kent hall

Look, I love that they have Supergirl in the crossover, but would it have killed them to bring J'onn and Alex, too?

While I’m on the subject, could have Team Flash or the Legends have given Kendra and Carter a call and been like, “Hey, really sorry to bug you, but can you come out of retirement for a couple episodes. We have some aliens we need to fight and then we’ll leave you alone unless you decide you wanna get back in the game or something.”

Further more…. It would be nice if Rip would pop up, pulling Leonard Snart with him, going, “Hey, Guys, I got unlost from the Time Stream and look who I found!” 

Also, Kara could have called Clark and he could have been like, hold up, Imma call some of my friends… Yo, Diana, you busy? Call Bruce and tell him he’s coming, too. I’ll call Arthur… And whoever has Green Lantern Ring right now.

“Hey, Maid of Kent…how you doin’?”