☆ Ghana Afterdark Photo Series  ☆

☆ She stands tall; with the blood of Africa running through her veins, and the grace of her ancestors guiding each step. ☆ 

Beautiful Model: @doraowusu

📷: @divine_creativity

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so in the recent cuphead let’s play, geoff mentions he’s a gemini for like a literal 5 seconds and i was curious so here’s a masterpost of all the achievement hunters’s signs:

geoff ramsey: gemini

jack pattillo: capricorn

ryan haywood: sagittarius 

michael jones: leo

gavin free: gemini

jeremy dooley: gemini

trevor collins: sagittarius 

alfredo diaz: taurus 

lindsay jones: virgo

matt bragg: gemini 

andy blanchard: pisces

steffie hardy: pisces

larry matovina: leo

kent cook: pisces

neal werle: leo

ashley dillard: aquarius