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This week’s image isn’t a still, but a video showing whiskey barrels being charred at the Brown-Forman Cooperage in Louisville, Kentucky. Until Brown-Forman opened a second cooperage in Alabama last year, this cooperage made all of the barrels used for Jack Daniel’s, Woodford Reserve, Old Forester, and Brown-Forman’s other whiskies. This video was shot in November, 2011 - so why post it now? Well, I spotted some whiskey barrel planters at a local hardware store this week, and it turns out they were from the Brown-Forman Cooperage. Who knows, this video is old enough that those barrels might just be the ones shown here. Not likely, but one never knows…

know no better

Summary: Eggsy’s got a weakness - you. || Kingsman/Marvel au!crossover

Pairing: Eggsy Unwin x Reader, feat. Bucky Barnes

Warnings: Mentions of self-hatred, insecurity

Word Count: 2.7k [wow I am so sorry]

A/N: Inspired by Sebastian’s Hugo Boss campaign photos - Bucky Barnes and Eggsy Unwin together? Hell yeah. This is dedicated to my beloved soulmate Nicole. [@buckyywiththegoodhair] - happy birthday, again, my love. | masterlist

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Bulleit Rye by Bulleit Frontier Whiskey

Whiskey Week!  I realized that I had 7 whiskeys/whiskys here so thought I’d do a whole week of reviews on them. Hey, it’s made with malted barley just like beer. Oh, and just as a disclaimer, no matter what kind of whiskey/whisky it is, I prefer it with one ice cube so that’s how I’ll be tasting all of these.

Bulleit isn’t exactly a rare whiskey these days even though it says small batch on the label. Don’t get me wrong. Bulleit Rye is good whiskey but it isn’t quite the Kentucky homegrown product they tout it as. Bulleit, which is now owned by mega alcohol corporation Diageo, does seem to make their bourbon in Kentucky but the rye is made by MGP, a large factory distiller which makes product for many brands in Indiana. But even if they’re just buying whiskey and slapping a label on it (though they could easily have a hand in it’s creation somehow) what ultimately matters is if it’s any good.

I like rye whiskey. The heat and snappy, peppery spice is a nice flavor. Bulleit Rye also has a hint of honey to help balance things out. There’s some smoke on the nose but not so much in the flavor (maybe just a tad charred wood). It’s not the best whiskey to drink straight but I’ve had it in cocktails and that works quite well.