kento rei fang

30 Day Ronin Warriors Challenge!

Day 5: Favorite Armor

AUGH WHY. There’s no way I can pick one. They’re all so amazing. I don’t really wanna go the obvious route and pick the Inferno Armors..cause basically the White Inferno Armor is just a combination of all the Armors. So I’ll go with just the Ronins and the Warlords~

Favorite Ronin Armor: The Armor of Hardrock

It’s a fact that Kento is my favorite Ronin~ And his Armor in my opinion is the most kick ass of the five. It’s just pure unadulterated power!

Favorite Warlord Armor: The Armor of Venom

Again because Sekhmet is my favorite Warlord~ He definitely has some serious devastating powers at his disposal. With six katanas that pretty much drip an infinite amount of poison, you’d have a hell of a hard time killing this snake!