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Las Vegas Aces Dad's Day:

Kent grew up in a single parent household with just his mom and sister, so the first Ace’s dad day Kent plans on curling up with a blanket and watching Pretty Little Liars, but just as he’s sitting down he gets a call from one of the vets (the captain???) calls him and is like “Dude, you’re dad’s here where the fuck are you?” So Kent gets dressed and gets to the rink and finds Bad Bob standing there, and he just gives him the biggest hug imaginable because it’s the first time he’s seen him since That Night™ and he missed his father figure :(((((


5-Year-Old Recreates Photo Of An Iconic Woman Every Day Of Black History Month

In an empowering celebration of Black History Month, a mother and daughter teamed up to recreate photos of iconic black women.

Every day in February, Cristi Jones of Kent, Washington, has dressed her daughter, 5-year-old Lola, as an iconic black woman, helped her recreate a photo and shared the results on Twitter. Throughout the month, Lola has channeled modern women making history like ballet dancer Misty Copeland, civil rights leaders like Rosa Parks and more.

forever starts right now.

For Patater Week. Set in Careful the Tale You Tell verse.

It’s about two months into their relationship. (Their proper relationship, not the year of fumbling that led them there.) Kent’s bugging Alexei about his stuff taking up too much room in Kent’s dresser drawers. “Can’t we, like, pick a drawer that’s yours and you can have that one, so your shit isn’t all messed up with mine?”

“You’re wanting to share drawers?” Alexei says, merrily putting a pair of pants in right next to Kent’s pants, god damn it.

“At least can we fucking talk about it?”

“Pff. No, too early. We talk about it when we get married,” Alexei says breezily.

Kent nearly trips face first over his own dropped jaw.

And from then on, it turns into a thing.

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In with the New

Prompt: Okay but Damian Jon and Reader stepping foot in their guardians footsteps and becoming the new trinity and how they deal with it

Requested By: Anon

    “You look like her.”

    You stare at your father in the mirror, his once blond hair was now gray, worry lines lined his face, and he walked with can now. At fifty-five he was too young for many of those symptoms, but war had taken it toll, and your mother’s death had pushed him over the edge. He was much quieter now. More passive. Resigned to your decision to carry on with your mother’s duties.

    You had trained for years with Damian Wayne and Jon Kent. You’d faced battle many times before. You had even returned to Themyscira for further training. You had met every obstacle in your path with determination and force. You were ready for what the future held. Or at least you hoped you were.

    You secure the black band on your arm before moving towards the door. You slow your pace for your father’s sake. He keeps in step with you. You enter the room with your head held high, prepared for the onslaught of mourners.

    Your mother’s death was one of many in the League. An explosion on the previous Watch Tower had left several dead, and others out of the game. As your eyes scan the crowd you see more and more of your childhood friends, people who had trained under their parents, and had finally taken their place.

    At the front of the crowd were the two largest examples. Damian Wayne and Jon Kent were dressed as their father had been before them. Their uniforms had minor tweaks but were largely the same. Clark Kent was still alive, but injured. Bruce Wayne had simply grown too old for the job.

    Taking your place in-between them, you turned to face the newest incarnation of the Justice League, as Wonder Woman. Your eyes slide to your father, and with a small smile you watch him salute you before disappearing into the shadows.

te vas

“You wanna go out?”

Jeff stared. Surely he heard that wrong. “What?”

“Out,” Kent said, in a tone that implied he was being patient. “Do you want to go?”

“Uh –” Kent never asked anyone to go out first. Maybe he wanted to start their second season off differently? “Who else is going?”


Oh. Kent was asking Jeff to go somewhere with him personally, not as a part of a group. Jeff took another breath. “Uh, yeah, man. Where do you wanna go?” There were tons of places to choose from – it was Vegas, after all. Jeff had gone to quite a few with some of the other guys, though he couldn’t say he’d ever gotten out on the floor much.

“Dancing,” Kent said. “I don’t care where, really.” When Jeff opened his mouth, Kent raised a hand. “Scratch that. I do care. No country.”

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hummingbird heartbeat pt26

( missed the beginning? catch up on AO3! )

Bitty drove Kent to the airport in the afternoon. Kent alternated between lacing their fingers together and letting his hand rest on Bitty’s thigh. After a week together, sending Kent away felt heavy and cold. Bitty chewed his lower lip as he drove, eyes on the road.

“Eric,” Kent said, once they’d been driving for a half hour. “Are you okay?”

“What?” Bitty glanced over. “Oh! Yeah! No, I’m fine. I’m just – I was just thinking.”

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While You Were Sleeping - part 5

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Kent went back to his closet, yanking the door open just in time for Joe Jr. to fall over.

“Ooh!” He grabbed onto the wall.
“Oh, god!” Kent stared. “What’re you – what –” Joe toppled forward, landing with his hands on Kent’s chest. “What are you doing?!”

“I slipped,” Joe said. He was wearing one of Kent’s dress shoes.
“You’re trying on my shoes?” Kent shoved Joe off of him. “C’mon. Get out.”
“No! When I fell, my foot went like that, right into the shoe,” Joe said, making motions with his hands. A knock at the door silenced both of them. Kent whipped his head to the side, staring.
“Uh – who is it?” he called.

“It’s me,” a voice said. “Alexei Mashkov.”

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Check please characters as things my friends have done:

Bitty: broke into an industrial kitchen in the middle of the night to bake

Jack: trans friend named himself after a type of rock because he loves geology so goddamn much

Shitty: made an elaborate ventilation system in his dorm just for smoking weed

Lardo: managed to train a pack of theater tech boys to do her bidding for three straight years

Ransom: has studied for every test I’ve ever heard of her taking

Holster: got trashed with me and rapped damn near the entire Hamilton soundtrack while writhing around on the dressing room floor before our Rocky Horror performance

Nursey: got super high and had me listen to him dramatically read poetry and analyze the meanings of every poem and talk about how great the author was for a full hour

Dex: literally almost choked a man to death for kicking him in the balls

Chowder: Native friend got crossfaded and ran around outside yelling at every white person he saw “you don’t belong here, this is my land”

Kent: dressed up like a sexy cat to come with me to the grocery store at midnight

Tater: pulled me into his office to show me something on “the youtubes” but when he pulled up his bookmarked pages it was just thousands of YouTube videos and it took him ten minutes to find the right one

Whiskey: ate one of my shoelaces

Tango: asked our waiter if the chocolate lover’s cake was “made with real lovers”

anonymous asked:

I love your writing and I'd love it if you wrote something with patater that's sweet and domestic but also a little sexy, too if you want. Idk I just love those two together and thinking about kent being a blushing Nerd when tater flirts with him or is sweet to him gives me palpitations.

Do you write Tater? I need some Tater love. Platonic, romantic, I’m not even picky about who, I just need to see Tater loving people

okay so this is more of snapshots of their lives but there is some definite domesticity in it :) :) :)

Five Names Kent “Parser” Parson and Alexei “Tater” Mashkov Call Each Other

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I love this dress so much and to go with its dreamy space theme, I made a bed time inspired coord! I even used nightwear items to help me out hehe~ 💕☁️🦄✨ I’m hoping to wear this out in summer when the ground will be dry! Wig: spreepicky Hair Accessories: dreamy bows, larme rose, nikki lipstick, chocomint, 6%dokidoki, electric sheep Hair clips: H&M Necklace: etsy Bedjacket: whites of Kent Dress, bag, socks: angelic pretty Wrsitcuffs: peacockalorum Bracelets: 6%, offbrand Ring: chocomint Slippers: Tesco