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Happy Women’s Day

to celebrate we feature the work of a great Kenyan artist James Njoroge from his “Mwanamke ni effort” series (roughly translating to it takes a lot of effort being a woman or the more succinct “woman IS effort”)

James Njoroge aka Kimoshire

Country: Kenya

Style: Realist/ Digital Art

Fun Fact: I am a fine art student in Kenyatta University. I love doing illustrations and playing around with design software.



1. Haki (Right)

2.Nywele (hair)

3. Chama (association)

4. What it feels like to be a girl

5. Mama Soko (market Woman)

6. Nywele (hair)

7. Mother Makmende (SuperMom)

8. Ndio Sababu Hajanichoka (It’s Why She’s not tired of me)

9.Nywele (Hair)

10. Taji (crown)

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Taib: Queer Ethiopian-Kenyan (Canada)

“Navigating in all white spaces for most of my adolescence there was always an eerie push to suppress identities that would force me to standout. Sometimes I did this intentionally and other times unconsciously.

As I got older I realized there was a certain power in being ‘different’. I have access to a culture and community that the majority of my peers didn’t. Starting in university I started to embrace all facets of who I am because that’s what I need to survive. I realized running from who I am won’t get me anywhere. I have big plans for my future and in order for me to reach my full potential I need all of me at the finish line not just the pieces that white society can stomach.”

- Taib (Queer Ethiopian-Kenyan, He/Him)

Read Taib’s Full Interview + View their Full Shoot: Here

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Wakaba (Anthony) Mutheki

Country: Kenya

Style: Ultra/Hyperrealism

Medium: Acrylics on Canvas, Oil on canvas

Fun Fact: Anthony Wakaba Mutheki has taken the South African Art scene by storm.  Simply known as ‘Tony’ he was born in Nakuru, Kenya in 1973, he began drawing and painting at a young age, like most children in Africa.

Quote: It is fascinating that an artist, who was living in a shelter in Johannesburg as little as 10 years ago, has become such an international success.


1. On the way up

2. Breakfast at Grandmas

3. Unable to find title

4. Old man at the piano



#‎WeLove: Cyrus Kabiru

Through Kabiru’s skillful hands, creativity and artistic ingenuity materialize in the curved and angular lines of his artworks.

And by wearing his C-Stunners, you are projected into a new perspective of reality where even the smallest and most insignificant object is able to communicate with the immanent art.

Made from recycled materials, each of his glasses has and tells its own story.

«I need my people to know the meaning of art.»