kent protest

USA. Ohio. Kent. May 4, 1970. Mary Ann Vecchio, a 14 year-old student, kneels beside Jeffrey Milley who’d been shot by the National Guard. Though the photo that first circulated turned out to be manipulated, this is the original, un-doctored version. This picture won the Pulitzer Prize.

The Kent State shootings occurred at Kent State University and involved the shooting of college students by the Ohio National Guard on May 4, 1970. National Guardsmen fired into a group of unarmed students, killing four and wounded another nine—some marching against the Vietnam War and American invasion of Cambodia, some walking by or observing the protest from a distance. 

Guardsmen had on the previous day used tear gas to disperse protesters and, by May 4th, rallies were banned and classes resumed. But 2,000 people gathered in what quickly turned into confrontation. Tear gas and bayonets were met with rocks and verbal taunts, which were met with more than 60 rounds of gunfire. In 1974, all charges were dropped against eight of the Guardsmen involved. There were 28 guards who admitted to firing on top of the hill, 25 of these guards fired 55 rounds into the air and into the ground, 2 of the guards fired .45cal pistol shots, 2 into the crowd, and 3 into the air, one guard fired birdshot into the air. The guardsmen fired 61 rounds over a period of 13 seconds, killing four students and wounding nine others, one of whom suffered permanent paralysis.

There was a significant national response to the shootings: hundreds of universities, colleges, and high schools closed throughout the United States due to a student strike of four million students, and the event further affected public opinion—at an already socially contentious time—over the role of the United States in the Vietnam War.

Photograph: John Filo/Getty

Patater Week - Day 6

Feb. 11 - Cuddling/Snuggling – Marty finds Alexei shopping for condoms at 1 AM with Kent. It kind of goes from there, 1.2K

“For water balloons,” Tater says dumbly, looking like he wants to put the pack of Magnums back but can’t because he’s lost all motion in his arm. “Prank on Poots.”

“Hm. Alright,” Marty says, still holding the Little Colds Multi-symptom Cold Formula meant for his son, who’d started sniffling at 8 PM and have not stopped since. “Why not just use real balloons?” he asks, pointing at the balloon packs hanging not far behind Tater.

Tater seems to be strangled by an unseen force. “Penis is more funny,” he says very slowly, then he visibly winces, like he wants to pitch himself into a ditch.

(Marty’s no fool. Everyone on the team knows that Tater has a boyfriend whom he has yet to refer to by name, which is peculiar especially when the latter refuses to shut up about him. At this point, between the two of them, Marty and Thirdy can probably recite the Boyfriend’s failed recipe for chicken salad by heart and how exactly he managed to conduct a mini-explosion in Tater’s kitchen. He just hadn’t expected the nameless significant other to be visiting Providence this week, or that he’d catch Tater buying…supplies.) 

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he likes to read

(this wants with all its heart to be a multichapter fic but i need instant gratification sooo)

He likes to read.

He likes to read and Kent likes him, and he really doesn’t know what to do about this fact.

Kent ran into him – well, ran past him, really – on a morning jog, in a usually deserted area of the community park where trees have been planted and are carefully watered to give the appearance of a verdant, lush grove in the middle of sunny, dusty Nevada. He was standing against a tree and reading, and when Kent jogged back to ask what he was doing, the man laughed and pointed to his book. Walden.

Kent’s never read it. The man shrugs. “It’s about a man who gave up his whole life to go live in the woods,” he says. “I used to go to Walden Pond and re-read it once a summer. But now I’m here and, well… this is as close to the woods as I can get.”

His name is James. He’s a high school English teacher. He shakes Kent’s sweaty hand and asks his name, what he does for a living.

Kent blinks at him hard. “You…” he starts. He was about to say, you don’t know?

“Me? You do me?” James cracks a smile. “Is that a pick-up line?”

His smile is sunny, and Kent breaks a little bit inside. He finds himself quickly enough to say, “Would it work?”

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“Don’t check your phone,” Moose hisses to Kent as they head back to the locker room. “You have to do media. Do not.”

“What?” Kent’s head snaps up. His eyes are panicked.

“Please,” Moose says. “Trust me. Don’t look yet.”

“You need to tell me everyone is okay,” Kent says. “You tell me right now or I’m checking in front of all of them.”

Moose nods.

Kent relaxes infinitesimally.

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Patater Week Day 6 - Cuddling/Snuggling (Part 1/?)

This is a little piece of what could be a rookie au, where Alexei first gets drafted to the Aces the same year as Kent. Again, it’s not finished, because I suck and have no time.

Alexei first met Kent on a sunny day in the end of August. The Vegas sun was beating down on him and he could feel himself start to sweat. Russians weren’t meant for the desert.


He was sweating through his button up and his new jersey, and really hoped sweat stains weren’t showing up under his arms. Did the media even care what he was wearing to this press conference? No. They just wanted to see him pull on his team colors.

“Alexei,” the GM, Bill, said, getting his attention. He gestured at a young man who had just come up beside them, and said something in English. Kolya, who had come along to translate because he was the only one on the fucking team that he could understand, said, “This is Kent Parson.”

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remember that anon who requested a patater engagement?


Kent’s sitting on their couch on a random Friday night, blindfolded and laughing as Tater feeds him something round and cold.

“Another grape,” he says once he’s finished chewing. “Come on, give me a challenge.” They’ve been at this for half an hour. Tater came home with the idea in his head that they try the Sensory Challenge, whatever that was, something from Russian Youtube. It involved people blindfolding each other and then making them feel, taste, smell, or hear things and then guessing what the things were.

