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Patater photoshoot (nsfw)

(OKAy so this was meant to literally be me just writing down the prompt. But then I ended up writing a whole oneshot… anyways enjoy with a bad quality bit of smut at the end….)

Kent Parson comes out as the first “official" gay player in NHL history. Three weeks later, Alexei Mashkov announces he is bisexual. Reactions from the public are mixed between disgust and acceptance.

The two follow each other on social media, but other than that and a few interactions on the ice, they don’t know each other. After a month or so of them both being out of the closet, they are approached by a very well known magazine. The magazine plans to do an edition about NHL hockey players and want to do an entire five pages of Kent and Alexei. Together. Naked. In extremely suggestive positions.

Something about ”encouraging the public to accept people of different sexualities" is all Kent really knows. He doesn’t care. Mashkov may have agreed to it because spreading awareness is important to him, but Kent is only agreeing for one reason. Publicity. The fact that Mashkov is incredibly sexy and Kent has had a crush on him for months has nothing to do with it. Nothing at all.

So Kent shows up to the photoshoot. He’s whisked away immediately by stylists who wax almost all of his body hair. Makeup is applied all over his body to cover up blemishes and imperfections. Then his eyebrows are groomed and filled, his hair is styled and he’s been changed into a pair of tight, short, black under armour boxers.

Once he’s finally done being made beautiful, he’s lead to the first room they will be shooting in. Mashkov is already there. The lucky bastard hasn’t been waxed, Kent notices immediately. The second thing he notices is how fucking huge the man is. Yeah, he’s seen him on the ice before, but cmon, everyone looks big in hockey gear.

Wow, those back muscles are amazing. And shoulders and legs and okay literally every muscle on Mashkov’s body is toned to perfection.

Eventually Mashkov turns around and notices Kent standing in the room. Kent’s eyes immediately wander south, seeing he’s wearing similar under armour boxers, only his are dark grey and about two inches longer. They really don’t leave much to the imagination and Kent has to force himself to look away from Mashkov’s bulge.

He looks back up and meets Mashkov’s eyes, blushing lightly as he sees the man’s slight smirk. Great, he was caught checking him out.
“Um, I’m Kent Parson, from the Las Vegas Aces…“ he introduces himself quietly, sticking out his hand. The other hockey player smiles and shakes his hand gently. “Hello, little captain. I’m Alexei Mashkov. You call me Alexei,” he replies, and holy shit that Russian accent is hot.
“So I guess we’ll be shooting together today?“ Kent tries to make small talk. “Yes, I’m very excite,” Alexei says enthusiastically. Kent is about to reply when a woman and a man who Kent assumes are from the magazine approach them.

”I see you’re all warmed up to each other, huh? Great, well if you are both ready we are going to start now,“ the woman says. She’s very tall and gives off the impression that she’s a hard worker. Kent likes her already. “I’m Kara, with my co-marketing manager, Brian. We will be here to instruct you through out the session. If either of you have any questions or are uncomfortable with the poses don’t hesitate to say anything. Alright?” Before Kent or Alexei can reply, Brian is gently pushing them off in the direction of the set.

The set is simple, three white walls and a white floor to match. Kara tells them to stand in the centre of the room.
“Good! Now Kent, dear, angle yourself directly at the camera, and look down at the piece of masking tape- yes there, perfect.“ Kent feels more than awkward, standing there while the photographers, assistants and other workers watch intently.

“Okay, now Alexei, stand behind him with your hands on his waist.” Kent hears movement and then a pair of large hands grip his hips. The touch causes his face to redden and he ignores the tingly feeling he gets up his spine.
“A bit low there, Alexei, but I like your enthusiasm,“ Kara says, glancing between the two men and a clipboard. Alexei coughs awkwardly behind him and slides his hands up a few inches, wrapping them around Kent’s waist. “Wow you have small waist,” the Russian murmurs behind him. Usually Kent takes pride in his feminine features, but now he’s just struggling to keep the pink out of his cheeks.

“Okay, now move closer together.“ Alexei moves forwards a step and Kent feels his presence, along with warm breath on his hair. “Closer, please. As in touching. And wrap your arms around his waist, it will feel more natural.”

