December 12th - Jamhuri Day. As this day approaches, we as citizens remember that it is one of, if not the most important days in Kenya’s history. After everything a country has had to go through, it’s safe to say that the citizens are still very united no matter what comes their way #KenyaAt50 #PichaHamsini #Kenya #Jamhuri


Punit ft Alicios - Mobimba (Kenyan Music)

                     HAPPY 50TH INDEPEDENCE DAY KENYA! 


50 years ago, on this day, was like your 18th birthday (you became independent) (and became a republic a year later) :D
As we celebrate you, we celebrate US (Kenyans) as we are part of you.
Our country, our land, OUR HOME ♥
Happy Birthday, Kenya. I, WE, apreciate you.
#HappyBirthday #Kenyaat50 #isntshelovely #nasasauko50 #50andstillgoingstrong #najivuniakuwamkenya #daimamiminani ? #mkenyaaaaaa #254