kenta kobashi retirement


“The Absolute Champion” Kenta Kobashi’s closing ceremony for his retirement. Kobashi was in tears as he said his final goodbye’s to the fans in attendance and the wrestlers who stood around the ring. Kobashi made his way down the ramp to his theme song as the fans cheered “Ko-ba-shi” loudly. A fitting end to one of the all time greats of the sport.


[Kobashi Retirement Show News] At today’s NOAH show, Kenta Kobashi announced his retirement match that will take place on May 11 at the Nippon Budokan. Kobashi [46] announced that he will be teaming with Keiji Mutoh [50], Jun Akiyama [43], and Kensuke Sasaki [46] as they take on the team of KENTA [32], Go Shiozaki [31],  Maybach “Shuhei” Taniguchi [36], and Yoshinobu Kanemaru [36], in an 8 man tag match that will be contested under a 60 min. time limit.

Each one of Kobashi’s teammates have history either being allies or opponents of Kobashi within the last 10 years, and each of the opponents have trained under Kobashi, in some form, while in Pro Wrestling NOAH and All Japan Pro-Wrestling.

As of the announcement, on 3/31, Kobashi stated that there is only 41 days left until he retires and he wants to prepare himself to be in the best condition for the match.

FINAL BURNING in Budokan ~ Kenta Kobashi’s Retirement Commemorative Event, 5/11/2013 [Sat] 17:00 @ Nippon Budokan in Tokyo

(-) “FINAL BURNING in Budokan” Kenta Kobashi’s Retirement Commemorative 8 Man Tag Match: Kenta Kobashi, Jun Akiyama, Keiji Mutoh & Kensuke Sasaki vs. KENTA, Go Shiozaki, Yoshinobu Kanemaru & Maybach Taniguchi

Pro Wrestling NOAH released the event poster for Kenta Kobashi retirement show that is set to be held on May 11, 2013.

FINAL BURNING in Budokan ~Kenta Kobashi’s Retirement Event~, 5/11/2013 [Sat] 17:00 @ Nippon Budokan

[BushidoRX notes]
This poster looks really good to me and on top of that it is really cool to see the Iron Man with the Triple Crown and GHC Heavy next to one another. This event is slated to be a huge look back at Kobashi’s career as well as a final send-off when it is all said and done. No matched have yet to be determined for the event, but I would not look passed either the GHC Heavy or Triple Crown Champion’s to possibly defend their belts in Kobashi’s honor.