Alexei has to bend slightly so his arms fasten around Kent’s waist. Soon he feel’s the large man’s crotch pressing against his behind, along with his toned upper body against Kent’s back and shoulders. The run of Alexei’s skin against his own is insanely satisfying. Kent couldn’t stop his blushing if he tried.

“Perfect! Now Kent, focus on the ground and try to look shy… yes, that’s good. Alexei, stare right into the camera. Looking dominant and confident… yes, just like that, FREEZE!“ As Kent stares at the ground, looking shy, the camera goes off and he can’t help the feeling he’s getting from being pressed against the other hockey player.

They do more poses that aren’t so bad, like just simple hugging and hand holding. Alexei and Kent begin getting more comfortable and stop looking so guarded in the pictures. Brian claims they want to try everything. Kent isn’t sure if he can make it through everything without getting a boner.

They are lead into the next room with an actual set. It’s made to look like a fancy living room, with a large velvet red couch in the middle. Mashkov offers him a sweet smile of reassurance which makes Kent’s heart skip a beat.

“Alexei, lying on the couch please, with your feet on this end and head at this end.” The hockey player follows instructions, laying across the velvet piece of furniture. Kent struggles to keep his mind out of the gutter as he watches the attractive man get into position.
“Kent, honey, go sit on him, with your legs on either side of him.“ Kent rolls his eyes at Kara, “You can just say straddle him, you know. You don’t need to give me fancy instructions,” he says. This earns a few laughs from the lady.

Kent takes a deep breath and moves towards Alexei, who’s watching him intently with deep brown eyes. C'mon, Kent has done this multiple times in real situations, why can’t he just fake it this time?
“Uh, you’re okay with this?“ Kent whispers to Alexei, waiting for the small smile and nod that follows. Kent smiles back, before climbing onto the large man, straddling his hips. Kent settles over Alexei’s crotch, his cheeks turning bright red as Alexei let’s out a soft huff of air before biting his lip. Kent’s entire body is on fire. “You very pretty,” Alexei whispers softly. “Sorry I’m not control body well,“ he adds, his face growing red to match Kent’s. Kent feels butterflies in his stomach. “Thank you, it’s okay, me too,” he says quietly. Alexei’s smile makes his heart flutter and they don’t break eye contact, even when they hear the camera going off.

“This is going well boys, you two have a lot of chemistry,“ Kara says. Kent breaks his gaze away from Alexei’s adoring one, accidentally shifting slightly over the man’s growing bulge. Alexei lets out another soft huff of air, that sounded oddly similar to a quiet moan. He looks back at the man and smiles sheepishly, but sees him with his eyes shut as if he’s concentrating really hard on something. Speaking of hard…

The camera goes off again as Kent watches Alexei. Kent doesn’t think he’s ever met a more gorgeous man.

“Kent, grab Alexei’s arms and hold them above his head on the couch arm.” Kent’s face manages to grow even redder as Alexei offers him his wrists. He leans forwards so he can reach, causing him to rub against Alexei again, and this time it’s him who lets out a loud, embarrassing moan. Alexei’s eyes look oddly hopeful as he looks down at the man bashfully. This should be much more awkward than it is.

“Maybe we should take a short break, try this again in fifteen?“ Kara suggests, and Kent gives her a playful glare as she giggles to herself. Kent feels Alexei’s hands on his waist as the man sits up, then he lifts Kent off of him and places him on his feet as if he weighs nothing. Seriously? Is everything about this man sexy? How can he just pick Kent up like that?

“I’m go water,” Alexei mumbles, scratching the back of his neck and offering Kent a small smile before he heads out of the room. Kara smirks at Kent as he stands there, watching the larger hockey player leave.
“Oh, be quiet you,“ he says, blushing for the hundredth time. “I haven’t even said anything yet!” She giggles. “But look, if you think he’s attractive you should go for it.“ Kent isn’t sure why he’s taking advice from an almost stranger. He shrugs and sits back down on the couch. “I don’t think he’s interested,” he says sadly. “I wish he was though. I’ve been crushing on him since he was drafted in 2010. I was 17 at the time and I may or may not have had his poster in my bedroom.“ Kara laughs loudly at this, and places her clipboard down on the prob table nearby.
“That’s a hilarious story. But listen honey, he’s definitely into you. The whole time we were waiting for you to arrive, he was asking all the assistants if he looked okay for you,” she tells him. Kent’s heart flutters with hope. “And they were all like, ‘he’s a gay man and you are wearing tiny boxers, I’m sure he’ll think you look good…’“ Kent laughs, just as Alexei walks back into the room, wearing a different pair of boxers.
“Brian tell me put these on,” he says, and then yawns, touching his hands to his neck as his upper body stretches. Kent’s eyes may or may not watch as the man’s skin strains against his muscles.

