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JLA Sleeping Arrangements

Request from @canadianwithagun
I am absolutely mortified it took me so long to get to this, I am so so sorry

-Everyone technically has an assigned room for if they have to stay the night or any extended period of time, but it never really works out well because half of them forget which room is theirs and end up crashing wherever

-the rec room is a favourite spot to sleep in but there are sometimes sports events (both Earth sports and intergalactic events) that the team (or parts of it) gathers to watch and so it gets really loud in there and unless you’re a really heavy sleeper (like Clark or Hal) there’s no way to sleep there

-Barry and Oliver are the most likely to show up in other people’s rooms and it’s gotten to the point where if someone finds them crashed in a bed that isn’t their own, they just kind of leave them be and find somewhere else (or if they’re able to, pick Barry or Oliver up and move them to the proper room)

-once in a blue moon you can find Bruce asleep at the monitor and nobody really believes that it happens, but it’s a sort of legend around the tower (“If you find Batman sleeping, all your wishes will come true” “Well I heard if you see him sleeping, you have bad luck for a year”)

-It occasionally happens that someone just passes out while doing things because they’re tired (like once Kyle Rayner fell asleep while on a treadmill and got slammed into a wall. He was super confused but Kara got it on video and now Hal showed it to most of the GL Corp so Kyle is suuuuuper embarrassed)

-coffee and other caffeine products are in high demand at the tower so J'onn is in charge of making sure to tell people what they need to get on trips to and from Earth or he goes shopping for them (it’s a big ordeal because everyone wants something different so it’s a long trip to make and Shiera sometimes goes with him so she can help moderate what they get)

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Hi! Could you write more kit and junior + parswoops maybe?

“It’s called a date,” Kit explained, seeing the confused expression on Junior’s face. He was camped out by the doorway, hoping Kent would rub his belly again.

“What does that mean?”

“It usually means there’s someone he wants to impress,” Kit said, nodding his head towards where Kent was shaving through the open door of the ensuite bathroom.

“Who?” Junior asked predictably.

Kit shrugged. “I don’t know.”

“It looks like he’s just getting ready for a game,” Junior said as he watched Kent.

“Kent doesn’t wear cologne during pregame,” she said, wrinkling her nose. “And he hardly wears this shirt either,” she said as she flounced across the sheets to roll on the blue shirt that had been neatly laid on the bed. “Oooh, it’s so soft!”

She got in a couple of rolls before Kent came out of the bathroom to shoo her off of his shirt. “Kit!” He groaned at the cat hairs all over it. “I don’t have time for this.” He threw the shirt in the laundry basket and went back in his closet. Kit followed him and watched him as he went through the rainbow of shirts on his hangers. He pulled one out to consider, but she nipped him gently. “Hey,” he warned, shaking his leg.

“Don’t wear that one,” Kit said. He wisely put it back, and after several minutes, he finally settled on a dove grey shirt that Kit approved of.

“Tie or no tie?” Kent asked, holding two different ones up to his neck in the full-length mirror. “Is it too much?”

“No tie,” Kit meowed

“Tie!” Junior barked at the same time.

Kent decided to forgo the tie in the end.

“Ha! I win,” Kit crowed in victory. She smiled smugly at Junior who seemed like he couldn’t really care less, but Junior had grown to be bigger than Kit these days, and she had to get find other ways to reassert her dominance as top cat.

Kent, oblivious to their antics, suddenly swore and took off running down the hall and the stairs with his pets racing after him.

Kit and Junior dashed in the kitchen  just as Kent was opening the oven. He took out the salmon that Kit had drooled over earlier. “Shit,” Kent muttered as he half-threw the hot pan on a spread towel. “Shit,” he repeated again, which was never a good sign. Junior, ever the empathetic one, rubbed his head against Kent’s calf and barked softly at him.

“What’s wrong?” Junior asked when Kent had given him a quick pat. “What happened? Why is he sad now?”

“He overcooked the salmon,” Kit replied, washing a paw calmly.

“Does that mean he won’t have any food? What if I share mine?”

Kit rolled her eyes and didn’t even bother to reply. Apparently, according to Junior’s logic, if Kent shares his food with him, then Junior should be able to share his food with Kent. Junior still hadn’t learned the dogs were the only ones who seemed to enjoy dog food.

