Vidoll Tero twitter 2017.01.17


I went to hot spring hotel with hitode, Shinya and KENZI (。-_-。)♪
We were drinking a lot and so on, it was really fun :)
It’s been a while since I went on a trip
I’m going back now, but I’m worried about snow

anonymous asked:

Do any of you know of any rp guides about how to play a thief, like from big targets like banks, museums and such? Or would that be a thing?

 First, here are some links I think could be helpful:

I can’t find a specific guide on how to write a thief, so here’s so extra information.

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You know that feeling when your favorite character doesn’t go through emotional or physical turmoil, is in a loving, stable relationship, and they are happy for an entire season?

Neither do I