“Are you both ready to start again?“ Kara asks. Alexei sits on the couch beside Kent, reaching an arm onto his shoulders. “I’m ready. You okay? Looking cold,” Alexei says, as an explanation for putting his arm around the small captain. Kent blushes and nods. Kara giggles to herself again.
“Okay sorry, but I totally ship you guys. Anyways, maybe you guys can come up with some of your own poses. The pictures so far have turned out better when you didn’t know we were taking them…“ Alexei nods beside him, his hand gently rubbing circles into Kent’s shoulder. He’s flirting, right?
“Maybe I have idea,” he says, standing and pulling Kent to his feet. “I’m pick you up?“ He asks with a raised eyebrow. Kent nods and Alexei smiles wide at him before wrapping his large hands around his thoughts and pulling him up. Kent goes willingly, wrapping his legs around Alexei’s waist.
“You have a nice smile,” he says quietly. He feels Alexei’s hand gently squeeze his leg. “You have nice everything,“ he says back. Kent is sure he is blushing as Alexei holds his gaze. The camera goes off a few times, making Kent remember where he is.

“Maybe Alexei can hold Kent against the wall? It will make the pose seem more… provocative…”

Next thing Kent knows is he’s being held up against the wall, with Mashkov’s hips holding him in place. Kent’s hard. He couldn’t stop it from happening, okay?! Alexei is really attractive and the idea of him
fucking Kent against the wall is really hot.

Kent has his arms around Alexei’s neck, head tilted back against the wall, his eyes shut and his mouth hung open as if he were letting out a loud moan. Alexei has his face buried in Kent’s neck as he holds the small man up. The shot is from the waist up, making it really look like Kent is being fucked by the other hockey player.
“I’m get many chirps for this…“ Alexei mumbles.

After that the two are a lot more comfortable with each other, as far as the sexual poses go. They do a lot more. Kent’s favourite was when he was bent over the couch, with Mashkov standing pressed against him like they were fucking again. Alexei has a boner through out most of it, and Kent bites his lip every time he feels it press against his bum.

“So, this magazine is like lowkey a big porno?” Kent inquires, as he gets into another slightly awkward position with Mashkov.
“I’m not minding. I’m get talk to and touch boy with beautiful body,“ Alexei says, then mumbles something to himself in Russian. Kent flushes, his stomach dipping.
“You think I’m beautiful?” He asks, as his arms wind around Alexei’s neck for the pose. Alexei’s hands grip his ass. “I’m thinking so. I’m also think you like me,“ he whispers, smirking down at Kent. “Hey, don’t get all cocky just cause your hands are on my ass.” The camera goes off. “It’s very nice,“ Alexei says with a shrug, moving his hands up to rest on the small of his back instead. “Well thanks,” Kent is definitely not blushing again.

The next pose is quite simple, just a hug from behind. Alexei decides to be bold and press his lips to the soft skin in the crook of Kent’s neck. Kent shivers, and then Alexei starts sucking a hickey into his skin. Kent’s knees go weak and he moans loudly, cursing to himself when the camera goes off to capture the moment.
“I’m not sure they’re acting…“ Kara mumbles to one of the assistants. Alexei asks for another break. Everyone leaves the room, closing the door behind them and as soon as they’re alone, Alexei resumes kissing his neck.

