I appreciate Lupita so much. Representation matters y'all ! It really does. Idc what anyone thinks, but, Lupita changed a lot of lives of little dark skin girls. She’s so beautiful ! I can tell you right now that thousands of girls are waking up more confident than they were before, because of this lady. From the skin, to the short natural hair ✨ she’s ICONIC

Dear God,

If I bring sons in to this world, let them never make people’s daughters cry the way people’s sons have made me cry.

and if I bring daughters in to this world protect them from men who will objectify them, harass them, look down on them, feel intimidated by them, intimidate them, use their gender and race as a way to discriminate them .



A while ago someone pointed out the similarities between the Sudanese traditional fabric & a Guntiino and I see there’s another one as well, I also found a similar traditional cloth that Maasai warriors wear in Kenya.

Sudanese Toub (Picture 1 & 2)
Ugandan Kikoy (Picture 3 & 4)
Somali Guntiino (Picture 5 & 6)

Masai Mara - Kenya

Living in prides of up to 30 individuals at one time, Lions are very social creatures. Prides generally include three males, a number of females, and their young cubs. External factors such as famine and drought can also dictate the size of prides, with numbers increasing or decreasing depending on the availability of food and water. Both male and female lions have a roar that can be heard 8km away. 

Males and Females also hold very different and distinct roles in the pride. Male lions guard the territory, which can be as large as 260 square km, by chasing away intruders and marking their territory with urine. Females are in charge of hunting, using team work to take down prey.