kentucky map


#359-Absol, The Disaster Pokemon

Absol is a Pokemon that is mostly only find deep in the mountains where it hides away. However, Absol appears just before major natural disasters. Without natural disasters, it can be found deep in the northern Rockies and the Appalachians. in California they can be caught just before an earthquake. In Oklahoma and Kansas they can be seen in April and May during heavy tornadic storms. On the East coast they can be found in areas where a hurricane is about to hit. Research is still being done to identify whether or not they appear before avlanches.


The Zero, Act III

Finally finished this monster. Act II Zero and Overworld maps to come.

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  • This is a symbolic, not a literal, map.
  • o - Waypoints
    • A long line between a waypoint and an outer road is an on/offramp. These are symbolic and do not actually exist. Just turn around at the proper waypoint to reach the outer road.
    • If you are not sure whether a waypoint leads to a particular road, stop in front of it and wait. A sign will appear with the route number.
    • Any waypoint that is not an on/offramp can be safely used for u-turns.
  • > - Visitable Locations
    • Gold - Complete Scene
    • Teal - Text-only
  • If you can’t read the map and need written directions, just ask me.

#194-Wooper, The Water Fish Pokemon ***By Request for kamen-rider-jester

Wooper is extremely common in the Southeast in swampy areas. However, it they will group together in the coldest water they can possibly find, and even use ice attacks, working together, to cool the water. Wooper is overpopulating the Southern United States, which is a problem, because most other water type Pokemon in the area enjoy the warm water. Some states have implemented laws to reimburse people for the Poke-balls they used to catch these Wooper, to encourage people to get them out of their waters, to assist other Pokemon in living, without harming the Wooper. When sleeping, Wooper will dig in the mud at the bottom of the water to sleep. Occasionally, Wooper will leave the water, and cover itself in a toxic film to keep its body hydrated. This film will paralyze people for a short period of time if touched with the bare skin.


#160-Feraligatr, The Big Jaw Pokemon

Feraligatr is a rare Pokemon, that can be found as an alpha in its area. It is fast and agile with extremely powerful legs.
Although it’s unevolved forms live in Great Salt Lake, It has yet to be confirmed that Feraligatr lives there, although there have been strong rumors that there is an alpha Feraligtr living there, that is extremely strong.


#280-Ralts, The Feeling Pokemon ***By Request for theymakegayanimenow***

Ralts is a Pokemon that lives in areas away from cities, but close enough to where they can sense the feelings of people and usually in forests. After observations it seems that Ralts watches over cities to watch over the emotions of people. Ralts is an extremely careful Pokemon when approaching people, as it will only go near people who are feeling happy, and thus very difficult to find and catch. Ralts will generally live in family groups called coteries. These coteries generally consist of Ralts, Kirlia, 1-3 Gardevoir, and sometimes a Gallade.


#385-Jirachi, The Wish Pokemon

Jirachi, is a legendary Pokemon, and it is said that each Jirachi will only awaken from its hibernation every 1,000 years. During the 7 days that it wakes up from it’s one thousand year sleep, it will be able to grant three wishes. One wish for each tag on it’s head. Even though Jirachi is asleep, if it is disturbed, it can defend itself, and usually teleports to a new location. So far, awakened Jirachi have appeared in Jewel Cave in Missouri, for it hid itself deep in the crystals, and in Mammoth cave, when an explorer was going deeper into the cave than anyone before them has.

Maps by pokeprofessor-blue
Title images by amparhos


So, as you have probably seen, not all of my maps have had my custom images on them. That was because I did not really know how to at a decent quality, so now I’m gonna go ahead and go back and redo all of the ones without my custom images so it can be 100% my work on my blog. :)

So, without further ado:

#001-Bulbasaur, The Seed Pokemon
Bulbasaur Is generally found in grasslands and forests. Bulbasaur is a both rare, and well behaved Pokemon, that can be found in the Southern United States.