Kent moans quietly and tilts his head back against Alexei’s chest. The taller man trailed a hand down Kent’s chest and stomach, before dipping into Kent’s boxers. Kent bites his lip as Alexei takes hold of his cock, slowly pumping as he sucks on his neck. Kent is a moaning mess. “Cum,” Alexei whispers in his ear huskily. Kent is about to make a comment about how he can last longer than five seconds, when Alexei nips at his ear and whispers again, “Cum for me princess.“ It’s the rough, Russian accent that has
Kent releasing in his boxers as Alexei strokes him. “F-fuck Alexei…” he mumbles, moving away from the larger man. He blushes as he turns to look at him.
“That was so hot. I’ve literally never finished so quickly…“ he says sheepishly. His body is tingling as Alexei smiles lazily at him. “I’m make you cum again later if you are wanting. I’m make you whenever you are wanting,” he says, wrapping his long arms around Kent’s waist. Kent smiles, before leaning up to kiss the man softly. “I’m definitely wanting.“

I saw someone else do something similar to this, so I figured it’s cool if I jump on the train. Here’s a whole bunch of prompts I’ve had rolling around in my brain but just don’t have the time to complete myself. Feel free to snag one if it speaks to you, just tag me so I can enjoy it!

Jack and Bitty

  • Jack doing one of those “mean tweets” videos for the NHL. But all the “mean tweets” are from the members of SMH. Jack calls out every single one of them in response and becomes an overnight internet sensation.
  • Times Jack Zimmerman’s Boyfriend Owned the Internet: an article by Buzzfeed. (I tried starting this but got sidetracked and really did not get far at all. Bonus points for fake Twitter posts and everything.)

Nursey and Dex

  • Everything is the same, but Dex works as a model part-time to pay for school. Nursey can’t handle how hot his boyfriend is.
    • Bonus points for a photo shoot involving flower crowns.
  • (NSFW) These two morons totally have a bet going on what they can do to each other in public without their teammates noticing. Spoiler: their teammates notice everything.

Ransom and Holster

  • Med school student Ransom has a tumblr that he goes on to take breaks. He discovers Hockey Tumblr’s obsession with his boyfriend (NHL player) Holster’s relationship with one of his teammates and gets jealous.


  • Soulmate AU where everyone has a compass on their wrist that points to their soulmate. Their “True North.” Confused PolyFrogs because their compasses have never pointed in just one direction.


  • Kent and Alexei flirt over social media so obviously but no one actually realizes they’re flirting.
    • Bonus points for including all social media platforms. Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.
  • Speaking on Snapchat…… Kent Parson has a public Snapchat and a private Snapchat. He accidentally outs himself by forgetting to switch over to the private one and posts a “missing the boyf” snap on the public one. (I might do this for Patater week…)
  • (NSFW): Someone tells Kent the best way to build core strength is to take pole dancing classes. RIP in pieces Alexei Mashkov.

GUYS! I finished it! Puck Bunny Samwell Hockey Team!

My eyeballs are burning but I loved every second I spent on this! Hope you guys like it!!!!! <3

PS. Sorority pose just cause I can.

At 15 Maria Parson was in love. At 16 Maria Parson would have done anything for her boyfriend. At 17 Maria Parson was alone with a newborn baby. At 5 Kent Parson loved his mother and his step father, and knew they loved him. At 9 Kent Parson met his father. At 24 Maria Parson taught her son you don’t have to do anything for love. At 9 Kent Parson knew his mother and step father would never leave him. At 9 Kent Parson promised himself he’d never fall in love. At 15 Kent Parson met Jack Zimmerman. At 15 Kent Parson knew this boy would be important for the rest of his life. At 16 Kent Parson had a crush on his best friend. At 16 Kent Parson had his first kiss. At 16 Kent Parson was terrified. At 17 Kent Parson was in love. At 17 Kent Parson would have done anything for Jack Zimmerman. At 17 Kent Parson was still scared of love. At 18 Kent Parson learned why you love anyways. At 18 Kent Parson was happy. At 18 Kent Parson would do anything Jack Zimmerman asked. At 18 Kent Parson found Jack Zimmerman, nearly dead, on a bathroom floor. At 18 Kent Parson knew why love was terrifying. At 18 Kent Parson slept on the floor of a hospital waiting room until a nurse made him leave. At 18 Kent Parson went back to the same hotel room, and tried to look away from the bathroom floor. At 18 Kent Parson put on a suit he hoped he wouldn’t have to wear to his boyfriend’s funeral. At 18 Kent Parson went first in the draft, and smiled for the cameras. At 18 Kent Parson skipped his own after party. At 18 Kent Parson was told his boyfriend did not want to see him. At 18 Kent Parson would still do anything for love. At 18 Kent Parson got on a plane to Las Vegas and tried not to look back. At 19 Kent Parson left 7 hours of messages on Jack Zimmerman’s phone. At 20 Kent Parson won the Stanley Cup. At 21 Kent Parson was Captain of the Las Vegas Aces. At 23 Kent Parson was still in love, and still willing to do anything for Jack Zimmerman. At 24 Kent Parson thought he needed to do something for Jack Zimmerman. At 24 Kent Parson showed up already buzzed at a frat party. At 24 Kent Parson was too scared not to love. At 25 Kent Parson saw his boyfriend on the ice again. At 25 Kent Parson was picked up like a little rat on the ice. At 25 Kent Parson met Alexei Mashkov. At 25 Kent Parson called Jack Zimmerman drunk for the last time. At 25 Kent Parson called Alexei Mashkov for the first time. At 25 Kent Parson started to move on. At 26 Kent Parson and Alexei Mashkov went on their first date. At 27 Kent Parson was spending more time at Alexei’s home than his own. At 27 Kent Parson knew he was in love. At 27 Kent Parson heard his boyfriend say “I love you so much that it scares me.” At 27 Kent Parson wasn’t scared anymore. At 28 Kent Parson was one of the first openly gay NHL players. At 31 Kent Parson married Alexei Mashkov. At 35 Kent Parson and Alexei Mashkov adopted their first child. At 35 Kent Parson was in love. At 35 Kent Parson wasn’t scared. At 50 Kent Parson was in love. At 50 Kent Parson wasn’t scared.

