kenz ta results

Tumblr Awards Results

Guess what? I’m FINALLY posting the results to my Tumblr Awards!! It was SO hard to choose winners because I love you all to death, but I’m happy with who I chose. :) So congrats to all the winners!

I made a graphic for each award, so they’ll each be posted individually under the tag #awards results as well as on the TA Results page on my blog.


  • A follow from me
  • Screen-shot promo (posted randomly throughout next week)
  • A 1,000 word fic of your choice
  • For Best Overall Winner: 2,500 word fic of your choice

For the Fics:

  • Send me an ask with a prompt or storyline you’d like your fic to be based off of.
  • You don’t have to send it right away! Just whenever you decide on what you want. (It never expires.)
  • Fics don’t have to be fandom related
  • If they are fan fics, they must be from a fandom I’m familiar with.
  • These may take me a month or two to finish (since that’s a lot to write), so please be patient with me! I’ll do my best to get them to you as fast as possible.

Aaaand I think that’s all you need to know! Let the posting begin!