kentucky fried chicken


In Japan, Kentucky Fried Chicken isn’t just popular, it’s an institution. It’s even a holiday tradition. Eating KFC on Christmas has been widely practiced since the mid-1970s. With 1200 locations across the country, Japan is KFC’s third-largest market after China and the US.

Standing outside near the entrance of each one of those outlets, welcoming customers with open arms and a smile, is a life-size statue of Colonel Sanders. And, thanks to Kotaku, we just learned that those statues of The Colonel are dressed in all sorts of different costumes all the time - for specific holidays, for seasonal celebrations, media promotions, and sometimes just for the fun of it.

The photos you see here represent a very small sampling of the costumed Colonel Sanders statues that have been spotted around Japan. Head over to Kotaku to view many more.

Please fire me. When on my lunch break, my manager insisted that I “stop reading that trash” (George Orwell’s 1984) so I could “focus on my real job” which was frying chicken.