“We need to talk.” Jack holds the phone tightly in his hand, fingers white-knuckled.

“You get to say that now–” he can hear the frustration in Kent’s voice. Then, a sigh. “You’re right, though.” 

Ken stretched his legs out, puts them on top of the ottoman. “Let’s make a list. Shall we talk about how you left me? How didn’t talk to me for four years? How you chose a team across the country from me? How you only call me when you want something?”

“Kenny…” Jack stops. “We both owe each other a lot of apologies. I didn’t call to do that now.” Jack waits. He lifts his free hand and puts two fingers between his collarbones where he can feel his pulse hammering.

“What do you want?” Kent doesn’t sound angry anymore. He just sounds tired.

Jack sighs. “I want…I want to magically be able to be queer in the NHL.”

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SMH as things people have said to me (since everyone is doing these kinds of things)
  • Jack: Sometimes I can't tell if you're joking or not and it really fucks me up.
  • Bitty: Your southern ancestors are rolling over in their graves at you pronouncing it puh-cahn.
  • Shitty: Did you know your grandmother was the one who taught me how to sort the seeds out of the weed? She taught me how to roll a joint, too.
  • Lardo: Sometimes I think da Vinci just tried to see how gay he could make his paintings without getting caught.
  • Ransom: I think I have everyone I've ever met as a friend on Facebook. Is that not normal?
  • Holster: I think I'm mostly straight? Probably like 95% straight. I don't know, but I would totally bang my best friend, okay?
  • Nursey: Wanna hold my hand and pretend to be dating to piss off that homophobic guy that's always preaching the Bible outside of the dining hall?
  • Dex: I think it's pretty awesome how we became friends because we hated everyone else that lived on our floor.
  • Chowder: I feel like if I had to live with you I would go crazy.
  • Whiskey: You don't actually have to be the greatest person in the world. You just have to, you know, not suck.
  • Tango: Is it a bad idea to microwave raw bacon for like, 5 minutes?
  • Johnson: It's accepted knowledge that we know for certain some things. But have you ever thought about how exactly we know what we know? Like, the color blue. How do we know that it's the color blue for everyone? What if my color blue is actually your color red, but we just learned the same name for it so it's called blue to both of us?
  • Kent: If your cat is missing after I leave, don't check my bag.

Guess who finally finished the olympics AU??? (Give you a hint- its me!)

Thanks y’all, for being so patient. It’s a little over 3k, and i have no idea how hockey, figure skating or the olympics work, so…. yeah. I hope its okay.

         One thing Eric wasn’t expecting while going through a quick run through of his routine for that day’s meet, was a hockey puck to the face.