Kent was already on the phone, by the sink, and this was Kit’s chance to jump on the stool before hopping on the island counter. “Hey, yeah, hi, could I order two of your salmon steaks with the works, potatoes, beans, and a throw in a salad too,” Kent said distractedly, but unfortunately, not distracted enough. He snaked an arm around Kit’s middle and grabbed her before she could reach her delicious prize.

“Just a little bite,” she protested, kicking her hind legs uselessly. “It’s not like you’re going to be eating it for dinner.”

“And I’ll pay you double if you can get that to me in the next half hour,” Kent said to the person on the phone, ignoring Kit’s irritated yowls.

Twenty-eight minutes later, the doorbell rang while Kent was vacuuming the couch and muttering about Kit’s shedding. Three minutes and forty-six seconds later, the doorbell rang again, and Kent looked up with wide, panicked eyes. “Shit! Shit, shit shit.” He finished dumping the foil tin of potatoes onto a nice platter before wiping his hands on a dish towel.

Kit waited for him to leave, but Kent was smarter than she gave him credit for because he kicked her and Junior out of the kitchen. Junior was already two steps ahead of Kent as he ran full speed ahead to the front door, yipping excitedly. Kit begrudgingly followed, only because she wanted to see who Kent had dressed up for.

She was disappointed to find Swoops standing on the other side with his hands stuffed into the pockets of his basketball shorts. “Never mind,” Kit muttered to Junior. “It’s not a date after all.”

“It’s not?” Junior cocked his head and looked up the humans.

“It’s just Swoops,” Kit said as she stalked away with her tail in the air. “And he’s dumber than a box of rocks.”

“Oh, was I supposed to dress up too?” Swoops asked in confusion, taking in Kent’s outfit.

“Uh, no. I just haven’t had time to change yet. I just got back from my…um… accountant,” Kent replied.

Kent made some half-hearted excuse as he dashed back upstairs to change, and left Swoops in the living room with Junior and Kit. Swoops and Kit regarded each other warily. She was considering jumping on him just to rile him up, but he already knew the tricks to avoid her claws. Junior, on the other hand, was currently trying to show Swoops his new toy.

When Kent came back, he was wearing faded jeans and a grey t-shirt that Kit had seen him wear countless times before. “So, uh, food?” he asked.

Kit sat on the island and watched while Kent and Swoops ate. Normally, at this time, she would probably be napping, but the suspense of whether the two of them was going to going to admit their mutual attraction was too riveting to miss. It reminded her of the daytime soap operas she watched with Kent when he’d sprained an ankle and was forced to stay home for weeks while it healed. The only thing missing was the evil twin bursting in, or something to that effect. Maybe, Swoops had a crazy ex-wife that everyone thought was dead.

Swoops certainly looked shifty enough as he stared at the food that was laid out. Finally, part way through dinner, he set his fork down. Junior, who had camped out on the floor, waiting for food to “accidentally” fall, perked up.

“Is everything okay?” Kent asked.

“Uh,” Swoops replied as his gaze flickered between Kent and the bottle of wine. “Parser, is this a date?” he asked. His tone was light and joking, but Kent’s eyes widened.

“Uh,” he said as he started to panic. “I–”

It was Swoops’ turn to freeze, and for a long moment of silence neither of them did anything. “You should have told me,” Swoops finally said, wiping his mouth on the napkin one final time before getting up.

“I didn’t– I mean– wait!” Kent caught up with Swoops before he opened the front door. Kit and Junior followed them. “Jeff,” he said softly. Kit could hear that hitch in his voice which meant her night was probably going to be busy licking and cuddling Kent if this didn’t go well. “It doesn’t have to be. I mean, it’s not. It’s not a date.”

“It is though. I should have realized it sooner,” Swoops sighed. “I’m sorry, Kent.”

This time, Kent didn’t stop him when he left. He stood there for a long time, not even responding when Junior whined sadly and nudged him. Eventually, he moved stiffly in the living room. Junior dropped the remote on Kent who automatically turned it on and stared at it blankly. Kit sat in his lap and cuddled up to him, but it even that wasn’t cheering him up.

“I fucked up,” he said a moment later with no emotion.

“The next time I see him, I’m going to bite him,” Kit promised cheerfully. Kent didn’t reply; it was too bad he didn’t understand her because he would definitely smile at that. “Also, I’m going to claw him.”

