kente cap

headcanon that just like clark brings 21st century phrases to the legion (you can’t convince me that karate kid in jla adventures: trapped in time didn’t get the phrase ‘hater’ from clark), he also brings 31st century slang from the past

“i’m a… what.”

“i’ll zeezee wonder woman don’t worry”
“you’ll??? what??? zeezee??”

“cool up, batman”
“superman what the hell”


S U P E R  P O W E R  C O U P L E

Alone they are strong, but together they are unstoppable.

omg Cap and I were talking on twitter about trans kent

and Cap @tictacbergerac just wrote about KP in the most spectacular and beautiful light I have to share 

  • kent who has the oldest fucking rattiest binder int he world
  • ok it’s a piece of Fucking garbage but it’s like? almost a comfort object for him at this point?
  • but he doesnt evn Need it anymore bc he had top surgery the summer after he won the Stanley Cup 

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At Dug’s

(In which Kent sleeps with a string of people who reminds him of Jack but don’t love him, eats breakfast at night with his teammate, and pancakes at Dug’s 24-Hour Pancake House becomes a thing, in that order.)

Jeff never tells the story of how he and Kent got close. When Kent flies into a rage, or stalks off to fume after a bad game, it’s Jeff the Aces call on to bring Kent out of his shell. The rookies think they had been like that in the beginning, but the truth is that it’s only after Kent’s first Stanley that Jeff starts to look after Kent, but not because of the Cup.  

It starts when Jeff leaves his cap at Kent’s place.

I’ll swing by and get it, he texts Kent. I’m in the area rn. Kent had texted back, I’m home all day today. When Jeff gets to the third floor of Kent’s apartment he hears the yelling.

“—not want to see me again?’ What the fuck, Parson?”

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AMNESIA: The Amnesia Ship - Captain Kent & His Crew

Because he’s the oldest, most logical, smartest and better than all the others! Ahem…obviously I’m biased towards Kent and he is my favorite, so of course I had to scan this adorable chibis illustrations. Certainly it says something about Kent when all the others are wearing regular sailor hats but only Kent gets the captain cap! Kent is boss…LEGIT. BOSS.

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