On the 2nd of April 2014, al-Shabaab militants attacked the Garissa University in Kenya and killed 147 mostly Christian students.

One survivor, Margaret* faced a long journey to recover from the trauma. The prayers of fellow believers like you, helped her along that road.

Margaret wants to encourage you today, “I really thank God for where I am today. I Iearned that in every suffering you go through, God is still there. He still looks after you. He still watches over you. Whenever you say that you are down, God is with you. I would like to encourage everyone by reminding them that God lives, and I have experienced His presence. God is good, and He will always remain good. I have experienced His presence in my life, and I am a witness that He can do it for you.”

* name changed and representative image used for security reasons


Barack at 29 in Kenya. #barackobama #kenya #29 #photographer

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20 orphaned African elephants at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (@dswt) just outside Nairobi, Kenya


Ballet dancers in the Kibera neighborhood of Nairobi, Kenya one of biggest slums in Africa. The ballerinas (ballerinos) are young students who study dance for fun, made possible through a program run by U.K.-based charity Anno’s Africa, which provides alternative arts education to over 800 children in Kenya. The classes are taught by Mike Wamaya previously worked as a dancer throughout Europe.  His classes focus on both the physical and mental well-being, that promotes confidence-building.  The children feel and see how much they can accomplish if someone gives them the chance, in turn improves their self-esteem and makes them stronger in their daily life.

Photo series by Fredrik Lerneryd h/t huffpost


With its latest ‘Made in Kenya’ collection, ASOS commits to well-paying jobs in Africa

  • With consumers paying more attention to supply chains and working conditions in factories than ever before, ASOS’ latest Made in Kenya collection comes at just the right time.
  • That’s because, with its frilly dresses, T-shirts, skirts and even jumpsuits, the collection is created with sustainable, practical, well-paying jobs.
  • With help from the organization SOKO Kenya, a clothing factory and initiative in Kenya that provides professional and skill training (like sewing), as well as sustainable and safe jobs, ASOS has been responsible for helping more than 40 people find well-paying, sustainable and even environmentally-friendly jobs in one of the poorest areas in Kenya. Read more (4/27/17)

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Shortly after purchasing the Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya, the owners learned that the only remaining Rothschild’s giraffes in the country were at risk, as their sole habitat was being subdivided into smallholdings. So they began a breeding program to reintroduce the Rothschild’s giraffe into the wild. Today, guests can enjoy visits from resident giraffes in search of a treat. By Cari Hill