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clois + supercat parallels: the lack of resemblance

Check please characters as things my friends have done:

Bitty: broke into an industrial kitchen in the middle of the night to bake

Jack: trans friend named himself after a type of rock because he loves geology so goddamn much

Shitty: made an elaborate ventilation system in his dorm just for smoking weed

Lardo: managed to train a pack of theater tech boys to do her bidding for three straight years

Ransom: has studied for every test I’ve ever heard of her taking

Holster: got trashed with me and rapped damn near the entire Hamilton soundtrack while writhing around on the dressing room floor before our Rocky Horror performance

Nursey: got super high and had me listen to him dramatically read poetry and analyze the meanings of every poem and talk about how great the author was for a full hour

Dex: literally almost choked a man to death for kicking him in the balls

Chowder: Native friend got crossfaded and ran around outside yelling at every white person he saw “you don’t belong here, this is my land”

Kent: dressed up like a sexy cat to come with me to the grocery store at midnight

Tater: pulled me into his office to show me something on “the youtubes” but when he pulled up his bookmarked pages it was just thousands of YouTube videos and it took him ten minutes to find the right one

Whiskey: ate one of my shoelaces

Tango: asked our waiter if the chocolate lover’s cake was “made with real lovers”


I love this dress so much and to go with its dreamy space theme, I made a bed time inspired coord! I even used nightwear items to help me out hehe~ 💕☁️🦄✨ I’m hoping to wear this out in summer when the ground will be dry! Wig: spreepicky Hair Accessories: dreamy bows, larme rose, nikki lipstick, chocomint, 6%dokidoki, electric sheep Hair clips: H&M Necklace: etsy Bedjacket: whites of Kent Dress, bag, socks: angelic pretty Wrsitcuffs: peacockalorum Bracelets: 6%, offbrand Ring: chocomint Slippers: Tesco

Kent tries his best to flatten down his hair once more before ringing the doorbell of the Haus.

A redhead with a small frown on his face opens the door. His eyes rake over Kent disapprovingly and Kent swallows a bit nervously.

“I’m here for Bitty?”

The redhead’s frown deepens a bit more before he turns back into the house and yells into the void, “Bitty! Why is Kent Parson here dressed like he’s modeling in GQ?!”

There’s a slam of something and then the sound of scuffling above him. Kent turns and looks up just in time to see two heads pop over the edge of the roof.

“Hey Jack. Shitty.”

Shitty gives a quick wave, hair flopping down and hanging towards the earth.

“Are those flowers?” Jack asks and Kent glances downwards, double checking the fact that yes, he did bring flowers and not a bouquet of snakes.

“Yeah,” Kent confirms, the wrapping crinkling as he waves them around. “For Bitty.”

Footsteps catches Kent’s attention and he turns to watch Bitty bounding down the staircase then towards him, a faint blush on his cheeks and a large grin spreading across his face.

“Hi Kent!”

Kent can’t help but return the infectious grin, his heart starting to beat faster at the ray of sunshine gracing his presence.

“Hey Bits.” Kent proffers the bouquet. “For you.”

The blush on Bitty’s cheeks deepen as he takes the flowers, shoving his face into them and taking a large breath in.

“Thank you - they’re beautiful. Let me just put them in water and then we can go?”

Kent nods and watches Bitty scurry away. The redhead is still standing there, glaring wholeheartedly at Kent, communicating with his eyes the desire to kill Kent if he does anything to upset Bitty. Kent briefly wonders how many times he’ll get the shovel talk.

Bitty rushes back, looping an arm through one of Kent’s, and dragging him down the walkway towards Kent’s rented vehicle.

“Don’t wait up for me!” Bitty calls back towards the house and receives catcalling whistles and howls in response.

Kent holds open the passenger door for Bitty and looks back. Jack and Shitty are still on top of the roof, watching. Shitty is waving enthusiastically while Jack is frowning. Kent knows that frown, knows that Jack is trying to decipher where the jealousy he’s feeling is coming from. Though it’s been a few years, Kent can still tell when Jack is interested in someone, even if Jack hasn’t quite figured it out yet.

He gets in the driver’s seat and smiles. He’s just happy he’s getting the chance with Bitty before Jack gets his act together and swoops in.

“Ready?” Kent asks, throwing a crooked grin Bitty’s way.

Bitty nods enthusiastically. “Absolutely, hun.”

The Marines today carry with them that same warrior’s spirit as the Marines who took this wood 93 years ago. It’s only right to pay tribute to those who have gone before us and gave us the proud legacy to live up to.

Carlton W. Kent

Kent Parson is the kind of person to tell everyone his favorite movie is something like every straight dude’s favorite movie but his actual favorite movie is Every Pixar Movie EverTM or some quality artsy romantic crap like Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List

Kent Parson’s favorite Try Guy is Eugene because he’s really pretty

Kent Parson is that person who drunk ordered 1,000 ladybugs

Kent Parson started wearing pocket squares with his suits as a joke but now it’s just routine

Kent Parson saw CL perform at a party he went to and immediately after he followed her on instagram and comments “mom 👌💯🔥” on every photo she posts

Kent Parson dressed as a Ken doll for Halloween and hit on everyone with the line “dress me up and put me in your dream house”

Kent Parson points at random things and says “this reminds me of Jack”

Kent Parson sometimes sleeps in his living room with seven blankets, five pillows, and three huge stuffed animals that he paid way too much money for

Kent Parson gets his eyebrows threaded at a really nice but small local place by this smol Nepalese girl who’s working there to pay for her parents although she should really be paying for her student loans and med school textbooks

Kent Parson once just gave her an envelope with 5,000 dollars cash because he knew she deserved it and she refused to take it but he snuck it into her tip jar anyway so now he gets his eyebrows done for free

Kent Parson watches 50% Off religiously and his favorite character is ~Thugisa~

Kent Parson watches the Puppy Bowl instead of the Super Bowl

Kent Parson is always on his phone and the media thinks he has a secret girlfriend ((((headline: WHO IS NHL STAR KENT PARSON ALWAYS TEXTING?)))) but he’s actually playing Neko Atsume

under your skin feels like home

I’m done work for the week, time for more Kent Parson with his poly pagan partners. Being HEALTHY and having FUN and experimenting with GOOD COMMUNICATION SKILLS. 

2k, rated T, Kent/Maida/Luis, Kit Purrson appearance.

There are thousands of people in Las Vegas who neither know nor care that that there was a hockey game tonight.  In the vast ocean of black desert, the lights of the Battledome are dazzling but in their turn dwarfed by other parts of the city.  Kent climbs into a taxi outside the arena and sets out to join them.

His boyfriend’s band has scored a gig at a casino nice enough that Kent, too well-dressed to be a middle manager from Iowa, isn’t mistaken for staff.  

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