So far, Kent’s had to guess the feel of the TV remote (”Easy.”), the sound of Tater shaking one of their house plants (”Tater, if you hurt one leaf on Alejandro, I’m going to murder you.”), and the smell of Tater’s socks from practice (”Alexei I am going to murder you.”)

After the socks, Tater started feeding him various fruits and veggies out of their fridge, as well as spoonfuls of ice cream, so Kent’s decided that Tater is forgiven. Tater told him earlier that he could take the blindfold off, but Kent’s having too much fun. He was half expecting this to devolve into something kinky. But Tater’s just playing the game, having fun, and Kent’s having fun, too.

That’s the thing he loves about Tater: the guy never lets him get bored. Tater’s always bringing something new into Kent’s life, a joke or a book or a recipe, a new perspective on life that Kent’s never seen before.

Kent’s eaten this brand of Rocky Road a million times, but with his vision gone and only his nose and mouth to inform his experience, it’s like a whole new flavor.

“Mm, you should kiss me now,” Kent says, smacking his lips.

Tater does. It’s a short peck; a soft, warm contrast to the hard, cold feel of the ice cream-laden spoon from a moment before.

“Now my turn,” Tater says against Kent’s mouth.

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(the start of a fic that’ll probably be called ‘the life of kit purrson’ and will probably outline the life of kent’s cat, while him and swoops also fall in love in the background)

The day after the Aces got eliminated from the playoffs, Kent stayed in bed.

He was exhausted and his entire body hurt and technically speaking, he had a million things to do, but being eliminated meant that he finally got a bit of a break, so he decided to take advantage of that.

The second day after the Aces got eliminated from the playoffs, Kent headed to the arena and cleared out his locker along with the rest of his team.

He shook hands and pulled his guys into hugs and held back his tears, and it was fine. He pretended that he was okay and so did every other man in that room, and he knew that they all would be one day soon. Some of them would be back next year, some of them would get traded, and some of them would retire, but they’d all be fine eventually.

The third day after the Aces got eliminated from the playoffs, Kent finally started pulling his shit together.

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hummingbird heartbeat pt26

( missed the beginning? catch up on AO3! )

Bitty drove Kent to the airport in the afternoon. Kent alternated between lacing their fingers together and letting his hand rest on Bitty’s thigh. After a week together, sending Kent away felt heavy and cold. Bitty chewed his lower lip as he drove, eyes on the road.

“Eric,” Kent said, once they’d been driving for a half hour. “Are you okay?”

“What?” Bitty glanced over. “Oh! Yeah! No, I’m fine. I’m just – I was just thinking.”

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damijon-supersons  asked:

prompt: Bruce teaching Damian that just because they're rich means he can be reckless and have infinite allowance, even if it's for a date with Jon.

“Yes I’ll need the jet fueled up for a trip to Venice and-” Damian was cut off by a hand descending and grabbing his phone. Damian spun to see Bruce hanging up the cell phone “tt father! I was making arrangements for my date with Kent” Damian protested. Bruce raised an eyebrow, “Oh I know Damian, I started to get calls about my credit card-” 

“my credit card” Damian cut his father off

“being used to place orders for a dozen dozen roses, a limo ride,  the Hemingway Presidential Suite at The Gritti Palace in Venice for 9,100 Euros a night” Damian crossed his arms. “I fail to see the problem father, I am a billionaire, I will treat my significant other accordingly” he said jutting out his chin. “Wrong, I am a billionaire, you are a 16 year old going on his first date” Bruce said evenly. 

Damian’s jaw dropped. “Father! that is unfair! you have never limited my expenses before!” Bruce eyed him “No I have not, but before tonight you’ve never tried to spend over 20,000 dollars in an evening” 

“You don’t understand” an uncharacteristic whine creeping into Damian’s voice. “What don’t I understand?” Bruce said. Damian looked away and bit his tongue for a second before speaking. “I have to impress him. If he doesn’t like our date he’ll…. he’ll know I wasn’t a good choice” Bruce rolled his eyes. “When he was 10 you kidnapped him. when you were 14 you set him on fire, when he was 12 you got him lost in another dimension, last year you two switched bodies for a week.” Bruce said ticking off each event on his fingers. “And yet Jon still likes you enough to ask you out, to want to go on a date with you. If none of that scared him off I doubt a night at the movies rather than a gondola ride down the Grand Canal will put him off”

Damian still looked doubtful so Bruce bent his knees to get eye level with his son. “Let me share something I know about boys named Kent Damian, they like the simple things. Jon’s not gonna know what to do with 5 star hotels and fine Italian dinning. If anything could scare him away, it’s that, it’s over doing it. Take him to the movies, he’ll love it” Damian looked at his father for a long moment. “Am I allowed to pay at least?” he asked and Bruce laughed. “Now how do two boys figure out who pays?” He said teasingly as he straightened up. “Tt, me of course I’m the older one” Damian said. Bruce nodded “yes I think it’d be fine if you paid for Jon’s ticket and snacks, but remember not to go overboard.”

A few hours later in the darkened theater Jon pushed his glasses up his nose as he stared wide eyed at the latest horror movie. Damian hadn’t been sure a gory monster movie was the best thing for romance. However Drake and Todd had insisted and Damian had pushed aside his misgivings about how easily scared Kent could get and brought him. Jon jump at something on the screen, Damian was watching him more than the movie, and his hand, the one not holding his extra large soda grabbed Damian’s. Damian reached between them and flipped up the arm rest and a second later Jon was pressed against him. He silently thanked his brothers for their very wise idea. “Is this….” Damian wanted to say ‘enough’ but knew that wasn’t the right way of saying it. “good?” he managed. 

He felt Jon’s head nodding against his chest before his boyfriend looked up and smiled at him. Quick as a flash Jon darted upward and stole a kiss before going back to the movie.