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30 Day Ronin Warriors Challenge!

Day 5: Favorite Armor

AUGH WHY. There’s no way I can pick one. They’re all so amazing. I don’t really wanna go the obvious route and pick the Inferno Armors..cause basically the White Inferno Armor is just a combination of all the Armors. So I’ll go with just the Ronins and the Warlords~

Favorite Ronin Armor: The Armor of Hardrock

It’s a fact that Kento is my favorite Ronin~ And his Armor in my opinion is the most kick ass of the five. It’s just pure unadulterated power!

Favorite Warlord Armor: The Armor of Venom

Again because Sekhmet is my favorite Warlord~ He definitely has some serious devastating powers at his disposal. With six katanas that pretty much drip an infinite amount of poison, you’d have a hell of a hard time killing this snake!


I wanted to make a quick post about my thing for “big” guys in fiction.

More than likely, I will fall for a male character that is tall, good-looking and physically fit or skinny and they will be the “good guy” who has his heart in the right place and will fight what’s right and for his love ones (example: Rowen/Touma Hashiba, Portgas D. Ace).

However, this isn’t always true. Recently, I’ve noticed that I will tend to have feelings for big size guys, some society would say were overweight or husky or big built, when they are not my typical type. And that’s fine!
One example would be like Wreck-It Ralph. He’s the main character but a bad guy in his game and mostly I wouldn’t have feelings for a character like him however, when you are willing to sacrifice yourself for others and have big heart to care others before yourself - that’s fucking touching. His actions made him more attractive to me.

Even with Owen (second pic) from Harvest Moon: Animal Parade, I would mostly not go with a big, muscle head like him….but when I heard his wish that he wanted to protect his love ones….a few hearts popped over my head like in the game and I just had to marry this character, lol.

I just don’t typically go for the big, husky, muscle guys especially with the ones who are the comic relief like Bolin and Kento/Shu here. However, these guys are more than just that, they are true friends who stick with love ones thick and thin, will fight to the end and put everything on the line for others.

It is the big hearts that win me over. Sure, I still like good-looking guys but this shows I look for more in a person and that looks don’t always matter. I will still need that physical attraction of course (if you come as a slob, it’s going to be a totally turn off for me. Taking care of yourself can show how confident you are in a person and a nicer image when representing yourself) but again, looks aren’t everything (we all been fooled by those who glamorous a-holes). The size of your heart matters most to me -not just being kind but taking action to prove that you are kind, thoughtful, smart, brave and overall a good human being.

So, what I am trying to get at that big guys can have much bigger hearts and be attractive to a person. It would be nice we saw more of this in society and in the media (more main, less side).