kentucky homestucks


EDIT EDIT EDIT: The 12th is Thunder Over Louisville, which is a HUGE event downtown that would make a nightmare for people to attend. :C SO, it’s gonna be the 19th!!

(I’m sorry for the sheep pun.)

It’s that time of year! It’s time for the 4/13 meetup! However, since 4/13 lands on Palm Sunday this year, I’ve backed it up to Saturday so more people can make it!! C:

WHERE: Louisville, KY. Cherokee Park, Hogan’s Fountain!

WHEN: April 19, 2014! 1pm is when I intended it.

WHO: YOU. THAT’S RIGHT, YOU. Are you a Lexingtonstuck? Welcome. Are you an Indianastuck? Come on down. IF YOU CAN MAKE IT TO LOUISVILLE, YOU ARE WELCOME.

WHAT: Bringing food is of course, VERY appreciated! Traditionally we order a pizza, so you might want to bring a bit of cash.

OTHER STUFF: Cosplay is totally welcome, but not required! As we will be out and about, be mindful of your troll paint and be sure to seal! I’m gonna try to wear Aradia. C:

ETIQUETTE: Always ask before engaging any physical contact! I always love hugs, but not everyone enjoys being touched. Always ask permission! Respect when someone says no! Also, keep age differences in mind. There will be a mix of ages here, and I don’t want anyone feeling uncomfortable!

ALL AGES ARE WELCOME! But if you are of age please don’t bring any alcohol! And, don’t drink till later when the old people can party and talk about mortgages.


KENSTUCKIES - 4/13...THING... APRIL 11, 2015

Hey y’all hey y’all!

So, I’m sorry I’m behind (as usual)… BUT I have wrangled a date for our Annual Kenstuckies 4/13 Celebration! April 11th seemed like the best choice, because it’s far enough from Nikki’s awesome Aquariumstuck for it to be easy for people to go to both, and manages to miss Thunder Over Louisville, too.

SO. There’s some things I need to know from you!

In times past, we’ve gone to Hogan’s Fountain, but with the tragedy there last year, I don’t feel that’s a good location for us now. And, as some people have pointed out, it can be pretty boring just roaming around a park. And cold, haha!

So I’m open to suggestions for location! I prefer places with low/no admission fees to keep it accessible for everyone, and places that don’t mind troll makeup, so people can cosplay to their hearts content. C:

Also! I was thinking of giving this one a theme! I thought of 50sStuck as being a fun theme, but give me a shout!

What do you think?