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Check Please at Music School

I have been led to understand that there’s a powerful tradition of alternate universes in this fandom that I have fallen into, mostly because of the morning I spent giggling over all of @itsybittle‘s beautiful AUs. Let’s unleash this unholy fury of my own AU idea upon the world.

The Check Please! cast as music majors rather than hockey nerds, performing in orchestra and solo settings while learning all about musical theory and history. I deeply apologise to anyone who’s already thought of this. But:

Bitty plays the flute, duh. That’s one of those no-brainer choices. And he’s godly at ensemble playing, since Coach eventually just gave up on trying to get him away from music and signed him up for a community orchestra. He’s been first flute in that orchestra for years, and it just seemed natural to go into music because it’s what he’s good at, and what he knows. So he got himself a tutor to prepare for the uni audition.

And then discovered that he has stage fright. Like, really bad stage fright. Like, piss your pants and fall over in a faint in front of the audience stage fright. And it’s only when he has a solo. As long as he has backup on stage with him, he’s fine. But solos are impossible, which he never realised because he’s only done ensemble playing. He gets through the uni audition on sheer nerve, and he’s a nervous wreck for a week afterwards. That’s when his family decides that he should see a psychologist before this does murder to him and his potential career.

Anyway, he gets in to his University’s school of music. Here comes the slew of characters.

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Some thoughts

Ransom is essentially dating the female version of Holster (Re-tall blond who is excited about things) and Im all about it

Alexei is gonna hear Parse say something to jack about how is on the wrong team if he wants to win, right after parse scores a goal, and is gonna loose his shit

The Vets are definitely gonna be the first to know about bitty, and Alexei is gonna be all sad that Jack didn’t tell him fist until Alexei is the first Falconer to actually hang out with bitty

Chowder will be the first to know on the smh because they are pretty much his parents

Shitty will cry when he finds out

Lardo is mad at Shitty because he wants to wait until she’s graduated before they start dating, because he wants Lardo to have no regrets of her senior year, like missing out on her last winter screw or spring c, and she is like no I want that with you asshole

Foxtrot is a lax fuckboy who lives in the same dorm as Tango and they are secretly BFF’s because he isnt really a fuckboy, he just acts like one around the rest of the hockey team, appearances and all that

Snowy has a crush on the trainer, thats why he’s always in there 

~The day Jack comes out publicly about his relationship with Bitty, Kent Parson throws a fit trashing his hotel room. No one makes the connection.

~Two weeks later, Falconers and Aces face off.

~Kent is out for blood. He checks Jack time and time again until he finally sees him get angry.

~They reach boiling point. Kent drops his gloves. Jack follows.

~Jack is not hitting hard enough. Barely enough to defend himself. He’s angry but he can see the tears behind Kent’s eyes.

~They sit together in medical after the game. Not talking. Not even looking at each other. Even their heavy breathings are paced with each other.

~Bitty comes in running but freezes when he sees Parse on the other bed. For a moment, Kent thinks, he looks scared. Is this scrawny little thing what he’s been changed for?

~The tense silence lasts for only a couple seconds. Then something else appears on the younger’s face. His eyes turn hard with steely determination as he crosses the room towards Jack.

~“How are you doing, sweetheart?” He asks with a souther accent thick as honey.

~Tension immediately bleeds out of Jack’s body. His eyes turn soft and his lips twist into a gentle smile as he reassures his boyfriend.

~Parse wonders if Jack ever looked at him with so much affection. Maybe he did. He can’t remember anymore.

~Jack asks about the game. Kent listens intently as Bitty explains how the Aces won once the brawl stopped. He looks carefully at Jack and he knows the beat down expression that takes over his features. He’s blaming himself.

~“Hey, don’t you worry about that, darling. You were great,” Bitty reassures him quickly, running his fingers down Jack’s hair. Kent sees Jack wrap his arms around Bitty and lean his head against his shoulder. “We’ll go home and I’ll bake you a pie,” Bitty promises kissing the top of Jack’s head. “The boys are all worried too.”

~they both jump as the door slams behind Parse. Bitty feels Jack deflate against his chest.

~“You gotta talk to him.” “I know. I will, later. Let’s go home, now.”

~They do. They go home, bake a pie together, fall asleep cuddled in the couch.

~Kent goes alone to his hotel room, to a bottle of rum and bitter sweet memories.