kentucky route zero


~Favorite Games Played in 2016~


Kentucky Route Zero is a really interesting game. It’s… interactive fiction-adjacent, i guess? More of a point-and-click adventure but with highly prescribed interactions. The writing is what I imagine Southern Gothic would be like (I’m not really familiar with that genre), along with The Grapes of Wrath and Depression-era literature, but set in the present day. The aesthetics, visual and audio, are superb. I looked at Google Maps, and apparently all the roads are geographically accurate which is very cool.


The girls go on a road trip down a long winding road and learn about friendship, love, and Ben Stiller’s Night at the Museum.

Hi, we’re Full Motion Girls! We’re a LGBTQ+-friendly Let’s Play channel featuring two trans girls playing their way through some different games we like. This is our first video, so please let us know if you have any comments or criticism!

Stuff I’ve enjoyed: Oxenfree

If you know my taste in games it’s probably not a surprise I ended up playing Oxenfree by Night School Studios. A ghost story game with a focus on character interaction and a good deal of voluntary exploration was pretty good bait. Also the art style appealed to me.

In essence it felt a bit like a good mixture of other games I’ve enjoyed. The gameplay’s pick-a-response mechanic reminded me of Life is Strange while the tone and art style made me think of Kentucky Route Zero. 

Gotta say though, the fact that you can choose to not pick a response was pretty delightful, and while the end was pretty satisfactory I’ve been enjoying a second play though a lot since details actually change to acknowledge that the player has been there before.

As for the optional exploring… there’s a lot of text and audio bits to pick up on that aren’t necessary to finish the game, and trying to make sense of them is a sport in itself. So plenty to have fun with if you want a little bit of coming of age ghost story in your life.