So I watched that Fuller House Marius japan episode

It was… wow. Let’s just say it was par for the course for Fuller House (sorry to anyone out there who likes it)

But still

Let’s just say that when Netflix pulls through they really pull through

Inoo no Kimochi

Absolutely loved the entire Kento-Inoo segment on Saturday’s Merenge! BEST episode yet!!! 

So different to see a reversal where Inoo is the senpai and the guest is the kouhai! BUTTTTTT yet again, he’s still teased by the kouhai!! (and basically everyone on the show hahaha ^^;)

Loved his reactions to his kouhai’s praise and tease, and loved his hilarious interaction with Hisamotosan! (like being teased by your boss!)


Kento: (impersonating Inoo right down to the way he sits in Merenge) Nice to meet you, I’m Inoo Kei.
Inoo: What? Do I really sound that terrible??
Hisamoto: Unfortunately, you do.

Kento: (doing impersonations) What group (kei) are you? (impersonating Inoo) “I’m Inoo Kei”.

Kento was great! There were other impersonations too that the Juniors would do!! hahaha


Hisamoto: There is a member of Hey! Say! JUMP that Nakajimakun aspired to be that he entered Johnny’s.
Inoo: *wide eyed* Eh! Is it me?
Hisamoto: There is a member of Hey! Say! JUMP that Nakajimakun aspired to be.
Inoo: *wide eyed so happy* Isn’t it me?
Hisamoto: There is a member of Hey! Say! JUMP
Inoo: *super happy oooo* It’s me!
Inoo: (pointing to himself) Me? Me? Me?
Hisamoto: Ok let’s ask Nakajimakun to announce who it is.
Kento: That’s right. It is Yamadakun I admired.
**** Inoo: *insert “ahhhh it’s him again!!” ****


Inoo, the……. *small shy voice* really….? I did that…? *shy*

Kento: Before debuting, when we back danced for a HSJ concert, it was exactly the period for university entrance examinations. Inookun was extremely good at balancing work and his studies, so, when I bumped into him in the bathroom, I asked him “I’m thinking about entering university, what should I do?”. While washing his hands he said, “Well, isn’t it okay if you just go for whatever you want to do now,” 
Inoo: wha… did I say that…?

I just loved how he reacted in all the situations today, and especially when he was being praised by Kento.. I think he’s really not used to people saying such good things about him, or at the very least, he just prefers not to be in the spotlight and so well-regarded.


-Merenge no Kimochi, 2016.09.03


Yobisute close ups - Kento


(ɔ ˘⌣˘)˘⌣˘ c)