The light gradually dimmed until the living room was only lit by the flickering TV and the streetlights outside. Junior and Kit could hear the sound of an engine long before Kent could. Junior was the first to jump off the couch and climb up on the arm chair that Kent had pushed against the window. “Swoops is here?” he barked.

“What?” hissed Kit. “He came back!?”

“He’s back,” Junior confirmed.

She sat up quickly in anger and agitation as she tried to think of a word to properly express how she felt. “Fuck!”

Junior looked back her curiously. “What does that word mean?”

“I have no idea,” Kit admitted. “Kent says it all the time when he mad, or sad, or… excited?”

The doorbell rang, but Kent made no move to answer it. It wasn’t until the banging started that he started push Kit off. “No,” Kit meowed. “Don’t answer it. Stay here with me!” She gave her best approximation of her “cute” face, but it didn’t have the effect she wanted on Kent.

In the front hall, Kit was ready to spring as soon as Kent opened the door. This time, she wouldn’t hold back her claws on Swoops. This was what he deserved for upsetting Kent. However, when the door opened again to reveal Swoops again for the second time that evening, he was wearing a suit. Kit was momentarily thrown, but Junior was already barking angrily up at Swoops.

“Stop,” Kent ordered. He held onto Junior’s collar and rubbed his back until Junior was calm enough to shut up. “What are you doing here?” Kent finally asked.

“I brought you these,” Swoops said, pulling out a bunch of flowers from behind his back. Kent’s jaw dropped, unable to come up with another reaction. “I know they’re not great, but the flower stand on the way here didn’t have a great selection.” After another pause, Swoops thrust them further towards Kent.

“You brought me flowers?” Kent said slowly, accepting the half-wilted blooms.

“Don’t accept them. It’s a trap,” Kit meowed. Everyone ignored her. Even Junior was glancing back and forth between Swoops and Kent.

Swoops scratched the back of neck. “It was a date. I didn’t realize it, but now I do.”

“Yeah, and you left,” Kent snapped.

“I was going to come back,” Swoops said, his brow furrowing. “Didn’t I say that?”


“Oh, well, I’m back now,” he said with a sheepish laugh.


“Because it’s still a date,” Swoops said slowly. The duh at the end of the sentence was heavily implied.


Swoops stepped closer and hesitantly reached out to touch Kent’s cheek. Neither of them spoke as they drew closer until they were kissing.

“Aw,” Junior gushed.

“Gross,” Kit complained,

She decided this was her cue to give them some privacy. “Let’s go,” she said to Junior. They went around the corner back to the living room. It was far enough away that she didn’t have to suffer through watching them make out, but close enough that she could still hear what was going on.

“Now, go get dressed. I’m taking you out,” Swoops said.

“But, we already ate.”

“Well, then I’m taking you out for dessert.”

“I’ve got a better idea for dessert,” Kent said. There was a slam of the door and heavy footsteps running up the stairs.

“Should we–” Junior started asking.

Kit immediately cut off that thought. “No! We are not going anywhere upstairs tonight.”


“Trust me on this, kiddo. You do not want to know how dates end.”

Find more Kit and Junior adventures here!

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my new neighbor is really fucking attractive but i’m terrible at social interaction so i’ve been avoiding them until one day we’re forced to talk when we get stuck in the elevator together and dammit i just want to jump your bones

Actor/Florist AU. First time writing Patater, hope y’all enjoy! 

In the weeks since Kent Parson had come out as gay and also admitted he had been seeking help for mental health issues, things had been rough but good. The initial response to his announcements had been mostly positive with a lot of Kent’s fellow actors and actresses, as well as his fans, wishing him well, and he’d even managed to hire a new agent who was helping him find the right parts. Before that, he’d been offered plenty of roles, and even though they were all essentially the same character, Kent had been bored and miserable, but comfortable.

Checking his phone one last time for any messages from his agent, Kent plodded toward the elevators. It had been a long day of auditions and while he had one call back for later in the week, he was also exhausted. Usually, in an effort to stay fit, he would take the stairs, but tonight he just wanted to get home and crash.  Thankfully, he didn’t have to wait long for the elevator and it was only as he was stepping inside that he realised he was not alone.

“Hello, Kenny.”

