Inoo no Kimochi

Absolutely loved the entire Kento-Inoo segment on Saturday’s Merenge! BEST episode yet!!! 

So different to see a reversal where Inoo is the senpai and the guest is the kouhai! BUTTTTTT yet again, he’s still teased by the kouhai!! (and basically everyone on the show hahaha ^^;)

Loved his reactions to his kouhai’s praise and tease, and loved his hilarious interaction with Hisamotosan! (like being teased by your boss!)


Kento: (impersonating Inoo right down to the way he sits in Merenge) Nice to meet you, I’m Inoo Kei.
Inoo: What? Do I really sound that terrible??
Hisamoto: Unfortunately, you do.

Kento: (doing impersonations) What group (kei) are you? (impersonating Inoo) “I’m Inoo Kei”.

Kento was great! There were other impersonations too that the Juniors would do!! hahaha


Hisamoto: There is a member of Hey! Say! JUMP that Nakajimakun aspired to be that he entered Johnny’s.
Inoo: *wide eyed* Eh! Is it me?
Hisamoto: There is a member of Hey! Say! JUMP that Nakajimakun aspired to be.
Inoo: *wide eyed so happy* Isn’t it me?
Hisamoto: There is a member of Hey! Say! JUMP
Inoo: *super happy oooo* It’s me!
Inoo: (pointing to himself) Me? Me? Me?
Hisamoto: Ok let’s ask Nakajimakun to announce who it is.
Kento: That’s right. It is Yamadakun I admired.
**** Inoo: *insert “ahhhh it’s him again!!” ****


Inoo, the……. *small shy voice* really….? I did that…? *shy*

Kento: Before debuting, when we back danced for a HSJ concert, it was exactly the period for university entrance examinations. Inookun was extremely good at balancing work and his studies, so, when I bumped into him in the bathroom, I asked him “I’m thinking about entering university, what should I do?”. While washing his hands he said, “Well, isn’t it okay if you just go for whatever you want to do now,” 
Inoo: wha… did I say that…?

I just loved how he reacted in all the situations today, and especially when he was being praised by Kento.. I think he’s really not used to people saying such good things about him, or at the very least, he just prefers not to be in the spotlight and so well-regarded.


-Merenge no Kimochi, 2016.09.03


Yobisute close ups - Kento