lone wolf at times…

Who they take after more: Dyson, definitely. She’s more wolf than anything and it shows in the way her eyes glimmer and her smile can turn into a snarl.

Personal Head canon: Upon meeting her ‘cousin’ Dagny, the kids and Mark, under their parent’s guidance, take over as the B-team for solving mysteries and catching naughty Fae. As they work together more and more, Hailey struggles with her feelings for Dagny feeling a bit more than platonic family love for the more cynic and sarcastic blonde…

Face Claim: Candice Accola

Name: Mackenzie Oliver Thornwood

Gender: Male

General Appearance: Younger of the twins, Mackenzie or “Mack” as he’s usually called, has more of his mothers coloring. Dark hair cut in a classic side buzz and teal blue eyes, he received more of his mothers softer features as apposed to her sisters sharper bone structure. Though he’s only shorter then his sister by a mere inch, she never lets him forget it, leading Mac to overcompensate by building muscle and taking over a stockier build.

Personality: Unlike his name-sake, Kenzi, Mack is quiet and reserved. He prefers to spend his time away from loud crowds and hidden away in the kitchen or off reading  book when not working out. The more thoughtful of the twins, Mack is usually the one to help comfort a victim or apologize when he’s wrong, rarely jumping to conclusions and almost always having a back up plan up his sleeve. *Yes calling Mark counts as a plan, okay!

Special Talents: Mack has the same supernatural talents as his sister but holds more self control in his anger and shifting. His wolf if mostly black with a speckling of grey/white on his tail and belly. Mack likes to cook (not bake) with his mother and often surprises the family with new and interesting dishes for dinner. With his cooking, Jael’s baking, and Dyson’s grilling, he is often amused if not annoyed at how inadequate his sister is at doing anything harder than boiling water in the kitchen.

Who they like better: Jael. They have more in common, being soft spoken most of the time but more open and joyful around family and friends. His mother taught him how to bake when he was young, which lead to him discovering his love for cooking. He hopes to be a chef one day and although his parents are supportive, it’s his mother that is always willing to be his taste tester. Be it human or Fae sourced food…

Who they take after more: Jael, though admittedly, when it comes to family, he has the temper of his father. He may be the baby of the family but he’ll rip someones throat out with his bare teeth if they threaten his mother or sister.

Personal Head canon: Sometimes uncle Vex just looks at him with this sad but kind of happy look on his face. Then he turns towards his mom and dad and just smiles and shakes his head. It wasn’t until he was much older that Vex confessed to him he was once in love with Jael. And when Mack was younger, he couldn’t help but wonder what could have been if only he hadn’t been such a wanker to her and her friends at the start. Though he’d never tell his father, Mack sometimes wonders the same.

Face Claim: Cody Christian

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