Swallowing hard because he was going to have to share the elevator with his neighbor and crush, Kent tried to smile. “Hey, Alexei.”

Alexei smiled. “How long before you call me Tater, like everyone else?”

“I like Alexei.”

The smile that Kent got after those words left his mouth was incandescent and Kent felt his heart start to beat harder in his chest.

“Okay, but only you, Kenny.”

Kent could feel his cheeks flush as he tried to find something to say. He’d been crushing on Alexei pretty much since he’d moved in and other than a somewhat disastrous first meeting where Kent had been hiding in one of his asshole jock roles, just about every chance he had to actually talk to the man, he’d ended up a stuttering, tongue-tied mess.

Alexei “Tater” Mashkov had moved into the building a year ago and had quickly gone about making friends with almost everyone on their floor and in the building. He’d done it by bringing everyone flowers from his shop and by being genuinely nice. When he’d showed up at Kent’s door with a bouquet of pansies and yellow carnations, Kent had been stunned by the handsome man at his door with flowers and had stupidly given his thanks in a snide, haughty tone. Seeing the large Russian man’s face harden as he turned on his heel to leave had been the beginning of Kent’s wake up call.

He’d shown up at Alexei’s door the next day with his attempt at making muffins and an apology. He blustered a bit, making excuses about how he was preparing for his next role and started walking back to his apartment when Alexei had just stood there silently staring.

Kent had not been prepared for the Russian man to call after him with a broad smile and a hand out to shake. Kent had taken it and mumbled a quiet thanks before escaping into his apartment and sinking to the floor, back against the door. Kit, his cat, had trotted up and rubbed his head into Kent’s hand.

After that, Kent had done his best to avoid his good look neighbor. He’d been able to get away with quick greetings and rushed small talk for the most part, but now with Alexei smiling at him, Kent knew he’d have to make actual conversation.

“Alexei, I’ve always wanted to ask.”

Alexei shifted a little closer to Kent, and leaned back against the wall. “Yes?”

“Um..” Before he could finish his question, the elevator shuddered and groaned and then jerked to halt, making them both stumble. “What just happened?”

Alexei reached for Kent, hand landing on his elbow. “Kenny? You are okay, yes?”

Feeling very aware of the hand wrapped around his arm, Kent could only nod at first. “I’m okay. What about, what about you? Are you okay?”

Alexei smiled at Kent again, eyes sparkling. “I am very okay. Glad to be stuck here with you and not with mean old lady who lives down hall.”

Laughing, Kent noticed that Alexei still had a grip on Kent’s arm, thumb moving in circles over Kent’s skin “She is mean. Yelled at me for my cat getting out when I first moved in.” Alexei kept smiling and Kent could feel his cheeks heating. “Should we, umm, should we try the emergency button?”

When he let go of Kent, Alexei’s fingers dragged over the bare skin of his arm making him shiver. “You stay here, I will push. I’m sure it’s fine.”

Kent bobbed his head and let Alexei go over and talk to emergency services while he slid down the wall and checked his phone. Thankfully he did have service so they could call out if they needed to.

“Kenny? Are you okay? Are you, what is word? Closed spaces? Scared?”

“Hmm? No, just not sure how long we’ll be here so thought I’d sit. Get comfortable, you know?”

“I join?”

“Sure.” Kent shifted a bit, trying to leave more space for the larger man. “Did they say how long it will take to get us going?”

Alexei took a seat next to Kent, shoulders brushing. “Not long, Kenny. We talk? Yes?”

Swallowing hard, Kent tried to rein in his nerves. “Sure, sounds good.”

“Perfect.” Alexei nudged Kent with his shoulder. “You had question, ask it.”

“Oh, right. It was about the flowers when you first moved in. I’ve always wanted to know why the yellow carnation and the pansies.”

“Do you know flower language?”

Kent shook his head and settled a little closer to Alexei, enjoying the heat the other man put off.

Alexei chuckled. “Well, pansies are like a hug, and friendly.” He lowered his voice then and leaned closer to Kent. “I also like how bright they are.”

“And the carnations?”

“They have many meanings, but yellow is friendship. I wanted to extend friendship to the building.”

“That’s really nice, Alexei. I know I’ve said it before, but I’m still sorry for what an ass I was when you brought the flowers.”

“Is okay, Kenny. I liked the muffins you made. Very good.”

