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Barbaro remembered in Kentucky Derby tribute

As mentioned earlier on this blog it’s the 10th anniversary of Barbaro’s Kentucky Derby. Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby remember Barbaro and his legacy in this official video featuring trainer Michael Matz, jockey Edgar Prado, and owners Roy and Gretchen Jackson. Watch Barbaro’s Derby.

oh btw my very good friend @duchessofkeys is gonna officiate our wedding, provided she can get down to kentucky in august :D:D i’d so much rather have someone i know and care about do the ceremony than a really expensive random minister

and we’re not inviting people because it’s gonna be just us, not an actual wedding, but if we can swing it by our one year anniversary, my plan is to have lots of friends come to wherever we are that also has a dave and busters or something similar, and play skee ball really drunk in a tiara and veil with friends

arkansas can finally stop plaguing america with the eternal question: how do you pronounce arkansas?

knowing my dad, he’ll come up with some reason to travel down there. few summers ago, he decided to drag us down to kentucky so we could spend a day in a cave system where i proceeded to freak out for about two hours because it’s dark and there are Things down there

Ten years ago, after months of exhaustive study - charts, color coded note cards, poring over the Blood Horse - I called Barbaro my Derby Horse. I watched with bated breath and shaking hands, shrieking and whooping when he made his move and blew the field open. In a competitive class of three years olds, he stood supreme. I thought he was The One. We all thought he was The One, but it was not to be. But today I’m not thinking about the tragedy that would come. I’d rather watch that amazing race over and over again and feel my heart swell with emotion every time. “It is all Barbaro!”