kentin amor doce

  • Armin: You want some candy?
  • Castiel: Woa, Armin, didn't took you for the sharing type.
  • Armin: Uh, ok. So... do you want some?
  • Castiel: What is your problem?
  • Armin: ?
  • Castiel: You can't just say things like that.
  • Castiel: You can't just walk around offering your girlfriend like that, she's not your ho!
  • Alexy: Did he just called Candy a ho?
  • Armin: Not my ho, tho.
  • Candy: Who's a ho?
  • Alexy: You.
  • Candy: What did I do?
  • Armin: I don't know, I just got some M&Ms and Castiel kinkshamed me.
  • Alexy: Poligamy isn't a kink.
  • Rosalya: What is happening?
  • Candy: I have no idea, something about me being morally questionable and chocolate.
  • Alexy: Now that's a kink.
  • Lysander: Why is Castiel crying on the floor?
  • Alexy: He's being crushed by the weight of his regrets.
  • Armin: This is ridiculous, when I bring cookies Kentin doesn't freak out thinking I baked his dog.
  • Kentin: Did somebody say cookies?
  • Armin: See, he gets it.
  • Armin: Why you have to be like this, Castiel?
  • Armin: Why?

Bien hola mundo, que puedo decir con esto, muy fácil soy fan y reflan de Watashi wa mottete dousunda y no eh podido evitar notar las similitudes de esta serie con corazón de melón, (y si no del todo mundo por lo menos de la historia de mi sucrette XDD), como se darán cuenta ocupe imágenes oficiales del anime y una del manga para representar la actitud tanto de mi sucrette hacia los chicos como la de ellos con mi nena y debo decir que mi favorita fue la de Armin disfrute mucho haciendo esa…XD, bien espero sea de su agrado para quien no conozca el anime(lo cual dudo),se los recomiendo no doy spoiler si gustan verlo XD, solo diré que trata de una chica fujoshi rodeada de un harem de cuatro chicos y una chica así que ya se imaginaran que es lo que hará XD, en fin espero lo disfruten chicas XD…


Armin-Hermano de Kae






los personajes son propiedad de Chinomiko y beemoov las imágenes bases pertenecen a al anime y manga Watashi wa mottete dousunda de su respectiva autora XD, es solo con fines entretener  sin ningún fin de lucro 

Some things I noticed with the Easter illustration

Thinking about @itsmochabinch ’s post from earlier, I’ve noticed some things about the illustrations as well!

So, in the Nathaniel illustration, he’s wearing his usual outfit, or one like it. (The neck isn’t v in the illustration.)

That said, notice the Kentin illustration… He’s wearing a different shirt! Could this be a preview of a new daily outfit for him? If so, I don’t object, it looks really super awesome on him. I approve. Really hot actually (hotter with a sweater, but I digress).

One more thing, he is certainly wearing (/one of?) his mom’s aprons. That’s just so cute. Learning these little things are what make me fall even more in love with this illustration.

babyblue-moonkid  asked:

How would eldarya/mcl boys react if shes crying in sleep?

I think I felt better, my voice at least not like a door squeak, well…


Nathaniel: He gently wake you up, fearing that it will be worse. He will comb your hair with his  fingers that will calm you. If not, he’ll bring you a mug of cocoa or any other drink and read some book until you fall asleep.

Castiel: Cas is quite fast asleep, but he wakes up if he hears your sobs. When will he know you’re sleeping, he’s just very hard to give you a hug and kiss to the corner of the eye. If this does not help, it will Wake you up and ask what you dream or who hurt you.

Lysander: A little weird, but he will reassure you, as a small child, gently put you on his lap and will sing some lullaby, stroking. If you wake up and continue to cry, he will still hold to you, quietly soothing. In the morning he will  ask you what happened (but first he will forget).

Armin: Okay, he will be very confused. Are you sleeping or not? You were having a nightmare or did someone hurt you? He tries to hug you and tickle, but not much. If that doesn’t work and you continue to cry, it will carrying you to the kitchen and get some sweet stuff, jokingly asking “what is that monster in nightmare  was trying to steal my Princess?”

Kentin: Well, you will wake up to the fact that someone big, soft and very warm to hug you. He, perhaps, will whisper to you some kind of lullaby, rubbing your back. If that doesn’t work, he’ll give a hot drink and will give you cookies. In the morning he will lead you on a mini-date to make you forget about that nightmare.


Ezarel: He will be a little panic. But he comes to his senses and just tightly hug you, wrapped in a blanket. If that doesn’t work, he quickly goes to the lab and find a sedative potion. In the morning he will treat you noticeably softer, worrying about your condition.

Nevra: He will quietly wake up and just start kissing. He will kiss the marks of your tears, forehead, eyes, neck. I don’t know, he will be very worry hope that these things will calm you down. He can get you anything from the kitchen if you want.

Valkyon: A bit like Lysander. He gently lift you up and will rocking you like a baby. If you still continue to cry, then get into the world of hot, soft hugs and constant kisses on the forehead, lol. In the morning will take you to Ewelein, fearing that these things will happen many more times.

Relationship for signs in MCL

Boyfriend: Armin
First kiss: Kentin
Best friend: Castiel

Boyfriend: Lysander
First kiss: Lysander
Best friend: Armin

Boyfriend: Armin
First kiss: Alex
Best friend: Priya

Boyfriend: Castiel
First kiss: Lysander
Best friend: Lysander

Boyfriend: Lysander
First kiss: Nathaniel
Best friend: Rosa 

Boyfriend: Kentin
First kiss: Alex
Best friend: Lei

Boyfriend: Armin
First kiss: Nathaniel
Best friend: Amber

Boyfriend: Castiel
First kiss: Nathaniel
Best friend: Kentin

Boyfriend: Kentin
First kiss: Kentin
Best friend: Nathaniel

Boyfriend: Nathaniel
First kiss: Jade
Best friend: Dakota

Boyfriend: Armin
First kiss: Armin
Best friend: Alex

Boyfriend: Lysander
First kiss: Lysander
Best friend: Violett