“Really? I thought for sure they were awful. They barely rose at all. I don’t know how Eric Bittle does it,” Kent shrugged, “but I’ve always wanted to try one of his recipes.”

“I am glad you tried. They were very tasty.”

“Thanks.” Kent felt his cheeks heat again and wondered if he would ever stop blushing. “I’ve watched him since he was on Youtube, and now that he has an actual show, I’m really excited. He’s actually the reason, I, I, actually, you don’t need to hear this. Forget I said anything.”

Before he could say more, Alexei took his hand and laced their fingers together. “No, I want to know.”

Closing his eyes, Kent took a deep breath in and let it out slowly like he’d learned in therapy. “He’s the reason I finally came out. Him and his husband, Jack, Jack Zimmermann, the hockey player?”

Alexei nodded and smiled at Kent again. “I know Zimboni. I did the flowers for their wedding.”

Opening his eyes, Kent studied Alexei. “You did?”

Bringing their joined hands into his lap, Alexei nodded again. “B wanted lots of flowers. Flowers everywhere. And so much food. I was completely stuffed.”

Kent laughed. “What kinds of flowers?”

“Daisies, for the happiness of laugh. Sunflowers for adoration, and gladiolus for strength.”

“Sounds lovely.”

“I was proud of my work that day. B and Zimboni love each other so much. I want that.”

Kent could hear the earnestness in Alexei’s voice and he could understand. “I do too. Seeing those two come through the fire of coming out stronger, together, was the push I needed.”

“Was it hard?”

“Coming out?”


“It was. Most were good and kind about it, but there were some,” Kent shivered and let Alexei pull him closer. “I was just so tired of pretending. It was making me anxious and mean and all anyone wanted me for was to play snobby assholes. I thought maybe if that’s what everyone saw, maybe it’s how I should be. It’s part of why I was such a jerk to you. I got used to hiding in that role.”

“Oh, Kenny. Is okay. You are brave. Is hard to be yourself. I had to leave home because I could not be me.”

Looking up through his lashes at Alexei, Kent could see the pain there. “That had to be hard, Alexei.”

“I miss my family, but is better here. I like being me.”

“I like you too.”

Alexei chuckled and bumped Kent with his shoulder. “I like you too. You work hard and try to you and it’s good.”

“Thank you. It’s hard work, but I am determined to be better. My therapist helps a lot.”

They both laughed and continued to talk for a little longer until the elevator finally started up again. When it made it to their floor, they both stood and walked out, hand in hand.

At Kent’s door, they stopped and Alexei bent down to kiss his cheek. “ спокойная ночь, Kenny.”

Kent went into his apartment and dropped his keys in the bowl near the door. Kit came running up, meowing about his missed dinner. On autopilot, Kent fed him and then walked down the hall to his bedroom. He changed and crawled under the covers and finally let himself think about the fact that he’d been kissed, by Alexei. Even though it was just on the cheek, Kent would swear he still felt the press of Alexei’s lips on his cheek. As he fell asleep, he hoped for dreams of his neighbor with more than just kisses on the cheek.

The next day, since he had nothing pressing, Kent slept in and after feeding Kit, he steeled himself and swore he’d go next door and ask Alexei on a date.

When he stepped out the door, however, there was a small pot with a single orchid growing inside with a note attached.

Kenny, orchids mean romantic interest. I would like to take you to dinner. Tonight?

There was a number included and Kent picked up the orchid and brought it inside. Setting it on the counter, he grabbed his phone and called Alexei.


“I would love to go to dinner.”

“ молодец . I am glad. I will pick you up at 7?”



спокойная ночь: Goodnight

молодец: Perfect

Edited with help from @shrewreadings giving me better translations


                                  SV Justice League
            — “They’re the best friends that I have…”


This is for my own reference more than anything, but I’m trying to see who we’ve all got for minor Elf characters in the Hobbit. Feel free to add more if I’ve missed any or correct names/actors/images! I’m fairly confident on everybody except Elros; I’m sure I have Lethuin’s image right, though it’s a common mistake to label him as Elros.

  1. Lindir/Figwit (Bret McKenzie)
  2. Feren (Simon London)
  3. Lethuin (Eli Kent)
  4. Galion (Craig Hall)
  5. Elros (Robin Kerr)
  6. Meludir (unknown actor)