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I don't know if this was already been done.. but Tezuka, Fuji, Yukimura, Kenya and Akaya kissing headcanons?

Here you go, love. <3 I already have some Fuji and Yukimura kissingheadcanons here, but I only realized that after I wrote this.


  • since he isn’t one for PDA he doesn’t kiss you often in public
  • despite that he always gives you a “goodbye kiss”
  • Tezuka’s kisses are always meaningful and he tries to show you his feelings through the way he kisses you


  • he likes to tangle one hand in your hair (or to place one hand on your neck to deepen the kiss) while his other hand rests on your hip
  • Fuji is a great kisser and he always tastes sooo good, you still have to find out how he does that
  • he loves to randomly give you surprise kisses to see you flustered
  • Fuji really enjoys long kisses because he wants to savor the feeling of your lips


  • he isn’t afraid of kissing you in public since he loves to show that you are his girl(boy)friend
  • Yukimura likes to randomly kiss your hand, especially because he loves the way you blush whenever he does it
  • his lips are always warm and soft, making all his kisses feel great


  • whenever he kisses you he usually has one hand placed on your cheek, lightly caressing your skin while he has his other hand placed on your waist to pull you closer to him
  • it takes some time until he gathers the courage to kiss you, but after the first kiss he wants to kiss you all the time
  • butterfly kisses are his thing


  • he blushes after every kiss
  • Kirihara is always so gentle when he kisses you, as if he would break you otherwise
  • he loves to hold you close during kisses and after a kiss he often hides his face in your hair or neck